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Plague 2 Infected Isles V3.73 (P)

Submitted by Cazeoj276
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
The Plague 2: Infected Isles








Lore Summary

With the death of Theseus Glacus and the fall of Ironstead, the last true bastion of humanity on the mainland has finally fallen. The undead have defeated humanity, warped their dead, and taken their homeland. The once shining empire of Telebram, the pinnacle of human civilization, is now a festering graveyard.

However, hope still remains for the estranged refugees that fled with Chrigis to the islands of Jeb’thol. Months have gone by, towns have sprung up, and the undead have seemingly been landlocked on the mainland. But peace and prosperity are a fleeting sensation for the beleaguered survivors of the plague.

It started with rumors of shadows dancing around in the night on the outlying islands; tales from deep sea fishermen of decrepit, horrifying masses of flesh floating on top of the ocean, stories of makeshift boats manned by creatures beyond life.

These tales were all taken as farce, initially. But eventually the lies became truth. The survivors became comfortable, they thought themselves safe. They were wrong. Outlying towns became overrun with the undead, trade routes were disrupted, and terror was sewn throughout the network of refugees. Villagers began to realize that the apocalypse was at hand; that all hope was lost.

But Chrigis and the Border Guard remained steadfast. Now was not the time for tales of the end, now was the time to stay level headed and fight for survival. Walls and defensive fortifications were constructed around the port city of Lyon, the closest city to a capital among the refugees. Wave upon wave of decrepit, lifeless undead broke against the walls, the now veteran men who were defending seemingly dispatching the assailants with ease. For a time, it looked like Humanity was beginning to win.

But a damning realization came to Chrigis one evening. The mindless undead which constantly barraged the walls were a far cry from the cunning beasts who sieged Galenfar in the west and the Border Guard trade city of Stradford. These drones were not the full force of the undead, but the vanguard of an invading armada.

Gameplay Summary

Essentially, the object of the game is to eliminate the opposing team, not unlike WC3 melee. Each player takes to a goldmine, constructs buildings, and trains soldiers to fight against the other team.

There are aspects which make things a bit more interesting, however. Each human player has a choice of 3 unique races, each boasting their own playstyle and units. You have the Palonians, which focuses on ranged units, mages, and spells, the Border Guard, which focuses on strong melee units and healing, and the Human Alliance, which focuses on versatility.

The Undead also have two races. You have intelligent undead, which focuses on micro management and a more defensive playstyle versus aggressive undead, which focuses on mass and fast expansion and sheer brute force.

All in all The Plague 2 : Infected Isles is a fairly unique experience which can be played anywhere from a casual to a competitive level.


Human Alliance

The human alliance is not one single nation, but a combination of the two once great empires of Telebram and Varenhil.


The Palonians

The nation of Palonia has always remained elusive to the humans of the world. Everything from the nature of their culture to the magic they use has baffled or downright inspired fear in humanity.


The Border Guard

The Border Guard are the famed defenders of humanity. The ranks of this faction are filled to the brim with veterans of not only the Plague, but of the wars before that as well.


Aggressive Undead

Infect. Consume. Expand. Evolve. Infect. Consume. Expand. Evolve. Infect. Consume. Expand. Evolve. Infect. Consume. Expand. Evolve. Infect. Consume. Expand. Evolve.


Intelligent Undead

The intelligent undead are unique in that they retain their personalities and memories from life. They work off of their own intuition rather than instinct.


Previous versions changelog

-Version 1.1

-Gave border guard units a slight health and armor boost.
-Greatly debuffed palonians for they owned everything.
-Decreased cost of zombie units and increased cap of several of them.
-Upgrade fixes on a few races.
-Made zombie experiments better.

-Version 1.2

-Made zombies more expensive again.
-Made most zombies a bit worse and cost more gold.
-Some minor info fixes.

-Version 1.3

-Made some zombies better.
-Made gold income more for zombies.
-Fixed names for forces lol.
-Made battleships able to attack buildings.

-Version 1.4

-Made some zombies better and some heroes worse.
-Fixed some minor unit issues.
-Fixed some minor item issues.

-Version 1.5

-Added a new zombies player.
-Made some balance changes.
-Added a gold limit.

-Version 1.55

-Actually protected.
-Some interface changes.

-Version 1.6

-Added new items.
-Tons of balance Changes
-Added new secrets/fixed secret bugs.
-Changed zombies around a bit.
-Human defenses now partially challenging.
-Pink works for all triggers now.
-Zombie improved greatly.
-Food cap increased to 150.
-A bunch of other stuff.

-Version 1.7

-Way too much stuff to list.

-Version 1.8

-A few minor changes
-Undead Better
-Frigates Better

-Version 1.9

-Minor Changes

-Version 2.0

-Some minor bug fixes.
-Made undead mages useful.
-Made Zombies a little better.
-Redid some terrain.

