Paladin (Sword)

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Lordaeron paladin with sword.
Texture is hand drawn in gimp program. Mesh is modeled with mdlvis.
Animations are edited from the in-game animations with new keyframes.
Stylistically, the model's proportions are modeled to be close to in-game human units. Texture has color palette which is kept in the similar range as colors of human units and contrast is made to be close to majority of units.
I've been asked few times before about the shading, material reflection etc. on some of my previous models. Those all are drawn on the very texture. In-game shading of classic doesn't recognize different materials neither it gives needed highlights, no bump maps or similar. So, you have to actually draw those details pixel by pixel if you want them present on the model.

Update: added icon.

Paladin (Sword) (Model)

Portrait (Model)

Outstanding custom-made model and texture! Fits with Warcraft's style. Works in-game. Approved!
Level 13
Nov 12, 2016
Very nice model actually, i like the smoother textures, no needless splash of dark or lighter "Marks(?)" on the armor texture, i also noticed the shine coursing through the blade. the Team Colored cloak is beautiful, even though making those shoulderpad runes TC wouldn't hurt. and the face/portrait is awesome.

And for the record, i think the special effects attached to the animations is ... just right. their vibrancy i mean.
Ugh people need to stop releasing such good models; I can only find excuses to use so many resources but yet here's another model I'll need to find an excuse to use somewhere.

Guess with my next project I'll need to find a use for it :)

Very well done, carries your distinctive texturing style as well which is always a plus as it fits into the Warcraft 3 style very well.