Put a base Request

Level 13
Aug 19, 2014
Hello guys I found some nice creeps buildings from Ujimasa Hojo that I wanted to use, however I want to put a nice base to it.

View attachment TaurenTent2.mdx

View attachment GnollHut_v2.mdx

The Tauren Tent and Gnoll Hut is from Ujimasa Hojo, Ujimasa edited Mephistral's Gnoll Hut and this is the result. I like it becuz it has a birth animation and the leather is animated too, 1 thing I only dislike is the base of it. So can some pls add the base of this building View attachment TrollLimberMill.mdx to the Tauren Tent and Gnoll hut building, also dont forget to animate the leather thing from the Tauren Tent ok.

pic. 1.jpg see picture

View attachment HarpyNest.mdx

This Harpy Nest is from Ujimasa too, I just removed the crater base again. I just want the wood foundations and thorns sunk to the ground as what is pointed out in the picture.

All models that I requested to put a base are free to edit BTW.
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