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I'm looking for a model that resembles the acolyte, but fights and moves like the Demon Hunter. I've seen a Gondor Swordsman and Shieldman using a tunic**,so I was kind've hoping to give this hero an Acolytes bottom robe,but keep his chest unarmored.On his face,I would rather he not have the hood, or atleast make the hood wave a little in the wind during anims.
Instead of Crescent blades, I was hoping more that during his attacks, his hands lit up (TC if possible) and perhaps you could add or mod some of the anims?
Spell Slam:Demon Hunters 'Spell Throw'
Spell Throw:Acolyte attack with red (Finger of Death) bolts of lightning coming from his hands.
Spell:Demon Hunter spell anim, same red bolts as above.
Spell One:Demon Hunter puts his arms out to his side ('T' kind've thing) and a much larger (Warstomp sized) Red Bolt of Lightning (Chain Lightning Target) blasts out from the ground.
Spell Two:Acolyte work anim, make the rune symbol red.

If you decide to give him an alternate form,I was thinking of something along the lines of an Infernal with Sea Giant anims & Mountain Giants 'taunt' anim.

This is for a project that'll probably take me a good while to finish, as i'm in a sort've...slump for campaign ideas.If your interested in the campaign or the model request,PM me.

If anyones interested in the campaign and wants to help out,i'd like to have an Elder Guard for the project?This guard is basically a Doom Guard animated to move and attack like the Tauren Chieftain,perhaps with a large Bone Totem on his back?Curve the bones so they look like horns (pointing forward).Perhaps give him an elongated Doomguard Sword or a large ass spear made from Infernal stone (A long,black stone stick with Infernal fire emitters at the end)
Aside from the Elder DG,i'm hoping for just a small anim transfer,since the mountain king & kobolds look about the same (size) I was hoping for a more detailed Kobold hero with Mountain King anims (Turn M.K spell anims into Attack Slam anims, also give hero kobolds Attack Spell anim and turn M.K transform anim into Spell Slam) and some other mods:
Skulled Shoulderplate:
Take a skull from the M.K or a doodad & attach it to the right shoulder of this hero
Allow this hero to wield both the Kobold Scythe and the Kobold Shovel
Make Kobolds jumping 'Stand' anim its regular Spell anim
Create Weaponless version

Hopefully this isn't too much to ask,and it'd definetly be worth +Rep for each model.
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May 22, 2007
The male gender you mean.

And I'll inform you that some of the worlds mightiest warriors wore tunics.

Note the Crusaders, and their Islamic opponents for that matter...Samurai, and ancient warriors of Egypt, Rome, Greece, and Barbarian Europe.
And might I bring up the subject of berzerkers?Back in the Dark Ages, warriors would carry their nations flag as a Blademaster does, the Berzerkers through, couldn't be bothered to give them such an openning, so they put the cloth on their belt,this counts as a version of the tunic.
Now about my request, Elenai,since your here, would you consider it?
Here's what I have done by now, hope you like it! :d
But what you mean by:
"A Blood Elf Lieutenant with his normal shield replaced by Spell Breakers"?

You want me to put the Spell Breaker shield on the Blood Elf Luitenant unit?


Updated the captain model, it's particles was bugged...


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Badass? No, it's a recolor, any1 with photoshop, even if they never used it before could do it in, like 10 minutes... :p

BTW: Here's some of the PM requests! I'm sorry, but I wont be doing the skins, since it's so much, and it'll take your map size to the sky! The ogre got a normal paladin mace, not a black, since that would mean much more space, skin + model for that little...
Updated the portrait camera for the captain, I suggest you use this instead.


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So,Meph,i've got ALOT of ideas i've been hoping for,the Arthas model has always been perfect for the "Human Form" for a demonlord I'm thinking of,except with the new hairstyle I requested in the PM.He and some of the skins I asked for will be used in a map seperate than the Heretic map and my "Kingdoms Divided" map (Needed black footman & such for this)