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Revenants of Ruins

Submitted by Heaven Editor
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

We are working on this project for the next level. Follow us on Facebook, RoR

Revenants of Ruins, Preview - YouTube by Heaven Editor posted A moment ago


General Information

Created by Heaven Editor
Map Info
Revenants of Ruins is the battle between Luminous and Overcast
to chase over the Omnipower
in an Ancient Temple.

Main Objective: Kill the Relic Revenant inside the Temple (center of the map) and
survive for 3 minutes (as starting) to achieve victory. The minute decreases everytime Relic Revenant dies.

Genre: "Strategic" Hero Arena, Capture the Flag.
Recommended players: 8 players (4v4).
Average Game Duration: Less than 1 hour.

Gameplay Features

Synergy Abilities

Every hero has unique and special skills. Everything is customized.
All heroes can make at least a powerful combo of his/her own abilities.
Therefore, there is no particular role definite for a hero.

Statue and Pillar Shops


There are also 2 types of shops. Shop that sell item and shop that sell potion and ward.

Statue Shop
Shop that sell item (mostly looks like statue, thus Statue Shops) sells many permanent items.
There are spirit birds near each of the shop that sell upgraded item.

Pillar Shop
Shop that sell power, potion and ward (looks like pillar, thus Pillar Shops) sells many charged item.

Upgrading Items

Mostly, item sold according to only one attribute type. For example, weapon is damage and wand is magic damage.
Combining item only require maximum of 2 items.

Magic Damage

Similar to magic resistance. There is also MAGIC DAMAGE. Thus, it is in percentage.
Buying magic damage item (Magical Stick) can increase your magic damage (Wishing Sphere Statue Shop).

Boat as Spawn Location

Boat can move anywhere at the edge of the island.
Therefore, your hero can spawn from any directions.
Boat can load your hero for safety, going back to base and transportation.
Boat also tells what rectify item to your hero
You also can use boat to hide leaver hero.

Glyph to Reveal and Rune to Save Life

There is powerup, glyph, tablet, rune and coin to ease your journey.

Powerup gives additional effect to heroes
Power of Abyss gives invisibility
Power of Velocity gives maximum movement speed
Power of Soul gives unmatched regeneration and restoration
Power of Destruction gives double damage
Power of Overforce gives invulnerability

Glyph gives vision
Tablet gives experience
Rune gives healing
Coin gives gold

Weather and Phenomenon

Weather affect units outside temple (located in the middle of the map).
It happens every 4 minutes.
Phenomenon affect units inside temple.
It happens when there are heroes in temple for 4 minutes.

Monsoon cause thunder to cause damage to heroes
Rain cause trees to grow that block sight
Tornado cause units to slow
Skyclear is nothing happen

Earthquake cause damage to units
Blight cause units to become stronger
Hindrance cause no spawning of units
Dephenomenon is nothing happen

Wield of Rectify

Wielding a right item can give you bonus to your abilities
Archslayer is wielding katana. Sword item can give his Torrid Sting to launch further distance.

Screenshots Editor and In-game


Hero Summoning

Temple and Relic Revenant

Base and Shops

Crypt Area

Rune Area

Creep Area

Ancient Bahaman

Map Overview



In-game 1

In-game 2

In-game 3


Special Thanks:
  • ftr (Testing and Suggestions)
  • Ninie (Support and Donation)
  • Minesky.X Kidal (Testing and Suggestions)
  • Smileysme (Suggestions)
  • Azreen (Donation)
  • Zar (Donation)

  • viiva - User Interface

  • anonymous - netherstrike2
  • Kino - Voya Tower (Power Pillar, Pillar Shop)
  • JesusHipster - Soul Armor
  • JetFangInferno - NagaBirth models (Conqueror), Victors' Power, Glowing Aura (Wicked Presence)
  • Mythic - Spirit Arrow (Upgrade Ultrashot)
  • Power - GainLife, HarvestMana, etc. (Powers of Power Pillar)
  • DCrimson - RedThunderClap (Breaking Axe)
  • WILL THE ALMIGHTY - Ancient Explosion (Voodoo)
  • eXciTe - Feast Aura (Atropy Ritual)
  • UgoUgo - OrbOfCorruption (Shade Shift)

  • Maker
  • Blizzard Entertainment (Game)
  • Vexorian (JNPG and Map Optimizer)
  • David and Marcelo (Warcraft 3 Viewer)
  • Shadow Daemon (Button Manager)
  • neo-sluf (AI)

