Quel'dorei High Elves

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The High Elves are the Remnants of Quel'thalas who were once well known nation of the High Elven Race. After the Destruction of their homeland many of their people ended up forming the Faction known as the Silvermoon Remnants to come together as one with their knowledge of the Arcane, Master Swordsman, Skills of Archery, and more. Control and lead the High Elven Spellcasters, Swordsman, and Bowsman and make a Legacy that will stand against the test of time for the Quel'dorei.

Credit goes to the Original Model Creators Wildone, Barorque, Mr Ogre Man, Ardenaso, Flinn, Vulfar, Araven, Victorz, Tamplier, Darious, Dagren, AetherDude13, Superfrycook, Symphoneum, Liebanas_dn, Zephyrius2412, and Aztonio Azqswxzeman, who made the High Elf Units, Buildings, Heroes, and Icons to make the Custom Race fully. To play as the High Elves go with Human. AI when you set it to Human will play as the same but with High Elf Elements. I might do few updates or so but overall I say it is complete and Ready.

Glory to the High Elves and for Quel'thalas! Take Care.

Quel'dorei High Elves (Map)

Level 10
Jun 12, 2012
Both melee and ranged T1 units can be trained in barracks with the start. I believe one of them should have a Forge as a requirement.
I don't like Lietenants - they are just demo-version of Spellbreakers or upgraded Swordsmans but without Defend ability. Try make them an upgrade for Swordsmans (maybe with some custom ability, not CnP Spellsteal) instead of keeping them as separate units.
Unmounted Dragonhawks play the same role that unmounted Hippogryphs do for Night elves - but Night elves have Mount ability that allow player to swap easily between anti-air melee beast and ranged air unit. It also make some synergy between Hippogryphs and Archers. Your tech-tree allows to train both unmounted and mounted Dragonhawks and it feels cheap. Maybe you could make Mounted system for Dragonhawks & T1 melee or Silver Hippogryphs & T1 range?