Planned Changes for 1.04.6

Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
And now what you've all been waiting for 1.04.6

Gurranteed Changes:

-Redone Terrain for both satyr bases, redone terrain for fort dark leaf, redone terrain and spawning for dark greens wolf base.

-New units for "EVERY" Race.

-Fixed Dullahan Summon for light mage, as well as replacing his light stomp with a new healing move.

-New Bonus Event for City States: "United They Stand" Automatically activates the Bukinatal coming to aid the Ogres, as well as giving every single city state a new minor hero! As well as improved HP for all city state units. This event occurs at year 84 if all City States are still alive *capitals not minor bases*.

-New Bonus Event for Otters: "Religious Resurgance": The otters gain a new Otter lightseeker unit as well as a new minor hero known as Otter HIgh Priest. This event will only occur if every otter base is alive, and the purified hammer is on aggronor, as well as aggronor and the aktarian king being alive by year 63.

-New Bonus Event: "Kinship of the Elves": The High Elves and Dark Elves gain respectively one unique unit from each others tech tree permanently, and they both gain a new minor hero. This Event will only occur if the high elves and dark elves are allied, and they have lost no bases,heroes, or minor heroes.

-The Sword of Virtues Item.

-Hammer of Hate for Fallen Paladin hero.*item*

-Improved Hero Design for otter hero darkness.

-Improved Hero Design for otter hero Aktarian King

-Helm of Aktar *Item for aktarian king*

-New Aktarian Mage unit, to replace wavesummoners at southern base.

-New builder units for each and every race!

-Five new normal events, including 1 for each individual city state.

-Two New Epic Events: Forge Lord, and Fel Otters.

-Sellable towers!

-Combat ships for Lightblue and Red.

-Two new tower types!

-New Minor Hero for Pandaren !

-New High Elf Ranger Captain Hero for High Elves!

-New Hero Dark Elf Priest for Dark Elves!

-New Hero for Otters! Fel Otter Cultist!

-New unit for Otters, Naga Bloodbrother! *in addition to the 1 unit for all races*


-Refined spawn triggers for even less lag! and more coherency of spawns!

Possible Additions:

-Roke Sanctum, and the two new mage units that go along with it.

-Elemental Kings Boss monsters, who guard the element bases.

-Enhanced Element Base units *better stats and abilities*

-Better terrain for element bases!

-Better Spawn For Murloc base, it would have Naga like units.

-All Widgetizer Bugs fixed if I can find them.

-Lastly, but not least. Redone Spawn for Darost. *stonehenge like place*
Level 3
Jul 22, 2007
Epic Event Count: IV

Interested in seeing the new epic events, I have played 1.04.6 several times, including once where I saved ten seconds before the Epic Event timer and repeatedly reloaded.

Well, after 9 or more Epic Events, all in 1.04.6, I found neither of the two new ones. According to probability theory, if we assume 6 epic events and nine games, there is a 3-1 chance that I would have seen one of them.

So. Did the epic events get accidently left out? Or am I horribly unlucky in finding cool new stuff?