  • Jay the Editor (Item)
  • Peekay (Item)
  • paradise.engineeri (Item)
  • kola
  • Heinvers

  • Ardenian (Item)

  • Ardenian (Reviewer and Tester)
  • neo_sluf (General)
  • Aether [FIRST CLASS] (First Class)
  • Emm-A- (AI and Item)



Change log and Others

Change Log

Version 1

Remake version of Temple in Dark Eclipse (TiDE)

Change mode trigger to several phase
Fix small bug
Add tips to help new player

Sentry Ward lasts 5 minutes
Pillar shop sells at 600 range
Improve description
Improve pathing

-Terrain and Doodads
Add doodads to water area
Add doodads to the Temple

Added camera system
Rainfall spawn tree not in random anymore
Moonsoon lightning strike less painful damage, 1% of life
Firepot can Reclaim the skeletons, making spawned skeletons died for respawning
Firepot has an ability to control gate to open/close
Firepot can shift owner to ally that own another Firepot
Skeletons will not spawn when the gate is closed
Skeletons in crypt will be removed when the gate is closed

Both teams get 6000 initially
Decrease skeletons strength
Boat recall cooldown decrease to 10 seconds from 60 seconds
Mortal Predator, Isolation cannot target allies
Edge of Blaze does not affect allies
Increase Occult Sage, Torment Ward damage
Decrease magic item percentages
Decrease health item values
Decrease armor item values
Add Glyph of Ultravision that gives spirit vision when taken
Boat can hide hero if the player leave the game
Hero is given item at beginning
Increase area sharing fountain
Increase Skeleton Witch, Frost Shatters damage
Increase skeletons spawn number
Change Mortal Predator, Immortal skill by removing slow
Improve description
Improve Phenomenon mechanic
Improve spell mechanics

Moonsoon lightning strike more painful damage, 5% of life

King of Tempest, Lightning Charge affects movements speed as well
Increase Spirit Caller, Tracking Sense duration to 12/20/30
Change Spirit Caller, Tracking Sense mechanic
Decrease Goliath, Vigorous Attack max value to 100/200/300 but increase dpd by 2/4/6
Decrease Light Bringer, Angel Flash cooldown to 30/25/10
Increase Spirit Caller, Storm Called damage to 400/700
Increase Celestial Princess, Lucent Arrow damage to 160/200/250 percent
Celestial Princess, Multishots works impact damage
Add Firepot ability, Fortification like Tower
Add Tower ability, Restore like Firepot
Fix Spirit Caller, Fire Wall with stun
Item Lightning Gripper and Stormanifer fix cooldown
Set duration on each Weather; Moonsoon - 1 minute, Rainfall - 4 minutes, Tornado - 2 minutes
Set duration on earthquake for 1 minute
Moonsoon Weather damage increase to 5%
Improve spell pathing
Improve repather
Improve item description
Improve spell description

Version 2

Atok's presence is revealed at the end of the game

Change user interface with suitable theme

Increase pathability

Improve item owning condition
Boat has an ability to immediately send item to its hero
Revenant has difficulty system and abilities
Add Automatic system to Tower and Firepot
Add hero's description

Add Bird Spirits that sell upgraded items
Start time duration is change to 2 minutes instead of 1 minute
Tower has 1500 health instead of 1000
Firepot has 1000 health instead of 500
Decrease skeleton amount, increase bounty twice
Improve Skeleton Witch, Frost Shatters with mobility
Swarm Titan, Spawn Deceased attack hero only once, attack non-hero indefinitely
Pyromancer, Incinerate increase damage by twice
Add lime Fog, Blight Phenomenon
Ancient Tower no longer has reveal ability
Fix Weather Rainfall trees growing duration
Decrease Weather Tornado slow radius
Increase owning Tower and Firepot gold per second
Improve Mortal Predator, Claw Assault by increasing its range per level
Improve Death Legion, Necro Draw by increasing its radius per level
Balancing items

Change hero gameplay building; hero abilities' levels and cooldowns.
Fix leaver player when winning is in countdown
Improve game loading screen description
Fix cinematic with unpaused hero
Improve texttag
Cost extra gold to purchase from bird

Winning countdown time fix to 180.0 (3 minutes)
Fix texttag position

Camera add ability to enable or disable shortcut
Add commentary setting
Add shortcut for commentary setting
Add shortcut for tips setting

