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Name from Raiju^^

Prosecutor (Texture)

17:05, 30th Jun 2008 Dan van Ohllus: [Approved] I find this quality good enough to get approved.




17:05, 30th Jun 2008
Dan van Ohllus:
I find this quality good enough to get approved.
Level 9
May 7, 2005
i'm the godfather of this skin! :lol:

one of the best convertions NE/Human i ever saw

great as always Pins
Level 5
Mar 5, 2005
a bit too blur.
the furs are ok, but i didnt like anything else, needs work.
i give you a 3/5, its a good skin, but a bit too blured :/

ps: sorry por my very bad english :/, hope u undesrtood

ps2: this doesnt look like a monk to me =P, looks like more of a holy-traveling dude, or something like that ;/
Level 2
Jul 20, 2005
I love the look of the footman skin and this one, but I've had no luck getting them to work on my map. I believe I've done all the pathing right, and it hasn't given me an error message, but they just aren't showing up as anything but a footman and druid of the talon.

Anyone else having problems? If not, any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?