-Version 2.1

-Did Major Balance Changes
-Fixed many bugs
-Added Fog and Depth to the terrain
-Added a new Hero for the Palonians, the Shadow Evoker
-Added Potions
-Fixed many item tooltips

-Version 2.2

-More Balance Changes
-Fixed item bugs

-Version 2.5

-Extreme Balance changes
-Made the Terrain less Flat
-Added the Shadow Fire Essence as a gem, it can now be combined to anything the Voodoo and Emberstone jewels can be

-Version 2.8

-Added a new dungeon type area on an island.
-Now Protected

-Version 3.0

-Terrain Changes
-Added when Humans die the player turns to the Undead team
-Balancing issues
-Gold Reduced (In mines and Periodically)
-Countdown timer for income
-Moved back the human defensive line
-Zombies improved across the board

-Version 3.01

-Major terrain changes
-Oil Refineries to fishing villages
-Major upgrade overhaul
-Unit overhaul
-Secrets overhaul
-Hero Ability fix
-Tool Tip edits
-Art Button position fixes
-Major Trigger improvements
-Player leave/join undead fix trigger
-T3 undead unit fix
-Gold and lumber cost changes
-Call to Arms fix
-General Human Unit improvement

-Version 3.02

-Fixed Major player leaves error that broke end game.
-Increased Zombie Train time

-Version 3.03

-Increased some zombie train times
-Fixed hero chooser glitch at start
-Fixed player to undead team errors
-Further unit balancing

-Version 3.035

-Tooltip Changes
-Lowered damage of catapults and range.
-Lowered damage and range of Undead Mages.
-Fixed human zombies not being able to make ships.
-Reduce mutation time.

-Version 3.1

Possible Final update, might change Essence of Hatred later since he is a boring hero

-Added a new Undead hero, the warp ascendant
-Did a lot of balance changes
-Revamped all hotkeys
-Updated the tooltips on every race/hero choice
-Added Undead Reaper
-Fixed the win condition for undead and humans
-Fixed town income for undead who change teams

----changelog 3.2-----

Balance -

Items -

==Voodoo Hammer==

Sacrifice on the Voodoo Hammer decreased to 50% of the unit's life from 100%

Heroes -

==Berdrix the Sanctifier==

-Pious lance damage has been increased to 200 at level 1 from 150

==Bone Lich==

-Bone Spike damage has been reduced to 150/200/250/300 from 200/300/400/500
-Bone Spike stun has been changed to 2/2/2/2 from 1/2/3/4
-Bone Spike cast range down to 500 from 800
-Bone Spike Area of effect down to 250 from 300
-Bone Spike Distance down to 400 from 500
-Bone Spike Mana cost reduced to 125/150/175/200 from 125/175/200/225

-Bone Wave cooldown increased to 8 seconds from 6 seconds
-Bone Wave Distance has been decreased to 500 from 1000
-Bone Wave cast range has been decreased to 500 from 700

==Warp Ascendant==

-Void Barrage Range has been decreased to 500

==Indanith Loktan==

-Flash Burn cooldown reduced to 6 seconds from 8 seconds
-Changed the icon of Flash Burn

-Reduced frenzied volleys cooldown to 10 seconds from 15/30/45/45
-Reduced Frenzied volleys duration to 5 seconds from 12/14/15/16
-Increased frenzied volleys attack speed bonus to 100/150/200/250 from 25/50/75/100
-Changed the icon of frenzied volley

==Shamis McFarlank==

-Fixed the tooltip on Adrenaline Rush
-Adrenaline Rush mana cost has been increased to 60/80/100/120 from 60/60/60/60

==Essence of Hatred==

-Completely reworked the essence of hatred, replacing all of his old abilities with new ones

-Rain of Fire has been replaced with - Consumed by Hatred - Causes the target enemy to be consumed by his deepest hatred, dealing damage. slowing them, and reducing their attack for 6 seconds.

-Reinforced Armor has been replaced with - Essence Drain - Absorbs the essence of the target unit, stealing mana and life every second for 5 seconds.

Crushing Power has been replaced with - Aura of Hatred - Inspires the inner rage of nearby friendly units, increasing their movement and attack speeds.

Razorbladed Armor has been replaced with - Focused Rage - The Essence of Hatred causes all nearby enemies to be overcome with extreme rage, dealing damage, causing their attacks to miss sometimes, and forcing them to attack the hero.

==Fallen Lord==

-Changed the icon of the Fallen Lord

-Replaced Immolation with - Hardened Marrow - The Fallen Lord's bones become increasingly hard, allowing him to take more punishment from attacks. Reduces damage taken from attacks, but can not reduce damage taken below 30.

-Changed the Icon of Cheat Death


-Replaced Mirror Image wth - Mend Flesh - The Reanimator reconstructs the flesh of all nearby allied undead, healing them.


