Ranger Tournament v10: Stardust

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Ranger Tournament: Stardusk

Map Info:

Map type: Multiplayer, Singleplayer (with bots)
Gameplay: FPS, Shooting, Arena, Deathmatch
Player races: Human, Orc, Undead, Night Elf

Stardusk expansion adds:
- new, futuristic map
- updated AI bots
- new music
- fixed bugs
- nicer gameplay
- save/load Ranger level - use of attachments

You play as Ranger in Deathmatch tournament, trying to make first 25 kills to win the game. Gameplay is dynamic and fast. You may avoid enemy attacks by jumping, but you also need to be precise in shooting. Special Orbs should add effects to your arrows, making them more deadly, changing fly distance, speed or damage.


Gameplay features

- fast, dynamic, reflex checking gameplay
- no limits in gameplay, you can avoid any of flying projectiles
- destructibles are blocking attacks and movoment
- pick up to 10 different orbs to increase your attack statistic or
to protect yourself when hitted
- instantly respawn when you press esc, no limits, no waiting,
all depends on your play and play of your oppoments
- pretent to be dead so enemyes will see you as no harm,
then you can suprise them from behind
- play singleplayer with AI Bots - Insane difficulty is
really challenge
- day/night cycle changes vision see and atmosphere
- use dead bodies as shield
- awesome music playing in background :)
AI Bots:
Computer players are next chapter of this game. You can play against 3 difficulties of Bots: Easy, Normal and Insane.
Insane bots are smart, fast and aggressive. Most of the time they avoiding your arrows and attacks you as hard and as fast as they can. They jumping over cliffs and for items too. Lot of their avoid is because of jumping. They stealing orbs from you and uses them against you. You can predict their next move just very hardly.





- added random taunt
- improved chat texts
- and more
- reworked map terrain
- improved cameras, animations and stuff
- fixed some bugs
- improved gameplay

Version 9b:
- improved body explode
- fixed camera
- improved some things

Version 9:
- added save/load system for saving Ranger level
- added attachments which can be unlocked by reaching required level

Version 8:
- upgraded bot AI
- fixed AI bugs
- bodies are now removed after few seconds


Futuristic Tileset by Stanakin
Wall By Jacky The turtle
ArcaneHood By JesusHipster
Aura by Ahna
Bandana By Chriz
Black Steel Breastplate + Pauldrons By TLI-Inferno
BreastPlatebySunchips By Sunchips
Destroyer FaceGuard By Usedwell
FirstAidBackpack By epsilon
flag04 By Chriz
Helm of Power By Forgotten_Warlord
hook05 By Chriz
Chainsaw & Chainsaw with Blood Attachments By Anvil
Semi Machine Gun Attachment By Frankster
Mage Hat by Sunchips By Sunchips
MithrilDaggerbySunchips By Sunchips
mug By Chriz
Parachute By Fingolfin
Decorative Shoulderguard(S) By Vermillion Edict
piratehat01 By Chriz
rum By Chriz
Runestone Breastplate By Blood Raven
Shiva's Wings By JetFangInferno
Spiked Shoulder By HammerFist132
Team Colored Shield By Astaroth Zion
Meat by InfernalTater

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Ranger Tournament v10: Stardust (Map)

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Verdict - Approved, Not Rated
Map Moderated - Ranger Tournament v9c: Stardust
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Level 4
Apr 7, 2009
For further suggestions, would be neat to see a loadsystem similiar to the archer wars games, where you can spend "xp"(1rank=1xp) for visual stuff, like a hat or bow or smth. (merely visual).

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Deleted member 238589

I must say, this was quite fun.

As one of the rangers in the Ranger Tournament: Stardust, you are locked in a deathmatch with the enemy players or the AI, using only your ranged weapon and ability to dodge missiles to outlast your enemies. The gameplay is quite dynamic and fast-paced. The Mechanics are implemented quite well. The player is allowed to dodge the enemy missiles by simply moving aside, going behind cover, or jumping over them. The missiles also respond well to the environment, as they are destroyed when they hit walls and other doodads, instead of just flying through them. There is no respawn timer (a player respawns simply by pressing ESC key), so it's a constant rush. A player also has the ability to "play dead", which can easily fool other human players. The AI is also quite challenging, they'll literally use every chance to put you down. There are also a variety of difficulties available to the players with different level of skill. I hadn't encountered any bugs with them. There are also different orb types, used to enhance the missiles, although I think they should be more limited in the amount of enchanted missiles per pickup. Everything ingame, including new features and gameplay instructions are explained well. The save/load system appears to be working fine.

The terrain is quite good, it serves the gameplay style well, although the open halls feel a bit empty. Maybe you should add a bit more doodads here and there (also, some medieval doodads look a bit out of place), but overall, it good.

The custom music is nice, but I think you should put something more fast-paced, like the gameplay itself.

Overall, Ranger Tournament: Stardust is quite entertaining. Rated 4/5 and vote for APPROVAL. Good work.
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