Decrease respawn time
Fix Lone Ranger, Wingmate knockback
Decrease Arcane Wizard, Arcane Fall cooldown and increase damage
Decrease Skeleton Witch, Frost Shatters radius
Balancing heroes
Change Occult Sage, Hex to agility instead of attack speed
New Hero, Brutelord
Increase skeleton's damage
Fix item's description

Gold and experience given to the owner of the firepot when its skeleton is killed

Increase Revenant's strength
Skeleton Witch, Wicked Presence only affects hero and player's unit
Reverse Damned Amok, Madness effect
Increase Celestial Princess, Multishots replenish time to 3 seconds
Improve Shadow Assassin, Blink with return target
Improve abilities description
New Hero, Sorceress

Slow down spirit birds
Fix camera system

Improve description
Increase 10 times health Atok
Change Sorceress, Adaptation to increase attributes per interval
Increase Sorceress, Water Remnant damage
Fix Brutelord, Howl
Improve lag behavior
Skeletons do not attack Firepot anymore
Add few items; Eve Feather, Moonstalker and Sunstalker

Fix corrupted event

Increase Monsoon weather damage to 10%
Increase Earthquake phenomenon damage by twice

Becomes Revenants of Ruins
Too many (demand if need the details)

Too many (demand if need the details)

-Balancing to make game easier

-Balancing heroes

-New hero, Snake Widow
-New hero, Beast Hunter
-Balancing heroes

Version 3

-New gameplays
-New terrains
-New items
-Include AI

-Arrange Victor in line when cinematic

-Add level to multiboard
-Hero kill award base decrease to 50 (gold)
-Hero multi kill reduce to 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600, 900 (gold)
-Hero multi kill duration reduce from 30 to 15 (seconds)
-Reduce Tidal Wave damage to 6, 12, 24, 24 (impact damage)
-Reduce Tidal Wave radius to 100
-Fix Aquashield damage
-Add glyph's vision to reveal conqueror
-Reduce Fan Fangs damage to 80, 140, 200
-Reduce Ghostring max damage to 300, 500, 900
-Add Haunt effect to replace dead target to other target nearby
-Reduce Storm Called damage to 150, 300
-Increase adaptation attribute increment to 3, 6, 9
-Increase Bash cooldown to 10, 8, 6
-Decrease Storm Hammer damage to 150, 200, 250, 300
-Power Pillars sell powers

-AI pick at game ready phase
-Improve combat mechanism

-Heavy balancing and gameplay changes

-Fix Havocrave Dissever and Bloodeye Lynch
-Nerf Swarm Titan
-Balancing Feral Wolves
-Fix contact
-Increase Dust of Appearance duration
-Nerf Atok's spell damage
-Calibrate ai combat responses

-Fix Power of Destruction
-Fix Power Pillar starting sell
-Buff Grandtaur
-Calibrate ai combat running response
-Boat regain Permanent Invisibility

-Fix Haunt
-Fix item cast range
-Fix sound
-Add minimum revive time to 10
-Balance restoration
-Fix Wingmate
-Fix many descriptions

-Fix and balancing

-Nerf some heroes and fix and balancing

-Nerf some heroes and fix and balancing

-Nerf some heroes and fix and balancing

-Add the weather and phenomenon back
-Add new item, Ivory Halo
-Fix some things

-Master rebalancing

-Add 2 new heroes, First Conjurer and Volcanic Core
-Add replenishable items
-New objective gameplay

-Fix descriptions
-Add replenishable items, Land Mine and Oak's Branch
-Change Snake Widow combo
-Change Volcanic Core's Rupturing Magma
-Improve multiboard
-Fix bug with Demon-half and Aquasorceress


-Massive rebalancing (including item)
-Add new items (Vangage Expulsion, Drum of Horde, Nine Curve and Shogun's Pride)
-Change Volcanic Core's ultimate
-Fix First Conjurer skills
-Clean several systems
-Change Power Pillar concept

-Add cooldown to item Nine Curve
-Add new gameplay with item level
-Add item shortcut f2 to f5
-Add new gameplay with boat path and rolling gate
-Rolling gate open randomly at different game
-Reverse Aquasorceress first and ultimate skills

-Creep spawn every 60 seconds
-Enhanced systems
-Rolling gate only open before game start

-Remove all abilities from Relic Revenant

-Add sight blockers at Power Pillars
-Fix creep systems
-Power Pillars buying range change to 450
-Skeleton Witch Wicked Presence change effect cold
-Remove bug fatal error (insufficient storage)

