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Quenching Mod (Latest v1.4)

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What is Quenching Mod (QM) ?

QM is a versatility mod with lots of gaming functions, it's specially build for warcraft III 1.32 -

Let's cut to the point and have a quick look.

For gamers

- Support Reforged/Classic/RPG/Campaign/Melee/Worldeditor

- Graphic rendering enhancement (reforged only)

- Graphic assets replacement (reforged only)

- Camera/Gamma/Fog adjustment in melee game (reforged and classic)

- Units/Heroes skin change (reforged and limited classic)

- Key binding (reforged and classic)

- Experiment custom campaign (reforged and classic)

- Switchable new UI (reforged and classic)

- Special graphic mode (reforged only)

For developers

- Slope fix to 90 degrees

- Terraining assets and effect

- SD and HD model calculation fix

- custom campaign api (in progress)

How to install

- download QuenchingModCN.exe

- Copy to warcraft III root folder

- Run and choose [Install Mod]

- Wait until its success

- If network error try again after 10 minutes

How to update

- If the client has an update, there will be a hint

- Use [Check update] to get new patch

We will keep updating this tool for any new information

v1.4 (Binary)

Level 6
Jun 5, 2018
Quenching Mod is the most important advance of WC3 Reforged. Its appearance has saved Warcraft 3, the most classic game in history, to a certain extent.
The supports of HDR and AO in recent patch v1.2 are really impressive and exciting.
Glad to see this great work here! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️