Revival: I’m the Warchief of the Hord

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You wake up after a storm and find that you are the Warchief of the Horde.

Many forces in Durotar want to plunder your city.

The Alliance’s navy builds troops on the coast.

What are you going to do?

  • The terrain is based on ORCX01.
  • The gameplay is based on the original Melee.
  • The AI of the alliance is based on the original Melee AI.
Date 2021-6-15 Version 0.1.1
[add] Now the map has a version number and update log;
[chg] The name of the map changed from Revive to Revival;
[chg] Modify the shortcut key of voljin's healing wave to W;
[chg] The description of the pigpen farm has been revised to English;
[fix] The invincibility of the base building now works correctly;
[fix] The prompts for the first wave of attacks now work correctly;
[del] Deleted the expansion point gold mine of the alliance.

I didn't spend a lot of time from generating inspiration to producing a map, but I think the idea of this map may be cool. Please tell me what you think, I will read them all.

Revival:I'm the Warchief of the Hord (Map)