-Bigger map
-New gameplay
-Add neutral hostile
-Polish system
-Polish old gameplay

-Nerf Lone Ranger's Sky Volley
-Improve item system
-Add storage that can transfer items to your hero
-Change neutral creeps
-Change rune system
-Fix certain abilities

-Balance certain heroes
-Reorganize base location
-Add more runes
-Change certain runes
-Add Power Tower

-Resolve leak

-Using old system to avoid fatal error

-Balancing heroes
-Change Wingmate mechanism
-Buff Hantu

-Set random wall opening for Hindrace Phenomenon
-Massive gameplay balancing
-Add new items
-Yggdrasil's Essence - makes hero invulnerable for 2 seconds
-Armlet of Insanity - upgrade of hyperglove

-Fix and balancing

-New Wield of Rectify (check it out!)
-New items
-Better creep and neutral
-Fix certain bugs
-Balancing certain skills

-New items' description
-Complete rectify for Guardian of the Nature and Celestial Princess
-Change Guardian of the Nature's Blend in Nature
-Improve item Larynxrage
-Improve item Arcanite Reaver
-Improve item Ralex Hawk
-Add tower aura
-Remove Serpent Ward at beginning

-Improve creep system
-Creep spawn at every minute
-Creep cannot die when attacked
-Show creep deny by "!"
-Add creep skeleton bounty
-Add creep skeleton warrior spawn count by 1
-Add creep skeleton archer spawn count by 1
-Add creep skeleton archer max spawn count by 2
-Add creep skeleton mage max spawn count by 2
-Rune spawn at every minute
-lower stun abilities
-Necro Draw no longer apply damage and heal by Death Legion's life but still cost it
-Change Frost Shatter mechanic
-Add effect to Swarm Titan when having Ground Breaker attack
-Change experience creep table

-Revert leveling system
-Optimize some system
-Reduce lagging

Map is protected. Please pm me if you found any bug, correction or suggestion.
You can email me at heaven.editor@gmail.com.
Good luck and have fun!

Useful comments and critics are totally welcomed.
They will help to improve this map so much.
Keep involved in this map and hopefully it becomes an Indie game and reach competitive level.

Thank you for downloading and playing my map.

Known Issues

Desynchronization for multiplayer could happen at beginning of the game has been solved.
However, if it happens, please report to me.

Basic Tutorial

  • Pick a hero (based on the game mode).
  • Use hero to farm golds and get experience
  • Take Rune of Restoration to boost up your hero's health and mana
  • Take Glyph of Ultravision to see the map widely.
  • When you think your hero could engage with the Relic Revenant, order your hero to attack it.
  • Kill all four Relic Revenants and survive for a duration.
  • After the countdown finishes, wait for 30 seconds to meet Atok.

Next Version!

New heroes


RoR v3.2l AI+ (Map)

19:45, 29th May 2015 Shadow Fury: Map approved mostly based on Ardenian's review. I'd like to add a few other things on what he said: 1- The terrain in the shallow waters needs to be decorated with watery doodads (cattails, river rushes etc...)...
  1. Heaven Editor

    Heaven Editor

    May 28, 2011
    No. I might suffer doing that. I'm just going to find collaboration with any gaming company that likes it. If no company like it, this map will remain on-hold.
  2. Alxen345


    Aug 6, 2015
    Lol aren't we on the same line? :))) I have in mind to do the same thing. I wish you good luck with it!
  3. Heaven Editor

    Heaven Editor

    May 28, 2011
    Cool! I would love to see your map becoming indie. What studio are you looking for? :)

    I would shake your hands if you are here. We are going towards the same path for the same passion.
  4. Alxen345


    Aug 6, 2015
    Haven't had so much time to actually check for one. But for sure I will. I am just working a little more to finish Legendarium Upgrade for all heroes. With the latest updates WoS II got 5/5 ratings in a row and reached over 21.000 downloads. Although people on gameranger say "DotA's best alternative" it doesn't annoy me. It actually means a lot since not many AoS mods are even compared as being an actual replacer of DotA 1 (talking in Warcraft 3 community now).
  5. Heaven Editor

    Heaven Editor

    May 28, 2011
    I agree. Annoy them back will make things worse. In worst case that might burn us down. Tell me what studio you are looking for after you have checked. I'm curious to know.
  6. Alxen345


