Report Bugs Thread

Level 2
Sep 27, 2004
I will start this thread because I don't see a bug thread at the momment.

-Camera is not locked on hero selection so players can scroll off the screen and get lost.

-Druid skill rejuvnail has no selection tooltip

-Hero Skill Distrubuter has no score screen icon

-Ablity tooltip shows every -2147483658 aglity increases armor by 1

-If you have no skill points to spend but you click on the skill button the custom icons are green (there is a way to fix this)

-Mining Company Merchant has a fullstop at the end of his name

-Elven Weapon Smith is named Elven Weaponsmiths

-Computer Healers run out of mana too fast

-The quest wolf hunt is spelt as such: The wolves in the western fields has been attacking nearby villagers passing through, and I want you to kill as many as possible. It should be: The wolves in the Western fields have been attacking nearby villagers passing through, I want you to kill as many as possible

-Tooltip on Elven Staff is as so: A short staff which elven magcians uses. It should be corrected to use

-For some reason bars that you buy are not in price order and their names and tooltips are the same

-Summon Wolves Ablity tooltip has Summon a pack of wolves which got a, should be which have a. Also it doesn't summon more then 1 wolve so it can't be called a pack.
Also the data is incorrect it says It summons a 32hp wolve with 2-4 damage when it really summons a 3-8 Damage Wolf with 112hp. Also cooldown is a bit too long.

-Spelling mistake in loading screen, harras is spelt harass

-Wolf Form Cooldown is shorter then it's duration (creates a model problem)

-Poison arrow has a hotkey color problem

-Most skills don't have hotkeys

-Elven ranger doesn't have a voice set and has an icon of a priest

-All heros don't have voice sets?

-Dwarfwarehouse keeper has a fullstop at the end of his name

-Elven cap isn't sold in elven lands?

-In the tooltip of small rifle, rifle is spelt riffle

-In elven cap tooltip doesn't it spelt does'nt

-In Human Staff tooltip magicians uses should be magicians use.

-Dwarfern Small Helmet has a fullstop at the end of it's name

-In the frost scorpian hunt tooltip respect is spelt as rescpect

-Dwarfern guard have weapon and armor levels (Do these upgrade in time?)

-On some ocasions if you select your hero too fast you will not be allied to your faction (Alliance or Horde) and they will try to kill you. (Suggest a delay between the spawning of your hero)

-Dwarfern warrior has no skills to select

-Not sure about this one only one hero on each side can have only 1 shield. For example Jimmy the Orc Beserker has a shield and Gary the Undead Warlock is trying to pick up a shield. The screen reads You can only wield one shield. Jimmy drops his shield and Gary can pick up a shield. But now Jimmy can't pick up a shield.
I wonder if this works with weapons aswell.

-Battle Orders has no selection icon or selection tooltip

-The hero orc berserker is spelt orc bersarker

-After Level 1 skill of battle order it has no affect

-Players can load a hero after they select one enabling them to have 2 heros

-load codes can be used over and over again, the trigger doesn't get disabled

-Dwarfern Hunter has no Skills

-Boremian Potion has a cooldown before it is in stock.

-The tooltip of holy bless changes every 3 seconds to some random babble

-When you tell the Human Blacksmith to craft items with no items in his inventory he creates a Human Iron Breastplate

-Human leather armor tooltip error reads as Useable by all not magician it should be non

-Thalai human gate is smashed open at the start, looks wierd.

-Stag are enemy by they have no attack animation

-For some reason Alliance sends out more raiding parties then Horde

-Some buildings in Thalai have no collision

-The skill lava shield damages neutral and allied units

-Brewing Knolledge has no selection tooltip or icon

-Elixi can be sold while other plants cannot be

-I don't know if this is a spelling mistake but in a small human town there is a unit called Major if it's supposed to be Mayor thats the spelling

-For some reason at the start of the map it say your forces are under attack

-After awhile if you don't pick a hero you can't pick one. This is a trigger I know but the problem is theres no warning of it.

-In the selection of Orb of Darkness Conjure is missing an e.

-Undead Stalker has no skills to select.

-Goblin Craftsman has no skills to select.

-Goblins spawn in the middle of oakwood which is immeditly attacked by a human raiding party.

-Lots and lots of minor punctation errors that need to be fixed.

These are really the only bugs I could find so far, but very good job on getting the map into beta, the terrian is great and It looks like a great game.

Can I ask some questions as well..?

Q: Why are there 4 merchants in the heros selection area?

Q: How do you win?

Q: Will there be boats and more islands?

Q: Where will the entrance to the Thalia Sewers be?

Q: Whats the purpose of the mine and will there be mining?

Q: Will the max level always be 50 or will it increase?

I guess that is all for now, and good luck on the offical release.
Level 2
Apr 5, 2004
The merchants in the hero selection are standing there because they were moved when we remade the terrain. They were connected to triggers so we didn't want to delete them. They have just not been replaced yet.

You do not win. LoA will continue as long as you want to play it.

There will be boats, so that a player can travel from one town to another, but i don't think there will be any new islands. We really don't have the space to create them.

I dont know where that entrance will be. Maybe swordguard can answer that.

The goblin and dwarf cities will be connected through this mine, and yes i think there will be possible to mine later.

I think it will be 50, but i can't tell that for sure.

Thx for all bug reports. We already knew about many of them, but there were some we had not noticed yet.
I swordguard noted the bug with the item pick up some days ago and i am trying to fix it.
Level 5
May 5, 2004
the If you have no skill points to spend but you click on the skill button the custom icons are green (there is a way to fix this)

is not a bug, we made this to simply reduce size, (not upload disabled icons)
Level 9
Oct 28, 2004
Not sure if this was reported, but the Aura of Pain for the Warlock damages only the warlock....
And i think there actually are no sound sets...
Level 3
Jul 10, 2005
Bugs that I found >:-(

more Bugs :

- When you goto the Human Capitol town. You can select the Elven Blacksmith and order him to make an item (without anything in inventory!) and an Iron Breast plate comes out (sellable for 50+ gold)

- When You complete a quest, many messages pop up. For EX: "Thanks alot! you've earned yourself a new reward!" and that message keeps coming up until you goto the NPC(s)

- Make the trees a little bit taller or something. Leaves are always in the camera! lol

- You cannot go on top of one of the sides of the walls because an Archer is in the way.

- When something attacks me, it doenst have a sword slash sound or w/e (not sure if it was intentional or not :p)