[Picture] The Arch Angel An Arch Angel appeared today in front of the Council to deliver a warning

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May 3, 2009
The Arch Angel
An Arch Angel appeared today in front of the Council to deliver a warning. That their works in the north shall come undone. The Guardian Council and the Council of the Alliance have begun the evacuation of Northrend. The Angels name is still not been found out.
The Alliance leaders all began to gather in the Council Chambers.
StormWarriors:My Friends the Enemy is upon us Demons have broken into the City of the Flame and our forces are spread thin. The Enemy has come to our doorstep. We must strike back at their heart!
Donson: No my men are not going to risk themselves to fight for your Cause. HalfBreed!
*StormWarriors gently pulls out his blade.*
Vali: Hold your tongue Human. This is the Council Chamber. Peace and Politics happen here. Not Racism!
*Garro and Loken Nod*
Garro: With the War Comes a price. We all must pay for it Donson.
Loken: And with war comes suffering and death. It is all that we can do.
StormWarriors: I have recieved Word of some mist heading towards us.
Donson: Well its mist. What can it do to us water us?
Loken: Shut it Donson.
Loken: I'm not your Soldier, Commander.
Garro: He is Right Donson. He's Mine. And if you have something to say about my men I suggest you stick it.
*the lights in the room go dark and appears a being of pure Light a Human like being beautiful . But his hood Dark. *
Being of Light: Mortals and Immortals! I bring tidings of doom. You must leave Northrend as the Beings of the Old are coming to destroy this world. My time is short so I will get to it. The Arch Villain Diablo, and the Burning Legion are beginning to Come to Northrend you must prepare to defend northrend but ensure that none of your citizens are there! The Burning Legion is Coming to steal the Stone of the Nether. Not the one you Bare Calnor. But the largest one in the world. They are planning on corrupting it. And setting loose Hell on this world. You are this planet's last hope. You Must not fail. Or this world will shatter. And the universe with it.
*the being of light dissappears with a feather falling to the ground. StormWarriors looks up at recoginization and Knew who the being was. His friend and long time mentor Asherain.*
In later news StormWarriors has a new son and the Alrnia family has expanded to 12 members!!


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Jun 29, 2009
I know what the Storm Isles are, but I just wasn't sure if you ment them or any other Isles. You said "To the isles"...

Besides next time, you should also write it a bit different in the discription. It is not normal that an Angel visits, so you should write about how surprised your leaders was to see it or something. And maybe include some humour - then it's perfect! :D