    Aug 6, 2015
    I will :)
  7. aeman


    May 14, 2014
    im back heaven :)
  8. Heaven Editor

    Heaven Editor

    May 28, 2011
    Hey! Check out the latest version. It is quite balance for me. New player friendly too!
  9. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    A lot of changes have been made since I've played this like:
    -addon of invulnerable towers that become vulnerable later on; wow, you can capture the whole zone converting the skellies, cool!
    -shops are now cluttered in the same place; I think it was a bit more interesting back then when the ship was supposed to be the carrier; the ship was basically the perfect carrier as the hero also had to get to it (half-the way); it's not the typical horse that can get to the hero
    -now you can directly transfer the items to the hero using the vault; I don't remember this being possible before
    -now the ship is invisible?
    -the start is all in the same place but the allied skeletons and the tower may be any of the four locations, randomly?

    General feed

    -Skeletons might return to their spawning point if they do not have anything to kill anymore instead of remaining to their attack point; however, once they reach the spawning point they return to where they should have remained
    -Gem of Restoration (is it a rune?/AoE effect? If so, that's quite overpowered; I suggest healing only one person)
    -the game started lagging a bit at some point after I killed the Jaina model hero with Darzar and took a red rune for damage buff (might be a special FX leak?)
    -at some point I was trapped between magical barriers in the middle; am I forced to awake Hantu and fight him to get out? Nope, that didn't work, still caught there; dying was the only way out and to kill the barriers; realized in the next match this was just an event; hmm... kind of unforgiving though
    -DARN! Just got a crash telling me there's not enough storage (playing on the latest patch); might be spell FX/variables/triggers not stopping properly; or even the death of heroes.. gotta' check stuff thoroughly
    -some abilities can be enhanced by some items; hopefully that would not force players to play by that pattern only
    -1v1 is a soft version of this game while teamplay leads to hardcore
    -gold coins are useful but some players may abuse that instead of killing enemy units
    -should more than one coin appear in one spot at a time? Happened in the western green spot near which is near the tower; actually, I think it happens everywhere
    -only the right corner altar can retrain hero abilities and used for weather change? At least only there, I can see the text about it; if so, then that would be a problem for players that start south and in the east
    -boat high regeneration might be abused especially in mid- and lategame because the boat is invulnerable
    -why was I constantly being shocked by lightning? Is that because the AI chose a weather effect on me? OK, so it's an event but it kind of forces players to get in the boat; might also kill running low HP heroes
    -set correct enemy unit priorities: Skeleton Archers and Mages are prioritized over Skeleton Giants when the hero is not given the attack command/right click on that unit even though it was automatically attacking the giant
    -instead of killed by hostiles during a natural cataclysm, you could write killed by nature or something
    -play music through music channel instead of sound
    -the seconds between mega kill, triple kill etc. seem to be too many; even in the Unreal Tournament games there was a short time before you could reach any of those achievements
    -usually I've seen that most strength heroes have spells with low mana cost
    -Hantu is awakened by the trigger "a unit is attacked" not by the "a unit takes damage"; that means that Hantu doesn't have to be hit but right clicked to be awakened; OK the hero has to start attacking but does not to finish the attack/hit


    -Truepierce Lance is actually pink/purple not blue as the description of Aztez Spears says
    -Amazon Meld's 300% critical strike is quite too much in midgame
    -why does Amazon Meld have a 1 on it/the icon? So does Truepierce Lance
    -Ankh of Promince's description mentions Horns of Prominence written in green instead of white
    -I guess there's no such thing as Orb Effect in this map? Every type of attack effect/buff can be stacked?


    -can his life regain/still ability be added to the Mask of Death effect items? If so, that could be a problem lategame
    -imagine a lot of strength/defensive items on this hero plus his abilities to regain life
    -the trick might be not to have this hero get close/hit you which doesn't work against some other melee heroes too well

    -do items that give attack speed help his attack speed abilities? At least, his ability is zone dependent
    -that Naze is really draining the whole of your mana in mere seconds; gods, doesn't this lich have a death timer? It seems he revives after 0-1 seconds/instantly
    -imagine Porthole Jumper on this hero :D basically two teleport spells

    -his Berserk spell can leave him stuck between doodads (happened in the southwester wall of the zone that surrounds Hantu... Of course, using the spell again frees him but, that's not a good idea; what if you don't have mana that time when you need to?
    -his name in Infernal mode is Ganas (not sure if intended); also he has an advantage against Atok because he has chaos damage

