Reclamation of Felwood

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
One-shot campaign like level made for Maporino 2021. Guide the Keeper of the Grove on his quest to begin the purification of Felwood. Seven corrupted fountains must be cleansed in order for this to happen. Features custom abilities for the Keeper of the Grove and a custom Satyr race as enemies.

Let me know if you encounter any bugs and I'll do my best to quickly fix them.

Made for patch 1.31

Ujimasa Hojo and PurplePoot for updated corrupted Ancients
KelThuzad for BTNFocus2Onv2
Callahan for the Thorny creeper
Doctor Super Good for GUI Leak Cleaner

Reclamation of Felwood (Map)

I played the map and had a very good time doing so. :D
The terrain, doodad placement and the overall environment feels very twisted and sober (as it should in Felwood). very good job here.
The hero has some very usefull abilities that really turn the tide of battle.
However, personally I would have liked some new abilites added, mostly for the night elven units. Playing as the same old night elves as we know them just isn't that interesting anymore. The abilities of the hero are also a bit basic, and also end up leaving a bit to be desired. (except his ultimate, that was very fun to use!) The satyr race that was introduced here were a bit scary to fight, but interesting nevertheless.
I hope some of this is useful to you!