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Requiem Of The Gods 1.30 released!

Discussion in 'Requiem of the Gods' started by Steelb_l_ade, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Steelb_l_ade


    Apr 28, 2006
    The next version of Rotg is ready for download so get busy!
    Here is the list of changes in this version:
    Version 1.30 Changes:
    New game mode!
    You can now choose to play the Team Game as a "Deathmatch" which is a race to hit the score limit!
    Loads of new items! See below for more details.
    Brand New shop added!
    More configurable options on the frontend including changing the victory conditions. (You can set it to be a race to a score limit instead of defeating the end boss)
    Referees can now issue commands in-game to help the players understand the maps features. (-commands)
    Referees can now join the game by taking control of a leaving player! (In all game types)
    This can only be done if an existing player has left the game and is done by using the "-join" command.
    Another new hero has been added, the Barbarian!

    (Click to enlarge)
    All Mercenary items and most one use only items have been moved to a new shop, the Mercenary Captain next to the Alchemist.
    The Alchemist now sells all the potions and the Treasure Vault sells all the magical wands.

    In Deathmatch games you can set the score limit with options of 30, 60, 8 & 100.
    Multiboard indicates what the victory conditions are set to.
    New leaderboard that tracks both team's scores without having the Multiboard displayed.
    Audio and visual warnings when teams near the score limit.
    Updated help text/Quest log with new Deathmatch rules.

    In team games all Private Duels can now go into "Sudden Death" as in duel mode where the arena becomes flooded with lava after a certain time. This is to prevent the abuse in Private Duelling.

    Ice Blast deals less damage, stuns for less time and costs less mana.
    Teleport now costs slightly more mana and has a longer cooldown.
    Spawn Burrowers has been reworked so that it spawns the Burrower's gradually and they can be killed by destroying the Eggsack prior to them hatching.
    Spawned Burrowers cannot be dispelled as they are not magical creatures.
    Summoned Dimension Gates now have much greater hitpoints.
    Shield of Ice now absorbs less damage per mana point. (1.5 instead of 2 at level 4)
    Ice Storm has been greatly improved and now summons many more ice shards.
    Underworld Strike now deals an extra 25 damage at all levels, meaning it will always do some damage.
    Web webs much faster and is more difficult to escape.
    Cursed Arrow now silences for an extra 2 seconds at every level and deals 30 damage instead of 15.
    Curse of Living Death lasts 2 seconds longer at all levels.
    Rampage lasts 2 seconds longer at all levels.
    Craft Potion has a slightly longer cooldown.
    Vinewalls are a bit shorter and ensnare for slightly less time vs. heroes.
    Arcane Summoners spells have been completely redone.
    Summons Mastery now magic controls all creatures in a target area for a set mana cost.
    All Summoner Golems have been significantly improved, gaining much greater hitpoints and damage.
    A Summoner must now be a higher level to summon the higher level Golems.

    Chaos Knights attack slightly slower and deal slightly less damage.
    Court Wizards/Arcane Summoners deal slightly less damage.
    Dark Riders/Jungle Trolls/Viper Spiders deal slightly more damage.

    New Item shop that now sells all the Mercenary Items.
    There are now three types of Mercenaries. Soliders, Archers & Spearmen.
    New Mercenary Ogre item.
    You can now take out Permanent Contracts on Mercenaries to own them forever.
    New Hand Grenades, Gas bombs, Screamers and magical Shackle items!
    New Flare Gun, Lantern, Ironskin Potions & Alchemist Brews!

    Envenomed Spears are much less effective at slowing enemy heroes.
    Runefang now increases damage by 18% up from 15%.
    Executioner's Axe now costs 75 lumber up from 60.
    Staff of Purification now costs 75 lumber down from 90.
    Seeerstone now costs 25 lumber down from 35 and adds 150 mana up from 100.
    Talisman of Obsidian now costs 2200 gold and 115 lumber down from 2500 gold & 125 lumber.
    Black Amulet now costs 2500 gold down from 2800.
    Storm Hammers now deal 150 damage up from 125.

    ---BUG FIXES---
    Fixed a bug with if the player who sets the mode leaves the game or lags out before the mode is selected options are reset to default and a new player is given the mode selection choices.
    When Berserkers summon creatures in Berserker Rage they now belong to the correct owner.
    Fixed a bug with Titans spawning during the end cinematic.
    Fixed a bug where the titans keep spawning after Scyla with blank cinematics.
    The Game clock now stops when the game is won.
    Creeps no longer continue respawning after end of game.
    Fixed a glitch with the -win reminder trigger.
    & many more miscellaneous fixes!