People who like to kick Demon butts, get ready! Doom 4 is on the way!

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Oct 2, 2006
If you are a Doom intusiast, post here anything related to Doom 4 that you may find!


John Carmack said that Doom 4 will be very diferent than Doom 3, and it will not be a sequel. People asked Carmack if Doom 4 will be an horror game like Doom 3 was, Carmack indicated that it will instead focus more on pure action elements like Doom 2

He also commented that Doom 4 Multiplayer will be better than Doom 3 and Quake 4... TOGETHER!

Hollenshead (ID's leader in an interview to the site Kotaku, that "Doom 4 is going to be big guns, lots of blood and demons"

The Game will be released for X-Box 360, Playstation 3, and PC. But he said that computer versions will be far more superior in terms of ghrapichs and performance.
Doom 4 will have the Id Tech 5 Engine, it means we are gonna need a badass computer if we want to play Doom 4.

w00t! w00t!
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Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
Another pointless game, sigh.

Yes I do like semi mindless bady destruction games like SSBB and D2, but doom series is just too mindless, making no sense and involving all the AI but you being totally usless.

Doom 4 will have the Id Tech 5 Engine, it means we are gonna need a badass computer if we want to play Doom 4.
Um no. Considering crappy hardware like the 360 and PS3 can run the game, any DX9 complient graphic cards will be able to run it as it is designed for DX9 (so all DX10 cards will logically run it). Processor wise, fast dual cores and any quad cores should run it fine, as the game is aimed for multi thread usage. RAM wise, the PC version will probably need 1 GB free RAM to run efficently but the engine will scale to take advantage of more due to advanced texture usage and in therory can run on only 256 MB RAM (PS3 version will). A 256 MB graphic card will be needed as both 360 and PS3 have this much and they are about as efficenct graphically as the PC.

Thus minimum system requirements I would say...
256 MB DX9 compilent graphic card like geforce 7800
0.75 - 1 GB of free RAM.
16-25 GB of hard drive space (PC version only, the PS3/360 will use reduced textures obviously so will need less space (probably a lot less)).
Dual core processor like core2duo at the 2 GHz clock range.

Any gamming graphic card with like 512 MB+ with DX10 support (all new gamming cards).
1.5-2 GB RAM (better textures and with vista).
Same hard drive space (as if that is a problem when you get like 10 GB or more per dollar hard disks)
Any quad core.