Patch Notes

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Level 2
May 14, 2010

Game stats now have version number.

Added wings cosmetics available to purchase for Silver Dragon Coins.

Added seasonal Makrura mounts.

Fixed a bug where you could mount up from Mailbox.

When you equip an item from your small inventory, if you already have an item equipped, the old item now goes into your small inventory.

Attempted to fix the Desync bug where a player loads in the same frame as a player creates a new character.

Attempted to fix the load bug where lvl 10 characters gets spawned if the ping between you and the host is 150+.

You now get BoW Host Coins if a new player completes his first quest, kills Lavar and you get 2x BoW Host Coins if a new player completes the Warden quest.

Added new items to the BoW Host Coins shop.

Added a DISBTN discord logo, preventing it from going green in the Discord Shop when there are no players nearby.

You can now teleport to The Void from Gern'Or

Applied a potential fix to Howlwind effect being applied to allies

Mortar Shot no longer creates big special effects on big targets

Arcanic Catalyst no longer creates big special effects on big targets

You now deal 0 damage if you attack an enemy from Zone 2 while being in Zone 1, and the other way around.

Fixed an issue where if you killed an enemy at the same frame as it is suppose to reset on range, then it gets stuck in a reset loop

Changed the appearance of Fishing lvl 2 spots to make them stand out more.

Fixed visibility issues at the shoreline of The Splintered Isles.

Removed the debug msg "Add Index: 0" when attacked by a golem

Fixed a bug where summoned units in the open world could still drop items.

Equipping gear while already having gear equipped now returns the swapped item to the same spot as the item it was swapped with. This does not yet work with Dual Wielding but will soon.

Added damage to Exploding Mine ability description.

Added training dummies to Gern'Or

Fixed a leak with Empower.

Removed an old Special Effect showing you the way to Graygar that is currently broken due to "Roll" of Special Effects and Units being broken (blizzard)

Mailbox no longer has Footman description

Spinning Blade initial area changed from 200 to 275.

Emotes has gotten a rework from @Explobomb! You'll love it.

Fixed the effect of Mask of the Vengeful Phantasm and made it's effect more clear in the description.

Removed debug msg "ADD INDEX 0"

Fixed issue where you could move around some shop units.

Two handed equipment now properly give double Power Level of one handed equipment.

Changed Summarized Group representation to be easier to see. Added "out of X total players" field.

Fixed the effect of Beastslayers Voidmaw.

Fixed Zech'Chenoya's Poison Spit ability, it will now deal damage.

Fixed some pathing blockers, preventing you to go through walls in a very specific place.

You can now ping anywhere on the map by pressing "G"

Rapid Fire, Flowturn, Blessing of Equinox still applies to summoning pets - but summoning pets now have a 5 seconds CD.

Increased the delay between the players loading from 1 second to 1.25 seconds to combat against lag-oriented queue load issues.

You can no longer swap out potions while inside a dungeon.

Changed Savage Sandals / Savage Wrappings / Beasthelm

Added quick swap to small inventory

Increased the mana gained from Watermend Ring and Gift of Tranquility by 0.1x% Value

Ring of the Tide Dancer +0.1x Mana

Triton Plate +0.1x HP

Yam, the Sea God's Thirst +0.1x HP +0.1x MP

Gersemi, the Faithful +0.1x HP +0.1x MP

Sharkbone Ring +0.1x AD

Mask of the Jungle Spirit +0.2x ARMOR

Mask of the Vengeful Phantasm +0.2x ARMOR

Ring of the Bound Force +0.2x ARMOR

Avore and Vernandi (T2 legendaries) +0.1x MANA

- Fixed the Gern'Or Sword not saving correctly.

- Fixed the Gern'Or Sword not having 'Cleave' as stated.

- Fixed the tooltip of Darkwind Ornament (24 DR -> 20 DR)

- Increased the cooldown of Doubletap from 7.0s to 7.5s.

- Decreased the damage of Doubletap from 0.6 x SP to 0.55 x SP

- Part of our efforts in balancing this overbearing skill. It at the moment outshines in all aspects every other single target Magician spell. Hopefully this will allow us to keep damage high -enough- while still granting you the option of burning mana but bringing other options in if you are purely looking for damage (Wicked Bolt, Charged Bolt).

- Decreased the damage of Regenerating Bolt from 1.1 x SP to 1.0 x SP.

- Decreased the cooldown of Magical Flux (Magician) from 60s to 50s.

- Reduced the mana cost of Teleport (Magician) from 13 to 12.

- The damage area of Double Blast should now be correctly 300.

- Changed the way stat system calculates stats to be more forgiving to the player - stats are rounded up more often than not.

- Fixed multiple items having duplicate IDs even though they were not being used in the game.

