Pillar; Building model; Custom mesh, simple animations, standard textures.

Level 5
Oct 29, 2017

I require a model for a building for my The Pit Lord custom campaign. This is supposed to be a structure for orc demon worshippers. Namely, a stone pillar with vile carvings on it.

Basically, I want a single column out of The Dark Portal done with different textures and animated as a building

I like the shape of this column too:

Required animations:
1. "build" - pillar slowly emerges from the ground with dust.
2. "stand" - of course.
3. "stand work" - the pillar glows. For the model to be usable as a doodad, make glow not team-coloured. Green or yellow.
4. "death" - the pillar topples. Make sure you make geoset invisible at the last frame, so that I don't get glitches with it stucking on living units during the game.

Regarding texture. I would like the surface of the pillar to be team-coloured. The carvings to be white without team-colour. Please use other texture for carvings, not present in the original game. The top and the base of the pillar to be simple. The textures can be imported, just make sure they look simple enough to blend with original models. Use WoW textures only if you modify them. For example. Given you can extract the texture of the dark portal that is on the screenshot I shared, adjust the colorization slightly and make it lower resolution.

Regarding mesh. It must be slightly taller and thicker than human guard tower.

It is reasonable for you to make this model because:
1. It is simple enough for not to take more time than two evenings.
2. The campaign is in open beta, so you will see the model in action right-away.
3. It is generic enough to be used in different projects, both as a building and as a doodad. Feel free to upload it to your repository when we are done.