[Picture] "The First Step Upon the Arrival" After a day and half of sailing. we reached the Haedo

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Aug 10, 2008
"The First Step Upon the Arrival"

After a day and half of sailing. we reached the Haedorin Outpost which was our first destination.


Highlord Andorias: We will stay here for a week, I asked the blacksmith whom we met in the ship yesterday for a new armor, mine was being carried through many wars and is entirely rusted now. He works here, he might have a set for you as well.
Kornalas: Well we aren't going to attack the entire orc clans out there, we are just going to infiltrate the borders of their villages, mainly for archaeological matters.
Andorias: Most greenskins may be stupid, but I think they may find us, we must be prepared.
Kornalas: You are just being paranoid, I can assure you that they aren't able to see us, especially if we begin our work at night, that's why I said we wouldn't need an army to bring with ourselves.
Andorias: Remember that we are here to collect some artifacts, and if we find out one of them is their villages, we can't retrieve it without being detected, some blood must be shed.
Kornalas: So you've forgotten that you are paladin? Killing is not one of your first options. Besides, we aren't here to collect all of that orc's armor pieces, just pick those that are easy to get.
The ship's Captain: Aren't ye two going to leave the ship? Ye gonna pay twice if ye don't get the hell out of my ship.

Andorias and Kornalas stood up and prepared to leave the ship.

Andorias: Last time you're talking with a highlord with that tone!
Captain: Aye, aye... who the hell are those highlords...


And then our two men headed to a nearby inn for next week's preparations.


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Nov 20, 2011
Wait where is this palce located? Also I've never liked these blue walls because the bowmen possitions are too high for the regular units
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Dec 24, 2008
"Andorias and Kornalas prepared themselves to leave to a Falmir outpost within the southern borders of Corinth" aka Rocky Wastes.

And what do you mean by that? couldn't you just change the Z (height) size of the blue walls to fit with the units?