    -has very many assault and dangerous spells two of which may also be used to evade and get through walls; plus Zelous makes him invulnerable for some good seconds; some damage reduction I think would be adequate

    -Vorpal Slash is way too powerful; besides increasing damage and width; it can be cast through walls from quite a high range

    -isn't the Blink's range 1400 too much when the hero also has a return blink ability?
    -30 seconds invisible and able to attack? I guess at least one enemy is forced to have a Gem of True Seeing
    -this hero is extremely powerful; imagine a match with this one and Kigami in the same team


    -becomes Beowulf. Intended?
    -Frenzy is very powerful and has not such a big cooldown; maybe instead of 300% of agility+strength; maybe either just one of them or 150% of both?

    -needs balancing
    -Ghostring is totally overpowered and it's a passive ability!
    -Desolation should not give agility if just any unit is killed because the hero will become too powerful in quite a short time; in late game it would be very easy for this hero to kill multiple enemy heroes; not only does the hero get bonus damage but also armour and attack speed!
    -on top of that, the ultimate give even more bonus damage

    -I think Apocalypse might be dealing more than 140 damage from the second wave onwards
    -Fire Blast also stuns so it would be better if it would deal less damage since it's AoE based

    -overpowered mana leech spell
    -using Dark Veil and the charging nova spell is quite a killer strategy; basically you appear out of nowhere and kill/critically wound everybody+slow

    Emerald Boa
    -this hero's spells cost quite a lot of mana; that's good because they can't be spammed like other agility heroes can
    -Paralyze Gaze is a bit too much with that 100% evasion when the enemy gets stunned, slowed and damaged; maybe less evasion? I mean in teamplay it's good because enemies can use magic on Boa but in 1v1 it's not that easy

    Light Bringer
    -not sure if the ultimate (1000 damage) is too much or not

    -Vigorous Attack pretty Op with items

    -Consume Warmth can be used on the hero to create lava elementals

    -12 seconds a frog? That's kind of like dying at least 6 times; late game that is super powerful
    -Mystic Wave + Torment Ward in 1v1 seems pretty powerful too; might be required to increase the mana cost of Mystic Wave

    -basically if you're near this her when multi arrows are shot with Heaven's Twilight on, you're kind of dead
    -the ultimate triples the damage of every friendly spell does it not? That's a win for that team in said battle, I guess

    -range too big? 1400... this is really bad when that hero and another fight and they reach low hp and Adora runs and then shoots from a longer range; I suggest lowering it to 700 or at least 800; imagine how towers fall without hitting the hero or how enemy heroes could be hit over/through the magical barriers that appear around Hantu sometimes; or how the hero can abuse attacking Hantu; set the attack to siege mode=/=homing projectile?
    -after this hero dies, the vulture effect(?) remains there until the hero revives

    -can Colossal Cyclone be escaped with spells because the duration is quite huge?

    -a really interesting hero; not very easy to use but skilled players could surely turn this one into a super assassin specially in midgame-lategame

    -Guardian Appearing says it makes the Ent appear as Guardian of Nature; it's a bit confusing; it just replaces the Guardian Spirit with the hero

    -methinks, Adaptaion lasts too much and doesn't require enough mana
    -Tidal Wave's hotkey text is Q instead of D; this spell and that Vortex from the Far Seer model hero are quite powerful


    -the UI is really a splendid addition to the map's theme
    -weather changing and affecting events is really a luxury
    -Enrage and Scourge Visor's icons are the same

    It's a fast paced hero arena/brawler game with lots of replay value.
    I cannot point out at the moment that this map is very similar to some other or say it's a ripoff. However, there clearly are influences from many other Warcraft III creations like DotA & other AoSs, hero arenas etc.
    It has a lot of diversity from spells, items and combinations between these two to runes/boosts/buffs, weather/natural effects and a more than hero vs hero objective.
    I will give this a 4.5/5 especially because it is being constantly taken care of. But first, the storage bug has to be fixed! Until then I won't change my rating of 4 (although that bug is quite critical).

    EDIT: it seems that the crash and lag bugs have been eliminated. Then 4.5/5.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2016
  10. ChubbyQuiche


    Oct 28, 2016
    Grand Review Exchange @Rufus

    In-game Aesthetic

    The game is very good-looking. I liked the doodads, terrain, and the unique sea. Simply amazing.