-Normalized all tooltips for abilities

==Undead Corpse Hurler==

-Fixed tooltip


-Juggernauts are now effected by Provoke Strength and Aggressiveness

==Undead Mage==

-Undead Mages are now effected by Provoke Aggressiveness

==Infected Trolls==

-Infected Trolls are now effected by Stimulate Aggressiveness and Strength


-Flagships no longer cost food

==Border Guard Worker==

-Increased health to 440 from 220

==Palonian Mage==

-Palonian Mage Health increased from 430 to 530

==Shadow Evoker==

-Shadow evoker health increased to 1300 from 1100

-3.3 Changes

Gigantic changes were made. The following list is everything I could think of off hand.


-Undead has been completely reworked
-Intelligent Undead now has Undead Warriors, Returned Champions, and Returned Mages


-New Human Unit - Telebran Tempest Mage
-New Human Unit - Varenin Flame Priest

-New Border Guard Unit - Lightsworn Priest

-New Palonian Unit - Frost Mage


-Nearly Every unit has been rebalanced, from the health to the cost of the units.
-Almost every unit has gained an ability or has had some change


-Undead heroes now gain less attributes when leveling
-Some abilities have been balanced


-Attack speed on some items has been halfed

3.4 Changelog

Massive List of Changes. Lots of balance, some additions, mostly aggressive being changed.

-Reduced acid sprayer range to 450, down from 920
-Reduced Cultist range to 450, down from 700
-Reduced Returned Mage range to 600, down from 700

-Reduced Cauterize Mana Cost to 30 down from 60

-Lowered Returned Mage move speed to 250, down from 270

-Changed Juggernaut model file
-Removed defend from juggernaut
-Increased Juggernaut damage
-Changed armor type to hero from large
-New ability - Culling, bladestorm type for juggernaut, requires adv mutation 20 and research at adv baracks

-Reanimator's Mend flesh now heals for less and costs more mana

-Fixed chrigis' ult, final level used to give 200 armor, supposed to give 20

-Lowered Tempest Mage and Flame Priest range to 600 down from 1000
-Lowered Lightsworn Priest's range to 600, down from 700

-Reduced Elite Archer range to 600
-Reduced Archer Range to 600
-Reduced Border Guard Archer range to 600
-Reduced Mage Range to 600
-Reduced Arch Mage range to 700
-Reduced frost mage range to 450
-Reduced prodigy range to 600

-increased zombie health
-increased mutated zombie health
-increased marauder health
-increased experiment health

-Removed Councilman's movement speed bonus

-Added new units to the infection table

-Reduced the healing of Illuminate to 150 from 180
-Increased the mana cost of Illuminate to 12 from 8

-Increased the cooldown of Blink to 10/9/8/7 from 10/8/6/4
-Reduced the range of Blink to 700/850/1000/1150 from 1000/1500/2000/2500

-Reduced the Damage on the arch mage to 210 from 225

-Reduced the training time of marauder to 20 from 25
-reduced the training time of experiment to 12 from 14
-reduced the training time of zombie to 4 from 5
-reduced the training time of mutated zombie to 8 from 11
-Reduced training time of Brutalizer to 24 from 27
-Reduced food cost of Returned Champion to 5 from 6

-Changed the zombie model file
-New unit - Abhorrent Horror - Mutated from zombie, short ranged attacker good for getting through walls
-New Unit - Plagued Monstrosity - tough magic resistant unit that has a disease cloud
-New Unit - Night Stalker - stealthy upgrade from creeper that can support allies and debuff enemies

-Changed the requirement for creepers to adv mutation 6, from 5
-Changed the requirement for Enrage to adv mutation 5, from 6

-Changed the requirement for Experiment to advanced mutation 10, from 9
-Changed the requirement for undead marauders to advanced mutation 12, from 11
-Changed the requirement for Mauler to advanced mutation 14, from 13

-Lowered the slowing effect of Elite Archers to 50% from 70%

-Increased acid sprayer damage to 66 from 53
-Reduced build time of hive mind to 120

-Removed Upkeep
-Increased the food cost of prodigies to 6 from 4
-Decreased the damage of Heavy Axemen Sweeping strikes to 200 from 325
-Number of Targets on Fire Lash decreased to 3 from 5

-damage of chain lightning decreased to 275 from 325
-Damage reduction reduced to 30% per jump
-Decreased fire lash damage to 220 from 250
-Decreased fire lash range to 600 from 1200
-Decreased cremate range to 600
-Decreased Veteran health to 2350 from 2600
-Decreased veteran damage to 164 from 184

-Muster Reinforcements now takes 220 seconds up from 120
-Human Capital now takes 220 seconds up from 180

-Muster Reinforcements now costs 2000 gold up from 1800 and 1200 lumber up from 800
-Human capital now costs 2000 gold up from 1100 and 1200 lumber up from 350

-Fleshworks now are created in 30 seconds down from 60
-Reanimation halls are now created in 30 seconds down from 60

-Palonian Capital now costs 2000 gold up from 1700 and 1200 lumber up from 550, now takes 220 seconds from 180
-Palonian Senate now costs 750 gold down from 1800

