[Request] Models Icons Warcraft III Beta, Alpha, Pre-Beta and early Versions

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Jun 2, 2012
I'm posting it here for you guys that have some template or icon of the Warcraft 3 Beta Alpha pre-beta or early versions of the game I've found some things but many faltão so if anyone knows how to catch can post here any teaching or sit or link that has templates and icons like I said I've found some but still lack a lot of thing for example:

Alpha Archer
Alpha Necropolis (it was more of a throne-like structure, had claws coming out the sides and purple runes ... might even have been the old altar)
Alpha Druid of the Talon (everybody's favourite-even had a different raven form, with some similarities to the Vulture/Albatross critter)
Alpha Frost Wyrm (it was seriously fuggin ' epic-walked on land but had hugeass wings. Plus it was about 2-3 x the size of the current one: P)
Beta (and later Alpha) Frost Wyrm (the wingless grounded version)
Old Huntress (similar to the sentry, except the cloak was actually wrapped well and she had an owl perched on her shoulder)
Elven Mage-Priest (from the Alpha, basically the same as the priest, except it had a beard and a hood)
Alpha Ranger (yes, this one has been mentioned. However, she had a unique portrait-similar to Jaina-that was pretty neat. Currently, there are 2 versions of the skin in the .mpq with subtle variations-one under Textures\HeroRanger and another under Abilities\Weapons\RangerMissile\HeroRanger)
Alpha Hero Necromancer (A bit bulkier than the current one, pointy horns like the Necro's portrait and of course hero glow: P)
Tauren with wrecking ball (model very similar, had a different portrait though)
Catapult pushed by peons
Alpha Druid of the Claw (significantly skinnier, generally more awesome)
Alpha Trees (much higher detail than release trees)
Alpha Orc Shaman (basically the RoC Orc Warlock with a nicer skin)
Orc Warlord's spell SFX
Human Knight (with a shield and a flail/morning star. The texture for the armor area powerup rune is identical to the one used for his shield)
Human Crusader Hero (similar to the release knight, but with a longer lance and hero glow)
Human Archmage (basically the same, portrait wasn't as good looking though)
Mass Teleport SFX (basically took up the whole screen: P)
Blademaster (basically unchanged from earliest Alpha when the game was on squad-based RPG to release, only change was he had red beads back then)
Raider (basically the same, portrait was different, but the texture was the same)
Paladin (had a different texture and portrait, hammer was smaller, besides that identical to release)
Orc Spirit Walker Hero (shaman's model, but with hero glow and different portrait)
Call Storm SFX (pretty nifty, if a little blurry. Lightning planes weren't billboarded though)
Orc Spirit Walker had a kind of Ghost Wolf thing that it summoned, pretty crappy, think white, semiopaque version of the critter dog skin with bad model joins
Grass textures were different as well
Cold Wraith (everybody knows and loves this one-grim reaper-style character with the scythe glowyhax)
Dreadlord with the dress (skinnier, portrait was way more awesome too. Also, when the portrait changed to it's current form, he initially had those vivid blue pupils you can see in the texture)
Alpha Death Knight (purple revenant with the glow still cool though)
Alpha Death Knight (another one, similar to the current one, but instead of a horse, he rode around on a glowing purple cloud of evil energy)
Mountain King (similar to current, different portrait, texture and smaller weapons)
Cannon Doodad (just plain cool)
Alpha Crypt Lord (don't know much about this one, from what i've heard it was pretty awesome though)
Murloc texture, yellow bile flavour
Alpha Altar of Elders (similar, less built up, had a pool at the bottom)
Night Elf Buildings, various (these were kickass. You know all those strange Tree Dwellings and Ancients in Thammer's gallery on Sounds of the Storm? those were ingame)
Demon Hunter skin-virtually identical, had different wristgaurds though
Far Seer riding on the Wyvern
Water Elemental (looked more like water, much better in general)
Alpha Lich (didn't have the lower jaw, similar to the release Lich besides the head)
Ice Troll Creeps, hard to tell, but they had a unique model and a cool texture
Undead structure, can't tell what it is, looks like a tower of some sort
Night Elf unit, can't tell what it is, might be Druid of the Talon mid-transform

These are some that I remember
Good if you have templates or icons or know how to get the templates and icons to post here please and thank you for your attention :ogre_haosis:

Good for I didn't get posting template by template icon by icon I posted on another server all models and alpha beta icons that I have ai go

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