    Good, you was warning about the crashing issue, and many information. Maybe you should add more screenshots, to make it more understandable :)


    + Unique respawn system
    + Great "lanes"
    + Pretty cool heroes
    + Unique mechanics, such as the weather control
    - Kinda Chaotic (especially the shops, it's hard to understand. I was looking for the items 3 minutes, but anyways couldn't find the right items)
    - Unexcepted Burst (I want to say, it's hard to notice some spells, sometimes i felt like my health was just decreasing. The Illidan (sry I don't remember his name) could instakill anything in the early)
    - Hard to conquer the Power Towers. More creeps should move around them


    Doesn't seem like it is crashing (only with a lot of bots, but you mentioned that), but noticed several bugs. Neither of "tips" command worked. Also, the dash of Illidian stuck me once. You should also increase width of some elements (or make their text shorter), because my screen is kinda "squared", so not all of them were displayed properly (for example, the message "Luminious will win in" didn't show the time for me)


    Really nice game, but it is kinda chaotic for new players. You should add more tips, and kinda change the shops. Anyways i think it may be a successful map in the future. Good luck :)
  11. Rufus


    Oct 2, 2011
    Here are my notes from when I played it:
    • I liked that in the loading screen, certain keywords was colour coded. However, "Survive a duration" perhaps shouldn't be red as another keyword, or be a keyword at all. The "thanks" in green and "alive" in light blue, are also not keywords, and just made the loading screen messier.
    • Good that the camera autoadjusts. Then one accidental camera scroll doesn't ruin the entire game.
    • THe brutemasters passive, to gain attackdamge with each attack can stack too far, and gains too little with each attack I reckon. 5 seconds to disspate may be a little too quick, as you have to switch between enmies often, and then lose your bonus very often.
    • Also, I could attack (being interupted by trigger) my allies, gaining the passive damage bonus, Or i could spam "stop" while standing infront of an enemy to gain insane amounts of ad really quickly.
    • The abilities have very long tooltips. Unless you have played the hero before, you are going to have truble knowing what to do.
    • Lasthitting enemies is perhaps a bit too easy? That is not neccesarily a bad thign though.
    • Real Good-looking menu background. The emerald green one.
    • "Game level increases when all relic revenants have been killed" is th tooltip for the "food" resource. I remmebr earlier versions having multiple guardians.
    • Perhaps a text saying when the revenant will become vulnerable, or a special effect or so?
    • Being revived on the boat is awesome! That means you can revive at different places by moving the boat!
    • The shopping area was quite confusing. Loads of shops, and some of the birds looking the same, despite offering different items was not nice.
    • It also felt unorganized. For example, the scrolls of different shops had different button position. I noticed later that the scrolls was in their respective shop (damage scroll being among damage items for example), but it is still pretty confusing.
    • It was not clear where the shopping area was. Perhaps pan the camera there when entering the boat or something?
    • Not being able to easily select your hero to see your stats while you bought items was not very nice either.
    • Items sells back for 100% of their price. This can be good and bad.It says in the info that when you kill the revenant you have tosurvive for 180 seconds (decreasing) but do I ahve tó kill the revenant 15 times first?
    • I like how the waves of skeltons kinda bursts out, rather than going in lines.
    • When I did kill the revenant 15 times, there was a countdown with 120 seconds instead of 180 as stated in the info.
    • 15 times felt like too much. Rather make the boss harder or longer revival time and have him killed like 5 or even 3 times.
    • The extra bossfight was a fun touch.
    • The terrain is beautiful and clear. 5/5 here.
    • I like the random powerups that spawn here and there.
    • I like that there are not too many heroes. This allows players to learn what they all do when they want to play again. It also makes it easier to balance.

    It takes some getting used to, and a new player will absolutely have to play a few times to be able to get to the same level as others.
    I played far from all heroes, but it seems like loads of effort have been put on balancing and making fun heroes to play.

    I feel stupid for just saying so many things were confusing, but that was the main impression I got from the map sadly. At the same time I can see that it has a lot of depth.
    I would recommend (if possible) to improve clarity on objectives, on how the item shop is organized (or organize it better), and perhaps offer more tactics in the info dialogue.
    In short: this is truly a unique hilltop master type of the game that allows for extreme player development, but is therefore hard to master.