-Summon the kings now takes 180 seconds up from 120
-Border Guard Stronghold now costs 1800 gold and 750 lumber up from 1600 and 450

-Gold increment on advanced mutation reduced to 50 from 100

-Human player town halls take 90 seconds to construct, up from 40
-Gave gargantuan zombie a war stomp

-Reduced Wall health to 2500 from 3850
-Reduced Gate health to 2100 from 3400
-Reduced wall armor to 4 from 9
-Reduced gate armor to 3 from 7

-Added an upgrade available at tech 2 and 3 that increases wall effectiveness

-3.41 Changes

-Night Stalker Health reduced to 1400 from 1600
-Night Stalker Damage reduced to 130 from 180
-Night Stalker food cost increased to 6 from 4
-Night Stalker Creep bonus damage decreased to 260 from 400
-Reduced healing of reanimation wave to 200 from 300

-Plagued Monstrosity attack speed decreased to 2.6 from 2.1
-Plagued Monstrosity damage decreased to 355 from 385
-Plagued Monstrosity now requires advanced mutation 17 from 16
-Plagued Monstrosity armor bonus decreased to 1 from 2

-Abhorrent Mutation requires advanced mutation 2 from 1
-Abhorrent Horror health decreased to 950 from 1150
-Abhorrent Horror move speed decreased to 340 from 360
-Abhorrent Horror damage decreased to 155 from 195

-Gargantuan Zombie Armor bonus decreased to 1 from 2

-Reanimator is now Undead

-Sludge Flinger now has 600 range up from 450
-Cultist now has 600 range up from 450

-Fixed a bug where Abhorrent Horrors and Night Stalkers were free

-3.42 Changelog

-Decreased tower damage from 85 damage to 65 damage
-Decreased Tower range from 920 to 650
-Removed War Stomp mana cost
-Fixed a bug where at max food night stalkers and abhorrent horrors would still produced
-Increased Cauterize heal to 1200 from 800
-Increased Night Stalker damage to 155 from 130
-Increased Acid Sprayer damage to 83 from 53

-Reduced Juggernaut culling AoE to 120 from 200
-Reduced Juggernaut culling damage to 180 from 250
-Reduced Juggernaut armor to 22 from 26
-Reduced Juggernaut armor bonus to 1 from 2
-Increased juggernaut food cost to 12 from 10

-Increased Fire Lash damage to 280 from 220
-Increased number of fire lash targets to 5 from 3
-Reduced Skeleton archer range to 600 from 950

-Reduced Ravenous Bite armor reduction to 8 from 10
-Reduced Hood of Fire stun to .5 seconds from 2

-Changed the amount of units the bone lich gets from raise dead
-Increased Cremate damage to 325 from 260
-Increased Righteous Hammer stun time to 2 seconds from 1.5

-Increased the amount of movement and attack speed reduction on blinding light to 75% from 50%
-Decreased Blinding Light mana cost to 75 from 150
-Decreased Bliding Light cooldown to 5 seconds from 10

-Increased the Duration of Freezing Blast to 10 seconds from 6 seconds

-Added a new ability to the experiment : Vile Explosion. Kills the Experiment, but deals 600 damage to a structure

-Buffed the amount of defense the secondary island has
-Increased Human Elite Archer damage to 147 from 137
-Increased Border Guard Archer damage to 110 from 86

-Changed abhorrent Horror armor type to unarmored from large

-secrets are now off. Player 1 red can enable them by typing -Casual mode

-Added an extra goldmine on the northmost island

-Staff of Possession can no Longer possess zekerous the breaker

-Did some minor terrain changes
-Reduced Arch Mage damage to 198 from 210
-Increased Frost mage damage to 64 from 54

-Increased Human Mage damage to 89 from 65

3.43 Changelog

-Removed War Stomp from the Gargantuan Zombie
-Increased the area of effect of culling to 150 from 120
-Decreased Mage Guard Armor to 18 from 20
-Decreased Righteous Hammer stun duration to 1.8 from 2
-Removed Scroll of Town Portal
-Increased the Cooldown of Illuminate to 2 seconds from .5 seconds
-Reduced Mana burn amount burned to 150 from 300
-Increased mana burn cooldown to 25 seconds from 20

-Increased Electrify attack speed bonus to 40% from 25%
-Increased cutting blow damage per second to 35 from 25

-Increased the damage per wave on Arcane Torrent to 350/450 from 200/300

-Increased Healing Light healing amount to 500/700/900/1100

-Increased the amount of armor taken off from Vile Blast to 5 from 3
-Vile Explosion now hits walls from any direction
-Increased the healing from Mend Flesh to 150 from 100
-Increased the amount of damage mind decay does to 60 per second from 50 per second.