- Fixed Warden Application (3) having a duplicate ID.

- Fixed a bug where Raxn was still refering to the Splintered Isles as Shattered Isles.

- Using 'retry' will now instantly reset your load file order to 'account' (this should fix the level 10 characters spawning)

- Retry can not be used when game start != 1 (this should fix the level 10 characters spawning)

- Fixed a major bug with the damage system, could be the cause behind various bugs.

- Electric now works properly.

- Fixed a bug where the buff of Electric stated 400 AoE instead of 350.

- Electric now applies to 3 Attacks instead of 3 Damage Events.

- Damage Reduction can now only reduce damage taken by up to 66%, items, glyphs and buffs will affect this in future patches.

- Fixed a description mistake with Shelled In.

- Fixed a description mistake with Enchanted Leather.

- Fixed a description mistake with Enchanted Linen Cloth.

- Ray of Light range reduced from 800 to 700.

- We want to bring healers utilizing this spell bit closer to danger.

- Added a new item to Tailoring (24) - the Grimscale Hat.

- Added a new item to Leatherworking (24) - the Stalker's Raiment

- Added a new item - Flask of Tenacity II (obtainable from Bokk)

- Increased the mana cost of Doubletap from 10 to 12.

- Increased the mana cost of Bolt Spray from 15 to 18.

- Increased the mana cost of Magical Roulette from 10 to 12.

- Magicians have more mana recovery options than other classes.

- These multihit spells should be higher cost of usage.

- Electric mana cost has been increased from 20 to 24. The cooldown has been increased from

15s to 16s. It now correctly states that it applies on all forms of damage. Damage has been

increased from 0.85 x to 0.9x. AoE has been reduced from 400 to 350.

- Whirlwind cooldown has been reduced from 20s to 18s.

- Molotov AoE has been increased from 250 to 275.

- Spinning Blade AoE has been increased from 250 to 275.

- You may now trade items at Bokk (Gern'Or Tribe) for Cursed Silken Weave and Corrupted Beast


-Raxn no longer refers to the "Splintered Isles" as the "Shattered Isles"

-Greygar no longer refers to "Red Bag" when finishing the main quest line as a Tank.

-"Attack Damage" no longer scales with "crit" normal attacks.

-Fixed an issue where Alivia said that the Alchemy profession was located south of the Dimentional Gateway.

-Fixed varius descriptions where "Splinteres Isles" was refered to as "Splintered Isle" or "Shattered Isles"

-Fixed a bug with Diminishing Power not healing the right amount/draining the right amount.

-Fixed an issue where the gun from Rae also reduced DR from players.

-Fixed an issue where Gorgerunner's Plate said that it reduced threat instead of increased it with floating texts.

-Fixed a description issue with Synthesize Potion of Minor Healing.

-Fixed the description of "Electric" to state that it boosts 3x times you deal damage instead of 3x attacks.

-Fixed an issue with Electric buff description.

-You can no longer drop Crafting Permission and Warden Application gained through the main questline.

-Added a command to see what exactly is causing NPCs to move to wierd places. Player 1 (Red) can type "-debugpets", please notify us if you find something interesting, we believe the issue is there (if it's still in the map)

-Fixed an issue where dungeons wouldn't restart even though the whole party is dead.

-Fixed an issue where if you had 2x Healing Spray abilities, there would be issues with your casts.

-Fixed an issue where rarely, if you had a specific type of buff (such as Equilibrium buff), it could be shared to monsters if you stood on top of them.

-Added additional security to the map. (reminder: Read and follow our rules, we've issued several bans this patch)

-Fixed an issue where you could combine Blessing of Equinox and fishing to regain mana fast.

-Cleaned up some code with Mailbox.

-Veins no longer become stuck in a "mined" state.

-Herbs no longer bugs out, causing only the effect to spawn and not the actual herb.

-Curtaar's Trickvest can now be rolled on by Ranger.

-There is now a quest in Gern'Or to point you towards the Main Quest Line and Alarick.

-Gern'Or Teleport is now available with 1-3 players.

-Fixed an issue where the effect of Galewind Boots gave more barrier when you have no barrier and not so much the following strikes.

-Fixed an issue where mounts were left in the game when a player left.

-Added a -roll command.

-If your name doesn't have letters from the English alphabet (Asia, Russia) you can still utilize the Discord bonus by typing -d222

-Fixed an issue with Phantom Lunge.

- Gemstones have been removed (from Ekarora).

- Fixed healing spray incorrectly stating it can deal damage to Corrupted Life Force. Increased the cooldown from 2.5s to 3.0s to iterate on the healing burst.

- Changed the range of Double Blast (Gun, Ranger) from 650 to 950.