    I'd really like to continue discussing this! :)
  12. Heaven Editor

    Heaven Editor

    May 28, 2011

    I have addressed the fatal error. No more error so far from me. Sadly I have to use old non-optimized system. As long as it is gone. I have also look into your comment one by one. Great input! Thanks a lot and I shall return your effort sooner! :)

    Detail Replies to Quote 1

    -yes, capture the Power Tower to easily win game
    -buying item is no longer the ability of a ship because the shops are placed together and sell item locally.
    -ship had that transfer item ability before
    -so that other players would not know where enemy hero will come out from.
    -yes, a random crypt will ally to either Luminous or Overcast. The alliance will always opposite to one another (south vs north, east vs west). But this is could be change when taking Power Tower.

    Detail Replies to Quote 2

    Detail Replies to Quote 3

    -fixed the color
    -fixed the balancing of items
    -the 1 is charge so that when you attack, you get the critical effect
    -the orb is named as element. Updated tooltips.

    Detail Replies to Quote 4

    Heroes are balanced thoroughly with the help of your comment! :)

    Detail Replies to Quote 5

    -will change it when i found a good one

    Thanks for your comment and support!


    I have not added tips yet. It is pseudo-tips. I will add later when I see the heroes are stable enough. Conquering Power Tower is hard because it is rewarding. I have taken consideration of other matters from your comment. Now it is more balance and fun from your help. :)

    Detail Replies to Quote 1

    -follow color for upgrade item
    -my bad, balanced the game-
    -getting power tower is too rewarding

    Detail Replies to Quote 2

    I think I have fix the size of leaderboard, I will improve tips when heroes are stable enough. If stuck, use boat to recall.


    Balancing is hard. I learned many things now. I can't change several things that makes the game uncomfortable due to Warcraft 3 engine. For example, selecting transported hero and tooltip content (wish I could set the UI). Regarding item, you will need to play several games to understand how it works. An upgraded item only requires two ingredients which sometimes one of them is a recipe (scroll). Follow the color of item for upgraded item. Otherwise, sell everything and simply buy the item that you want from the bird. Same price.

    Thanks for your review anyway. I have updated the map with your comment being analyzed critically. :)

    Detail Replies to Quote 1

    -no more highlight
    -thanks (camera)
    -strong when you have your wolves to help you. Use Crippling Graze to let wolves chase enemy to gain damage whilst maintaining the duration
    -spam would give extra damage but you will lose delivering it. Not good for combat. More disadvantageous.
    -last hit sometimes hard when enemy heroes are nearby
    -thanks (UI background)
    -my bad, fixed the revenant tooltip!
    -no idea about this, while revenant reviving?
    -yeah, move the boat to anywhere you want
    -take your time to understand how item works. It may be a lot, but it is much easier to upgrade
    -not necessarily you to kill the revenant, anyone. yes, 100% resell. item is not the main aspect that determines the game win or lose
    -added the pan camera
    -thanks (creep burst)
    -my bad, fixed info to 120 seconds
    -thanks (boss fight). It is related to the game's Lore.
    -thanks a lot (terrain)
    -thanks (powerup)
    -still hard to balance! haha. I will do my best anyhow.

  13. Arash


    Aug 23, 2016
    Nice work! Dont be Tired! :cool::) Lets play it, Im wiling to play it with You!
  14. Arash


    Aug 23, 2016
    plz remove the 5 seconds casting time of the delivery item! It wastes the time for nothing and also Ive found a bad bugg in your item upgrade system....
  15. Heaven Editor

    Heaven Editor

    May 28, 2011
    People will exploit the box if no casting time. Bad in some ways.

    Woa. Please tell me what kind of bug?
    Can you describe the bug for me? I'm worry about this. Don't torture me!
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2017
  16. Arash


    Aug 23, 2016
    some items can Upgraded by right click on them 2 times Try it Now!
  17. Arash


    Aug 23, 2016
    Lets pllly your map but not in the gameranger and battle.net
  18. Heaven Editor

    Heaven Editor

    May 28, 2011
    I removed the bug. :)

    We should set time. What game platform?
  19. makeranj


    Aug 29, 2016
    Hey, i think there's a bug on Guardian of the Nature's skill the Distribute Pollen, the Hero just disappears and will not return when you use it on yourself and it attacks enemies ( I dont know if it happens on allies that you casted it because i have not tried it). Is that a bug or feature?
  20. Heaven Editor

    Heaven Editor

    May 28, 2011
    That is definitely a bug. You want the latest version but incomplete? I am moving this map to indie. I will not touch this map as frequent as I did.