Request: Hero Revival System like dota


Multimedia Team
Level 40
Oct 20, 2010
Hero Revival System like dota
i have no knowledge about countdown timer therefore i can't do it myself

now before you say go search before ask

i search already.. i can't find one on hive :(
the project i'm currently working on

if you can help me to find bug and fix bug for me, i'm feel free to tell me
just that the system i'm currently using may leak/inefficient
if someone would like to help it will be great (cuz i'm busy)

the map is still in progress
and lots of separated trigger that looks not professional/inefficient
i just wanted to get things started
the hero is still default hero (i change the cost only)

(i also need help in building placement too)

i know the filesize i big O.O please don't poke at that


  • War of Knights0.03.w3x
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