Priestess of the Damned (Reforged)

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Specialist melee hero, excel at evasion and enemy's weaknesses. Can learn Mana Burn, Howl of Terror, Evasion and Reincarnation.

While Republic Generals bring the light and order, Priestesses of the Damned bring darkness and chaos. These human-demon hybrid servants were loyal and deadly to the Republic and its mistress, Lilith of the Painbearers Legion. They rely on both light and dark powers to banish and defeat their common enemies of the Republic to succeed. They specialize in any enemy awareness and activity, when they do, they swiftly swoop their ranks and terrify from within.

Update on 01/21/21: Added the POTD hero, Soryena Kazera for the custom campaign for Reforged, Redemption of the Republic and the icon is added.

Update on 04/26/21: The two previous versions removed and replaced with an improved version (Both model and icon)

POTD Version 2 (Model)

POTD Portrait V2 (Model)

Priestess of the Damned Icon (Reforged) (Icon)