-Increased Aura of Hatred area of effect to 500 from 350
-Fixed a bug where abhorrent horrors and nightstalkers were brought to full health upon morhping

-Removed the barracks that spawns automatically when playing undead
-Changed the armor type of human ships to fortified

-Reduced the Requirement for Undead Shipyard to Structural Knowledge 1 from 4
-Decreased the limit of Undead Battleships to 12 from 24
-Decreased the limit of Undead Frigates to 25 from 50
-Doubled the Cost and training time of Undead Frigates
-Doubled the Cost and training time of Undead Battleships
-Limited Fishing Rigs to 12

-Decreased the limit of Human Battleships to 6 from 12
-Decreased the Limit of human frigates to 12 from 24
-Doubled the cost and training times of Human Battleships and Frigates

-Fixed the Bone Scythe learn tooltip
-Increased the armor bonus on Bone Shield to 5 from 3
-Increased the Life Regen rate on Bone Shield to 3 from 2
-Replaced the Reanimators Tainted Earth spell with BLighted Touch - a close range damage ability that heals all allies around you

3.5 Changelog

-Money is now split between allies whenever a player leaves

-Increased Reaper health to 2500 from 1650
-Increased reaper armor to 8 from 2
-Increased Reaper damage to 132 from 102

-Reduced the amount healed by Blighted Touch to 150/200/250/300 from 250/325/400/475
-Reduced the damage of blighted touch by 100 on all levels
-Juggernaut now requires advanced mutation 16
-Decreased the food cost of Assassin to 4 from 6
-Changed the requirement of the Arch Mage to Summon Palonian Senate from Palonian Capital
-Changed the requirement to Palonian Mages Guild from Summon the Palonian Senate

-Reduced the mana cost of mend flesh to 15 per unit charged at all levels

-Actually limited Fishing Rigs
-Reduced the duration of cremate on heroes to .25 seconds
-reduced the duration of Righteous Hammer

-Reduced the Amount of health that The Walking Dead gives to 100 from 200
-reduced the damage of abhorrent horror to 145 from 155
-reduced the damage of sweeping strikes to 200 from 325
-reduced the chance for sweeping strikes to 15% FROM 25%

-Increased the cost of Abhorrent Horror to 150 gold and 150 lumber
-Reduced the range of abhorrent horror to 180 from 220
-Reduced the damage of Abhorrent Horror to 145 from 155

-decreased battleship and flagship range to 700 from 900

===========NEW UNIT FOR PALONIANS==============

-Palonians now get a new tech 3 unit - the incineration battery
-High damage siege/magic unit which has to be set up before using

===========NEW UNIT FOR UNDEAD=================

-Intelligent Undead gets a new unit - The Ravager
-high damage mobility unit perfect for late game and jumping behind enemy lines

===========ITEM SYSTEM REVAMP==================

-Bloodied Claws now gives 15 bonus damage
-Massive Hammer now gives +8 strength
-Golden Necklace now gives +4 all stats
-Golden Charm now gives +1 Health/+50% Mana Regen
-Golden Ring now gives +8 Agility
-Wooden Staff now gives +8 Intelligence

-Changed around all items

-Removed Hood of Shadows and gloves of haste

***3.51 Changes***

-Fixed a bug where clicking the high council would crash the game
-fixed a bug where shadowfiremaul wouldn't cause any art

-decreased hood of fire range to 500 from 800

3.52 changes

-Fixed the ashaman tooltip
-Changed it so that Alandil's Madness does not drop
-made it so if you are alone in the game there is no win condition
-Fixed the palonian transport training time
-Fixed the icon of the Elite Guard
-Added some new lore tidbits around

===========Unit Changes========

-Aggressive Undead-

Aggressive undead has a very powerful early game, yet their late and mid game always felt lacking. With these changes, Aggressive undead will have more variety and punch in the mid game, and they will be slightly slower in the early game.

-Increased the damage of the Acid Sprayer to 110 from 83
-Decreased the movement speed of the Acid Sprayer to 240 from 270
-Increased the damage of the Undead Marauder to 265 from 245
-Increased the Health of the Experiment to 2100 from 1950
-increased the hit point regen on the experiment to 2 from .5

-Increased the build speed of the Fleshworks to 40 seconds from 30 seconds.
-Increased the build time of the zombie to 6 seconds from 4 seconds

-Intelligent Undead -

Intelligent undead, like aggressive undead, had a bit too fast of an early game, yet their mid game lacked punch. With these changes, Intelligent Undead will have a bit more mid game strength and less early game dominance

-Increase the build speed of the Reanimation Hall to 40 seconds from 30 seconds
-Increased the build time of the Undead Warrior to 10 seconds from 8 seconds

-Increased the damage of the Cultist to 76 from 42

============STAT CHANGES=================

Agility was overall way too powerful as a defensive stat. Although this will nerf all heroes a little, it will primarily effect high agility heroes such as shamis and the night stalker.

