Path of the Damned, WClll Reworked

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First campaign to be uploaded of my project: Warcraft lll: Reworked

Warcraft lll: Reworked's main focus will be making the original Blizzard campaigns as they are remembered, but a little bit more challenging with some flavour added like more heroes, more doodads like trees, more item spawns...

Note: the difficulty is almost the same on Normal and Hard, so I suggest you to play on Normal if you don't want the AI to focus fire your siege weaponry.
All item and hero saves work but sadly for those playing on patch before Reforged will have all missions available but just start from the very first mission!

Have fun!

Special thanks to LarsLushmane and HerrDave for the Arthas Menethil (Death Knight on Foot and Mounted) model!

A gameplay screenshot (most probably will add more).


Path of the Damned, WClll Reworked (Campaign)

Alexen Little effort. Set to simple / useful.


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Aug 6, 2015

Little effort. Set to simple / useful.
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Dec 3, 2020
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Idk if its cause of version or what but noticed that immediately. I am on the patch 1.31 I wana say
Oh, I forgot to mention!
Arthas' abilities become stronger over time!
All of them have slightly longer cooldown, unholy aura will eventually grant movement speed and Animate Dead has been changed to make the units Vulnerable, cost 250 mana from 175, 4 minutes cooldown but units last for 1 minute instead of 40 seconds!
Similar with Kel'thuzad