Pirates Route (Ships Mod)

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About this Map
This is a standard Melee Map, with a few added features, Naval units! Jinzakk's Map (6)Pirate's Route is a TFT Melee map. I edited his map (with permission) by removing the Neutral Goblin Shipyards, then I did some editing to the standard campaign ships (tweaking for balance, and added build option rather then hire options) so they could be used as a regular Melee Game.

(6)Pirates Route, Ships Mod, Naval Units

Pirates Route (Ships Mod) (Map)

17:57, 21st May 2014 Orcnet: More of an simple addon change, can be approved.




17:57, 21st May 2014
Orcnet: More of an simple addon change, can be approved.
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May 25, 2004
simple isn't quality you say...

I think just adding shipyards to be buildable by peons will make a map special.
A certain amount of quality is required
I don't think a simple-edited map fits in this criteria. IMO
Well, let me start off by saying "I can't please everyone"

However, Adding the A.B. Trigger mechanic is by-far the best way to use an Advanced Build technique IMO, not to mention a quality trigger.

Yes only adding naval units as an addition to melee maps might seem simple, but that was the whole point! I wanted to make it act as if this could of been something blizzard would of done for actual Melee maps.

Adding custom textures new, models, completely changing the units and what not to act and feel different would take away from what I was trying to add to Melee play. Much as this was "Custom", I was trying to make it as much Melee as possible.

The only way I could of made this better/pleasing to some I guess would of been to completely make my own non-custom melee map, then add "Ships Mod" to the map. I am currently working on this I might add, but I did want to see how this map series took off.

In future and current map projects I am currently working on, I do have custom triggers, adjusted unit profiles, imported material such as BLP & MDX stuff, but I wasn't trying to do that for this Map series. (Why would I do that if I were trying to make a Melee map anyway?)

Quality is not always making each model custom, adding custom textures, adding a fancy new button, or changing the default text by adding cool HTML colors. Much like restoring a old car and using as much of its original stock as possible. Sure the guy who has the same car frame, but has a new hybrid engine would completely diminish the quality of the car imo. It comes down to a matter of preference in the end, and while we all have opinions, sometimes making it look, feel, and drive like the original... is what makes it awesome!