-Agility now gives .1 armor per point from .3

============HERO CHANGES=================
- Shamis -

Shamis was borderline unkillable with his stim and high agility, and his 6 second stun let him get the jump on any hero and almost guarantee a kill. Statistically, he'll have a lot more early game sustain and mana, but ultimately he will suffer a lot from this patch, much to the happiness of undead players I'm sure.

-Shamis now starts with 25 agility from 30
-Shamis now starts with 15 intelligence from 10
-Shamis now gets 7 agility per level from 9
-Shamis now gets 4 intelligence per level from 2

-reduced adrenaline rush speed to 50/60/70/80 from 50/75/100/125
-increased the cooldown of adrenaline rush to 60 from 30
-Reduced the duration of Assasins blade on heroes to 1/1.5/2/2.5 from 3/4/5/6

- Mage Praetor -

If you stacked mana on the mage in the previous version, his mana shield could make him WAY too difficult to kill. By changing this, he is a lot less tanky, and he relies more on health and less on mana

-Reduced the amount of damage absorbed by Mana shield to 75% from 100%

-Battle Mage -

Stacking damage and strength on the battle mage turns him into an army clearing machine due to his cleave. This should make him a bit easier to punish while keeping the strength of this hero's AoE power.

-Decreased the amount of splash damage Arcane Blade does to 15/25/35/45 from 15/30/45/60
-Decreased the AoE of Arcane blade to 150 from 200


==========ITEM BALANCE CHANGES==============

-Decreased the attack speed on Zul'jeth's sword to 15% from 20%
-Decreased the damage on the Great Glaive of Alastan to 50 from 70
-Decreased the damage on Staff of the troll lords to 40 from 100
-Decreased the damage on Merchant Lords Blade to 40 from 80
-Increased the damage of Flamethrust's Rain of Fire to 120 from 80
-Decreased Staff of the Troll lords chain lightning damage to 700 from 900
-Increased the falloff for staff of the troll lords and staff of the high priest to 10% per jump from 5%
-Increased the healing on Corsieth's Ring to 800 from 500
-Increased the range of Corsieth's ring to 500 from 300

-3.6 Changelog

-Added 29954 Doodads

3.7 Changelog

-Replaced the Assassin with the Temple Assassin
-Revamped the Prodigy
-Revamped Arius
-Changed Berdrix around
-fixed several bugs
-made some balance changes
-Humans and undead now both start with 1000 gold
-Removed 1 red kicking
-made casual mode work on a vote system
-Maybe some other things i forgot about

3.71 Changelog


-Radiant Light No Longer heals walls
-Defense builders will no longer attack with your army as border guard or Palonian
-You can no longer spawn 2 of a certain special unit in casual mode
-Fixed some collision problems with some rocks
-Fixed Arius' ult so that you need 6 more levels to get the second rank


-Decreased the cost of several units

Fallen Lord

-Increased the Cooldown of the Fallen Lord's Death Coil to 10 from 8
-Decreased the stun duration of Noxious Blast to 2/2/3/3 from 2/2/3/4
-Increased the mana cost of Death Coil
-Increased the mana cost of Noxious Blast


-The Emberstone staff can now only be used once every 20 seconds from 10 seconds
-hood of fire now stuns normal units for 2 seconds and only does 400 damage from 500

-May have done some other changes i forgot about as well

3.72 Changelog

-Changed the Border Guard Pikeman Model File

Berdrix -

-Reduced the Healing on Pulsate light to 50/75 per second from 75/150 per second
-Reduced the Cooldown on Pulsate Light to 90 seconds from 120 seconds

-Reduced the Healing on Healing wave to 200/250/300/350 from 200/300/400/500

Arius -

-Reduced the Healing on Radiant light to 300/350/400/450 from 500/700/900/1100

Shadow Staff -

-Reduced Shadow Staff Armor bonus to 5 from 6
-Reduced Shadow Staff duration to 30 from 60
-Increased Shadow Staff cooldown to 45 from 30

Emberstone Ring

-Increased the chance to crit to 40% from 20%

Searing Hammer

-Increased Melee Damage bonus to 20% from 10%

Icon of Storms

-Increased the Intelligence Bonus to 50% from 30%
-Increased the Intelligence Bonus from Icon of Storms to 50 from 30


-Fixed Arcane Blastwave
-Increased Range of Arcane Blastwave to 400 from 250

Searing Claws -

-Increased Searing Claws AoE to 250 from 150

Bone Lich -

-Increased Bone Scythe Range to 700 from 500
-Increased Wave Distance to 500 from 400

-Increased Damage to 200/275/350/425 from 150/200/250/300

-Decreased the Cooldown on Bone Wave to 5 seconds from 8 seconds
-Set Bone Wave mana cost to a flat 150

Shadow Fire Claws -

-Increased the Shadow Fire Claws damage to 250 over 5 seconds from 125

Shadowfire Necklace-

-Increased the Mana burn to 50 from 30

Shadowfire Charm

-Decreased the Cooldown to 25 from 45

Shadowfire Ring

-Increased the duration on Heroes to 3 seconds from 2.5 seconds

Creeper -

-Increased Creeper Health to 580 from 500

Temple Assassin -

-Increased Temple Assassin health to 1750 from 1650
-Increased dodge chance to 45% from 35%

