[RenderEdge] Experimental version

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Feb 24, 2018
very nice!!!
Dynamic shadow is very useful but this FPS is too low,Can you do this independently until make the FPS usable?
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Nov 29, 2014


Some screenshots in high resolution:

war3 2018-06-07 23-00-04-90.png war3 2018-06-07 22-59-17-04.png

Default Renderer | RenderEdge
war3 2018-06-07 23-37-55-85.png war3 2018-06-07 23-44-36-74.png WC3ScrnShot_060818_000428_04.png WC3ScrnShot_060818_000610_05.png
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Jun 22, 2007
Looks amazing.

A question: Does it work on battlenet or will people get banned ?
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Jan 18, 2009
Doesnt Work for me When i launch the exe Says to me : "Failed To Launch War3.exe" I got 1.30 version
Level 8
Nov 29, 2014
The experimental version is no longer supported, use basic version.

Update v0.1.3a

  • Added the ability to disable/enable rendering of different types of objects;
  • Added support of Indicators;
  • Added support of Occlusion Masks;
  • Added support of Lightnings;
  • Added support of Floating Text;
  • Added the ability to select the intensity units of point light sources;
  • Added Fog Of War settings;
  • Added the ability to disable standard shadows of buildings;
  • INIReader: added the ability to write comment in the same line with value of string type;
  • INIReader: added option to hide game UI;
  • Deleted Free Camera movement limits;
  • Tonemapper: Blue Correction, Expand Gamut;
  • Changed Bloom intensity to more correct;
  • Added Calibration Constant parameter for Auto Exposure;
  • Added new Exponential Height Fog;
  • Leaving the camera position unchanged after disabling Free Camera mode;
  • Improved Screen Space Reflections;
  • Default Projection Matrix renamed to Constant Vertical FoV;
  • Optimized Auto Exposure;
  • Added option to pause the game;
  • Improved input blocking in Free Camera mode;
  • Added the ability to take a screenshot;
  • Changed shading model (may be changed back in the next version).
  • Fixed a bug where one of the terrain chunks didn't cast shadows;
  • Fixed incorrect color and intensity of point and directional light sources;
  • Fixed skybox shading;
  • Fixed incorrect interception of camera parameters with non-standard near clipping plane;
  • Fixed incorrect work of contact shadows with non-standard camera clipping planes;
  • Fixed the effect of Unfogged Materials parameter;
  • Fixed post-effects rendering in main menu;
  • Fixed the influence of UI and camera direction on Contact Shadows;
  • Fixed the appearance of black borders when disabling User Interface parameter, if they were initially hidden;
  • Fixed work of Screen Space Reflections with Temporal AA;
  • Fixed graphical artifacts when turning on and off HDR;
  • Fixed projection matrix;
  • Fixed incorrect SSAO blurring with downsampling;
  • Fixed crashes while switching V-Sync mode;
  • Fixed reloading of shaders and settings while loading protected maps;
  • Fixed shadows rendering in main menu;
  • Fixed references leaking;
  • Fixed crashes then changing resolution;
  • Fixed crashes then playing movies;
  • Fixed resource loading from RenderEdge_exp.mpq;
  • Fixed incorrect texture paths in RenderEdge.ini.

Taking Screenshots

Added the ability to take screenshots in .png format, which are saved in the Screenshots folder in the RenderEdge folder. By default, the screenshot is assigned to the End key, you can change it in RenderEdge.ini.

Tonemapper: Blue Correction, Expand Gamut

Added Blue Correction parameter to correct for artifacts with "electric" blues due to the ACEScg color space.
Added Expand Gamut parameter which expands bright saturated colors outside the sRGB gamut to fake wide gamut rendering.

war3 2018-08-07 21-45-28-94.png war3 2018-08-07 21-45-08-75.png

Before | After

Height Based Fog

Replaced old Height Based Fog with fog from Unreal Engine 4.

Everglade_RenderEdge_4.png Everglade_RenderEdge_5.png
RenderEdge_111918_092920_01.png RenderEdge_111918_093144_02.png
RenderEdge_122818_154448_01.png RenderEdge_122818_155350_04.png RenderEdge_122818_160757_08.png
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Level 19
Apr 21, 2013
AWESOME WORK! But I cannot seem to get it to work even in game. I pressed F7 when i launched the game through WE, but the UI doesn't show up. Even if I launched war3 through your app, the UI doesn't show, or I did something wrong.

Btw, is there any way to make this work in WE's screen? Your screenshots on Nexus, are very detailed terrains but I don't think the in game camera would let us see that far, with the existence of the fog of war. Even if it was removed by triggers.