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Recruiting people for warcraft 3 Ashes of the Lord

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Jan 12, 2011
Well here are the people who i need:
-I'm right now needing People who i can trust and that are able to do awesome cinematics.
-People who can do cool terrain art (for cinematics and Melee maps). : vdainiusv,Stygian_Shadow
-Someone who can do awesome warcraft-like icons.
-Someone Who is Really good with graphics (photoshop/gimp or any actually awesome photo editing program).
-someone who can do cool Models for units. : Diegokopo and Lordcat(making minor model edits.)
-An AI expert
-total gui expert. lordcat making small gui stuff
-Someone who is good in jass. and an expert in gui So campaign will have some good missions and not all repetitive destroying a base ones.(though it will have lots of destroying a base ones to help you understand your new units and test your skills.
-and finally someone (who wont be needed now but will be needed at the end). who can host a custom PvPgn or can get a host to do it.(if they are free hosts we may need more than one server).
link to Project Forum: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/map-development-202/warcraft-3-ashes-lord-204636/#post2017864
if it has a red underline means we already have people that can make it totally , if it hasn't means we got small helping people and if it doesn't have anything means we still are looking for people for it
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