[Picture] The Last Stand StormWarroirs was Right! The Burning Legion was arriving. And as the first

Level 10
May 3, 2009
The Last Stand
StormWarroirs was Right! The Burning Legion was arriving. And as the first gates of Talin Broke the burning Legion had been summoned. The Storm Clan sensing this Retreated quickly back into lagoshian territory. Calling in the alliance and telling them of the fate of the world. Soon the Alliance leaders paniced and sent word to all of the alliance to go through a portal leading to a world ruled by Algaremmen who had sent a message to the Alliance telling them of a safe place.
Pic 2 shows the Evacuation in progress. Thousands of people walked through the portal. The Large bulk of the alliance also went through.
Pic 3 shows StormWarriors gambit. StormWarriors knew the legion were after a way to azeroth. So Storm sent his army and he himself along with Caleb and Malis fought a desperate battle in order to bid time for the Refugees. This pic shows the entire storm clan elite forces. Hand Picked for this. StormWarriors fought like no other determined not to let another incident to happen like before. They fought quickly but soon they gave ground. Soon the Burning Legion pushed them back to the portal. StormWarriors fought Sageras himself in Close combat.

Sageras used his magical powers and defeated Storm. Caleb saw this and jumped upon the Titan and fell him. But Caleb seeing the brave Warrior of the Storm still alive sounded the retreat. Ebe closed the portal as the last of the elite forces came through. cutting the world of Drancoris forever. Only 2/3 of the Alliance made it through (that is the military.) . But many civilians had made it through as well. Now upon the mercy of death itself Storm is now being healed by members of the Wizard Council.

Caleb and Malis both stood guard over the still living Legend. Seeing now how he had surivived the Encounter. Caleb knew too well how this warrior still lived. The mages are only able to keep him alive until their Friends on Dranerosh found out they had arrived.


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