[Picture] The Mission StormWarriors: Men of the Alliance our war is not finished here! We must driv

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May 3, 2009
The Mission
StormWarriors: Men of the Alliance our war is not finished here! We must drive the stake further into the enemy by cutting off the Serpents head!
Loken: What most we do?
StormWarriors: Loken and Ahriman take care of donson. Alvaro tell Garro to come to me and let us kill the Deceiver together. I am afriad i have to start without you. ShadowBlade you must kill Death Knight Tal, High Paladin, and Soldier Oregon. Only then will the serpent wither and die. Where is hathor?
*Alvaro Looked stunned.*
Alvaro looks up slowly
Alvaro: He is dead along with many others. He Sacrificed himself when he killed the Paladin Griffith and the Assassin.
ShadowBlade: Ha. Typical of Alrnia. To die as hero but not to return. I shall deal with this Death Knight Tal and his lackeys. *His knives all come out of his hands, He cracks his neck. And Smiles.*
Loken: Where is Kalistro?
Ahriman: He was a servant of the Higher Evil. He came to Light's Hope. But he and his army of Faceless Ones were annihalted by a Brave Jackal that exploded and destoried the entire Faceless Army and all those in that area. Light's Hope still stands. As Yogge Sarron saw that we are more threatening before. And he is sending one of his lackeys!
StormWarriors: I have recieved a message from Tleno. Ebe you will meet tleno . Tell him I can only offer the last of my aviable men. Thats around 20,000 and the entire Armada.
Ebe: What? The entire Armada? The Blades of Golis?
StormWarriors: The very same. you shall lead the fleet along with Castillia (Ok shes not in there along with ebe)
Ebe: I shall!
Loken: We must go! To Arms! We Shall slice the serpent and kill his lackies once and for all! Let us go Ahriman!


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