Shadow Evoker -

-Increased Shadow Evoker stun chance to 35% from 25%

Frost Mage

-Increased Frost Armor bonus to 8 from 5

Hive Mind-

-New Ability : Hive Canal - Spawns 4 Fleshlings, 2 Mutated Fleshlings, 1 Husk, and a Temporary Tentacle Tower at the target location.
-New Ability : Hive Intelligence - Reveals the target location

Intelligent Undead -

-New Unit - Neural Parasite - Can latch onto units to gain vision or workers to turn them into undead workers

3.73 Changelog


Bug Fixes -

-Neural Parasites are no longer effected by attack all commands
-Neural Parasite can now change Troll Foragers into workers
-Indanith's Frenzied Volley no longer interferes with Voodoo charm stim

Hive Mind -

-Hive Canal now refunds properly and can be used after failing to select a correct location instantly
-Decreased hive mind attack speed to 3 seconds from 5 seconds
-Reduced the cost of Hive Canal to 950 from 1250
-Increased the mana cost of Hive Canal to 300 from 250

Arius -

Reduced the Cooldown on Radiant Light to 6 seconds from 10 seconds

Temple Assassin -

-Set Temple assassin health back to 1650

The Plague, 2, Island Infection, Infected Isles, Zombie Invasion, Armies, Battle, Survival, Defense, Undead, Islands, Island Defense, Item, Plague, zo

Plague 2 Infected Isles V3.73 (P) (Map)

02:02, 3rd Feb 2009 Septimus: 3 mini moderator trolman, redmarine and Eccho approve this resources. So no doubt about the quality and the map condition are good enough for approval.
  1. slashandtrash


    Dec 1, 2008

    he has a point there w/ the wall zombies, caz.
  2. Cazeoj276


    Mar 9, 2008
    All ranged units have 1000 range, I can fix the unit movement speeds and make EVERY ranged hero have 1000 range. The new siege unit is a good idea, but if you haven't noticed already there is a unit built from the undead shipyard called a phantom, they specialize in destroying walls. I may add an early siege unit anyway, but that depends.
  3. migsilog


    Oct 15, 2010
    How do you make the shadow fire essence?
  4. Cazeoj276


    Mar 9, 2008
    Emberstone + Voodoo Jewels in slot 2 and 3.

    Magic Essence is slot 1.

    Go to the island to the very south east.

    Go to altar.


    There is a secret vendor on an island.
  5. Spank_my_kodo


    Dec 7, 2009
    This is a great map. The only thing that seems be sort of a negative is the huge size of the map. I mean, every time zombies destroys any of the human's main base in the main and starting land, they always manage to have some builders escape and sail off to an other island which then it makes the game even longer because then the zombies have to start making navy units and start raiding those islands. And in result of that, it leads to having massive amount of units in the map and then it gets to a point where there are SO many units in the game that it starts to make the unit's movement speed decrease so much to the point where they take 5 - 10 seconds to make a move or move somewhere. I would suggest to make the map A LOT smaller. I played this game a few times and the only times I played the game always took more then 1 hour, never less tan that (unless the undead players or human players left the game). But other than that, the game is pretty neat and well made. Keep up the good work mate. I hope to see more versions from this game in the future!
  6. Cazeoj276


    Mar 9, 2008

    Your in for a GIGANTIC treat.

    I am currently working on remaking this game ENTIRELY from scratch with enormous systems and ambitions.

    It is my most ambitious project ever.

    I am beta testing it internally as of now, if you want more info PM me.

    And no, this game is not well made. It was my second map and I happened to cause a lot of balance and lag issues.

    Thanks for the support.
  7. Alluton


    Jan 11, 2012
    Is there anything to do whit shadow fire essence?
  8. Dat-C3


    Mar 15, 2012
    Good job caz, hope you return to wc3 modding some day.
  9. Cazeoj276


    Mar 9, 2008
    Maybe One Day

    Thank you kind sir :) I am joining the military shortly and honestly I believe that I will have a lot of on base time to make maps. So I am strongly considering (now that I am 22 making maps instead of 16) to get back into it. Who knows what might happen but I will probably figure out some new creations or even some remakes.
  10. MR.Tricky


    Apr 10, 2010
    The game is very interesting especially when you have players who are really interested or rather say absorbed to the game. I had my fair share of fun pretending to be building some kind of kingdom (LOL). It's very fun and interesting though there are a lot more than few flaws and unbalanced things but nothing that cannot be fixed or done about.

