Project Hosting

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Jun 30, 2016

Project Hosting

The Hive Workshop supports its most creative map makers by providing hosting space in our Warcraft III Hosted Projects forum.

Although THW may host a wide range of Warcraft III projects, the administration's decision as to whether or not potential projects are to be hosted will be based closely upon its assessment of the likelihood that the project will eventually be fully complete. THW does not wish to host projects that, in the administration's opinion, will never be fully developed or completed.

Project Requirements

  • The project must be Warcraft III related.
  • The project must be creative, interesting and unique.
  • The project must already be at least 75% complete to be considered for hosted project status.
    • If the project is a map or a campaign, it must be at least 75% done.
  • Hive Workshop users must be able to freely download and test the project's components, elements, map(s) and/or systems in order to provide consumer feedback.
  • Hosted project leaders are expected to:
    • fully understand, comply with, and uphold all Hive Workshop site rules;
    • cooperate closely with the site's administration and staff;
    • be active on a regular basis;
    • carefully maintain their forum by keeping it clean;
    • moderate the forum in the best interests of The Hive Workshop and its community;
    • use their hosted project forum only for content related to the project itself.
  • Under certain conditions, special Hive Workshop sub domains may also be provided. Such rare domains will be considered only under extraordinary circumstances.
  • Any Hive Workshop hosted project may be modified, suspended, or terminated at any time for any reason that the administration finds to be valid.
  • The hosted project is required to have the text "Hosted by" on the map or campaign loading screen. The text should be clear and easy to read. Project leaders may decide if the text is displayed in the loading screen image or the loading screen text.
    • Special projects must credit The Hive Workshop in a splash screen or readme file. The credit text must be present within 30 days of the project's initial publication.
  • Any sub community for the project (e.g. Discord) must link back to HIVE in a visible spot. The link can be to a relevant page for the project.
  • If the product of the project is a downloadable file, it must be on HIVE and for the most part be the way people download it.

Hosting Features

Hive Workshop Hosted project forums provide the following benefits and features:

  • Moderation privileges to moderate your forum;
  • A forum which is accessible by all registered users;
  • An optional Hive Workshop sub domain, like
  • Access to the Project Tools to make custom pages and manage your team.
  • Permission to make site-wide news about your project.
  • Access to the promotional banner rotator to advertise your project for more exposure.
  • A special user title on your profile with a link to your project.
  • A special banner for all team members.
  • Permission to make news about your project on our social media sites, including the Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne facebook page.
  • Access to influencers and streamers like Back2Warcraft, witiWarcraft, Grubby and more.

The administration shall determine which of the above features will be provided on a case-by-case basis.

Hosting Requests

All hosting inquiries and requests must be posted in The Hive Workshop's Admin Contact forum.

Here is a overview of the information that is required:

  • The title of your project.
  • A concise description for the forum.
  • A list of any additional potential moderators (if applicable).
  • A short overview of the project.
  • A complete description of the project including all important information.
  • As much detail about the story as you would like to share.
  • Any and all other information that will be needed to set up your forum (should it be accepted).
  • Screenshots, movies, media, demos; anything extra.

The administration expects your description to be thorough and cover all the information available about the project. None of this information will be released to the public without your permission, so you should tell us everything possible about your project in order to increase the likelihood of it becoming hosted. Here is a list of the items that you should include in your description to increase its chances of approval:

  • Title of your project.
  • A short overview of your project.
  • A fully detailed and complete description of your project and its goals.
  • Long detailed description about your project with videos, screenshots and preferably a test map.
  • Your expectations from this collaboration.
  • A PNG forum icon matching with the style of existing icons.

The administration wants to see what you've done on your project to date: its quality, and exactly how it will be different from other projects. The Hive Workshop may accept many different projects but must ensure that those accepted will be consistently developed and eventually completed.

We must also require a demo/mission or a part of your map. We do not necessarily need the whole thing: the demo should, preferably, be at least 75% complete.
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