- Changed the cooldown of Exhausting Strike (Duelist) to 5s (was bugged at 6s)

- Added save confirmation. Please backup your save files and let us know if the feature works.

Improved performance of Zech's Poison Volley.

Galewind boots works properly now.

Fixed a bug where players could get killed after defeating a miniboss.

Fixed a bug where players could get stuck on boat or other zone-switch after killing a miniboss.

Earth Elementals spawned by Guardian elite in zone 2 are no longer dropping items.

Fixed a bug where after Zech ults she doesn't have any mana regen.

Fixed a bug where demoralizing strike had endless recuperation.

Fixed the Tank Gern'Or Sword spell (Infuse -> Cleave)

Fixed a desync with -new account

Fixed a desync that occurred upon loading up the upgrade menu.

Murloc Savages damage reduced from 360 -> 320.

Mountain Fall is now the name of Island area 2.

Raxn no longer calls the island Shattered Isles, corrected to Splintered Isles.

Fixed an issue where the screen would go dark if you died after skipping Lavar in Single Player.

Fixed a bug where Electric wouldn't end in some extreme cases.

Tank starter sword can now be restored via MirMir.

Fixed a bug where the missile end of Yam shared with a spell from Lavar.

Glass now has 3 Stock Maximum (only visual).

You now get a message whenever you recieve an item.

Added seasonal promotion for June.

There is now a TP to Gern'Or if you are playing as 1 Player (you can't defeat dungeon 0 with 1 player)

Fixed miscalculation with Tideshatterer special effect

Fixed Alivia's message for Alchemy.

"Take the boat to the splintered isles and start exploring!" removed this from end of Warden quest.

In the warden Quest now says: Talk to greygar inside the cave West from Alarick

Reduce AoE of the elite murloc tornado slightly 300 -> 200.

Quests got updated information now.

Added above Misc shop "Profession Tools Shop"

Clouds/Poison Pools should no longer follow a Duelist using Recuperation.

Added texts for when you arrive at a new location.

Fiery marksman had way too big special effect, reduced. Let us know if there are more effects like this.

Fixed a bug where Rae Clones would stay after you defeated her.

You can no longer die after defeating a World Boss, your loot will no longer bug.

Zech initial mana regen increased from 13 --> 14.5

Zech mana bar has been lowered to be more visible

Potentially fixed the Hydralis/Rae bug. Give us more information.

Fixed the lagg that occured when Zech ulted if there was a large number of players in the dungeon.

Galewind Boots passive effect does not seem to work for Tank. Fixed.

Double starter gear bug (pick all and then -skip) fixed.

Copperheart dagger has a typo (damage reduction 30% (24 mana at tier 2)) fixed.

Fixed synthesis potion crafts leaving green squares behind

Regen gets stuck for Lavar after victory

Fixed desync issue for upgrading gear that would sometimes happen.

Inspiring Shout affects people across the whole map, abuseable.

Change location of fountain in Gern'Or so that it doesn't regen mana for the Pools of Fish.

When you die on the island you should revive at Gern'Or unless you are a Warden.

Sliver of Life at tutorial no longer bugs.

Corrupted Beast Essence and Cursed Silken Weave now drops in stacks of 1.

Fixed one of the spots where Beetles could get stuck.

Increased number of herbs active at all times on each individual island from 3--> 5.

Fixed desync issues when a dungeon group gets loot and players outside of that dungeon DC'ing.

Added 2-4 Copper Coins as a guaranteed drop from Waterlogged Great Treasure.

Fixed a small bug with an easter egg item.

Fixed projectile bug.

Raxn no longer gets your stuck in Conversation Mode when she kicks you.

You now arrive at Gern'Or instead of Ekarora after defeating Lavar.

Raxn now gives you the correct Profession Information when talking to her during the Warden Quest.

Fixed a bug with the quest Cleansing of Evil.

Fixed a bug where Fortune's Trinket couldn't be equipped by M/H.

Fixed a bug where the quest Enemy of the Darkwind shared quest ID with Ancestral Path.

NPCs can no longer walk and Attack.

Practice Treants summoned by Olivia in the tutorial now correctly has 1 collision size with the Projectile System instead of 100.

Fixed nulling of Corrupted Slug in D2.

Added "Sliver of Hexes" to Island area 2 loot table.

Darkwind Feathers changed to Darkwind Remnants and now drops from all mobs on Island 2.

Counter text is now properly shown to all players.

When defeating Lavar your won loot will now be in your inventory.

Fixed a bug where player's mailboxes and lootboxes was on top of eachother, causing players to select another player's unit instead of their own.

Fixes the loading desync caused by the Diluted Potion of Minor Essence

Fixed the desync caused by players looting inside dungeons

Fixed other broken load items
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