    The cave near the center of the mainland where there are a lot of strong(not really that strong) hostile units give way too much gold and wood that if you cleared the dungeon on your own. you'd have enough resources to play for a long while without worrying about lacking resources. maybe decrease the bounty reward for the units. I think they give 500gold+wood each. The sludgespitters(idk if i got the name right) attack range should be atleast 800-900 and not 950. towers can't reach them behind walls and the ranged units can do nothing bout it. Not really necessary but maybe it would make the game better? (LOL)

    The elvish(pala-something) race's foot solider, the magic soldier footman guy deals around 200+ damage when max upgraded. I think it's too high for a cheap ass units xD. The limits on some higher tier units should be increased(some decreased). The tier 2 melee of the palasomething race is weak compared to the first one.

    More unique items. The crafting feature can become greater if developed well. Perhaps a diversity in the crafting feature. All the units should be nerfed, i mean seriously, the hero does not matter at all at early games unless they have great skills that deal amazing damage or AoE. A hero would have difficulty defeating swarms of units, nerfing the units should give them some value. More heroes would also be great for each race, i haven't played as undead though.

    Perhaps when you choose a warrior type hero would give you a tier 4 Melee Unit, one that suits the hero. You get the point (or not LOL).

    The gold mines collapse mid game. They do not have enough resources to sustain a long game one. Perhaps after the gold mine collapse, you could have a function that will restore the gold mine or the gold mine heals when unused.

    Villages should give bonus items or special units when you capture them.

    The human and undead is evenly matched, maybe that the humans would have a better chance against the undead if the match was 2v2 or 3v3 because they can solo the mines. The humans have access to a higher amount of mines than the undead.

    More hostile creeps. More islands. Better

    The map was really fun and can be improved more in my opinion. 4/5

    Edit: it turns out that i was wrong about humans having better chances with 2v2, just so happened that my enemy sucked then. Undead units have no food cost and easily spammed. and the undead gold mine have more gold than the ones humans can control.
    it gets laggy and units start to delay as undead when you spam them.

    Also, heroes should have atleast 1 aura to support their army
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2014
  11. Cazeoj276


    Mar 9, 2008

    Thanks for the review!

    Always appreciate a lot of constructive feedback, in the next version the Dun'Hath units will definitely give a lot less upon killing, we overlooked that before.

    You see we just recently updated this game after years of no work, and a lot of the systems (such as the item combination system... yuck!) are almost 6 years old now, so naturally if it isn't working correctly we'll get around to fixing it.

    Gold mines used to have infinite gold, but this would cause resources to have little to no meaning and often humans would just sit on their island with their gold mines perpetually feeding their impenetrable fortress, the undead hopelessly besieging them to the end of eternity. We feel that by making the humans less dependent on turtling and defensive playing that we have brought out a bigger problem in the design, which is the strength of human units v.s undead units. That is one of the problems we are working on currently, and balance is subject to change drastically in future editions.

    Heroes have just recently been balanced, in fact they have been buffed. They are meant to take on more supportive roles, although their balancing is also subject to change greatly. I believe that once I update the item system a bit that heroes will become more useful, I'm not sure what I will do with the item system but there will definitely be buffs for most if not all of the items.

    Again it becomes very hard to balance when your game has only 2 or 3 people who are experienced and/or good at the map, so naturally there are going to be flaws with balance.

    If you ever want to play with us, friend me and my brother on battlenet (Deinne or Cazeoj on US East, we host this periodically).
  12. Acorn511


    Mar 10, 2005
    Great map! I played it for the first time but got owned by the zombies tho.....

    Looking forwards to the new version
  13. Cazeoj276


    Mar 9, 2008
    I host it pretty often! Add me to your friends on Azeroth East (Cazeoj) and I will try to show you some stuff haha. I also run into issues when there is an imbalance of experience but that all comes to level out in time. Usually I play with the same group 2 or 3 times and there is a significant skill increase in that short span of a few hours.
  14. Agandaur


    Jun 15, 2014

    Hi there, I was just wondering if this map has some kind of forum where you can find the secrets and stuff (like I just noticed you can summon an undead dragon :O, but dont yet know how :/)

    I´m a big fan of medieval/fantastic human vs zombies map, like this one or war in the plaguelands. I see a great future with this map if you keep working on it ^^.
  15. Cazeoj276


    Mar 9, 2008
    Right now, there is no forum specifically for this map or the plague series in general, however I have gone through several of them haha.

    But don't lose hope! I tend to host these maps often on battlenet, so if you friend cazeoj on US East and play some games with me I'll probably end up teaching you a few things about the map you probably didn't know.
  16. Agandaur


    Jun 15, 2014
    Well I´m from Europe so I doubt I can add you on friend list :(.
  17. Cazeoj276


    Mar 9, 2008
    That's unfortunate. I use makemehost to host usually, and that hosts the map on all realms. Maybe one day you'll find your way onto one of my games
  18. Agandaur


    Jun 15, 2014
    I hope so ^^
  19. epickmen


    Jan 19, 2014
    Add screenshots

    Add screenshots please :vw_death::goblin_cry:
  20. Cazeoj276


    Mar 9, 2008
    Maybe soon