Reforged matchmaking + stats

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Feb 2, 2020
Hi all!

My friend and I have created a discord server and bot that does matchmaking for 1v1 melee games.
The bot has a database which stores game stats that you can check anytime.
If anyone is interested in joining please visit the discord server

Click here to join the WC3Reforged League Discord Server!

How does matchmaking work?

There is a channel called #lobby and in that channel you can access bot commands
To enter the queue for matchmaking you type !join
Once entered, you wait for an opponent to type !join as well
Many people can join the queue at the same time, what the bot does it takes your ELO (XP) and matches it with another player with the same skill level. Once matched the bot will tell you who you are up against, also give you a randomly selected map to play.


After the match has been created, one of the players host a game on wc3.
They play the game out, come back to the discord server and submit results on the bot.
Command-form !score <team1> <team2>


Team 1 wins = !score 1 0
Team 2 wins = !score 0 1
Draw = !score 0 0

You can access your stats by a single command!
Command-form !stats if you want to stats yourself
Command-form !stats <username> if you want to check another players stats


Once we get active, we will create a website with rankings and add team modes!
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