[Picture] 'Awaken the Beast' He swung his sword at one of the Mage Hunters, knocking him down to

Level 16
Jan 2, 2010
'Awaken the Beast'

He swung his sword at one of the Mage Hunters, knocking him down to the ground. The other hesitantly advanced towards Adonis, but he was no match. Adonis spun round unleashing a powerful swing which threw the lifeless body across the ground. "You, tell me why you destroyed this place!" He demanded in a powerful voice that almost made me want to fall to my knees! The Hunter spat at him refusing to tell him anything. "Ha! Why does it matter? You will kill me anyway."
"So be it..." Adonis lifted his great Sword and stabbed the guard through the chest. The force of the sword going down was so great that Adonis' sword broke it's way into the hardened ground.

His mood then changed, as if he had forgotten Jack was dying. "Jack! Are you.."
"Yes... I didn't tell them..." He coughed "I refused. But they.. they.."
"I know, it's okay you've done me proud!"
The eyes of the desperate boy glimmered with happiness, it was as though these words put his mind at ease. "Thank you Sir..." Jack began to cough up some blood. "Forever a Talon Guard, but now I am..." Jack's words became silent under breathless sounds. "Jack stay with me! Jack don't go! I need you!" The boy went cold, with his face pale. "Jack Please! Not you as well!" Jack was gone. He was dead. "Adonis... are you.."
"Yes.. I am... I am fine. He would have made a fine Guard one day."
Terodin walked over to Adonis as he peacefully said, "He was a fine Guard today. And may he rest in the Warrior's Halls."

The camp was silent for a time as we waited for things to sink in. Though it wasn't long before this was broken by an evil laugh. I turned to see a powerful looking man with a huge Hammer. "So you must be Adonis.... It is always nice to put a face to a Death warrant. It makes the whole occasion, much more personal!"
"Ah I see you already know who I am. I should have guessed that guard Thorwind sent would reach you before I did."
Adonis gave the man such a look, I almost thought he had now been marked by Death himself. Molos started to look round at the rest of us when he spotted Finley. "Ah I see he is here with you now! Come to me, I am the new Commander of the Guard. Your life will be spared if you repent and serve under my command... relatively spared at least."
"Bah! Over my dead body you scum!"
"A pity, you had the look of a sensible soldier on you. Now I have to kill you." Molos looked back towards Adonis, thinking nothing of me. He then opened his mouth to speak, but was stunned by the sight of something. It was Terodin. "You! Why is it that everywhere I go, you follow? Why do you insist on interfering with things you are not a part of?"
"Because there are things set in motion that you are the cause of."
"Ha! We will see, but today will be the last day you meddle with my plans. Guards arrest them. Leave this 'Adonis' for me!"
The guards began to rush towards us when Adonis shouted, "NO! YOU MOLOS HAVE DISTURBED MY BALANCE! AND NOW YOU SHALL FEEL IT'S WRATH!" With that, the ground cracked in front of Adonis. Flames fired in the air, killing Molos' guards! And Adonis himself... he.. changed. He was a bird! Or at least that is what it looked like!

Molos was bewildered. His guard were dead and the man he was hunting was not a man at all? "What have you done? What... what are you?"
"To a man in your position, a very powerful enemy."
"I will kill you!"
"Ha! I think not!" Adonis, or the bird Adonis jumped in the air and slammed the ground causing shock waves to ripple through the ground. Molos was knocked to the ground unable to move.
"Now tell me, why did you want me dead? Why go to all this trouble just for my head?"
"Just for your head? No you are wrong, for your position maybe, but for a greater reason. For Falmir! The Kingdom... it shall be ours."
"What do you mean 'ours'?"
"Bah! What does it matter? You are an outcast and you revealing your Avian form has given me a legitimate reason to dispose of the 'Black Hawks'. Fitting really. That you are a bird and part of a group with such a name."
"I've had enough of this. You will leave here now and tell the King.."
"What is so funny?"
"Oh, it is just that the King is dead... or will be very soon! Don't you understand? This is a Revolution!"
"The King is dead? But... what of the Lord Commander?"
"His fate shall be the same soon enough!"
"ARGH! You will pay for this. I could kill you now... but that wouldn't be wise. But I can damage you!"
With that Adonis struck Molos' chest plate, shattering the top left of it. "Now consider that a warning. Be gone pest and dare not to follow me, or suffer a fate worse than your men!"


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