Owl Moon Priestess Reforged

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While brainstorming a possible entry to the current Reforged Don't Refund Techtree Contest that is going on right now, I thought it would be fun to create a model for one of my possible ideas of making a Reforged version of the Night Elf Moon Priestess riding on an owl.

The legend goes that in 2001 when Blizzard was originally developing the Night Elves, they had planned for the Priestess of the Moon hero (then called Moon Priestess) to be riding on an owl. There were even leaked photos of the owl rider model, but Blizzard never released it outside their 2001-2002 offices.

So, this is a custom Reforged model made with inspiration from that.
Here's a video of me flying a hero around with this model (sorry the music is quiet):

Edit: I removed a part of the harness that was clipping the rider's body.

Owl Moon Priestess Reforged (Model)

General Frank
A wonderful recreation of a wc3beta model into reforged. Works in-game and performs well. Good job.
Level 17
Jul 26, 2008
This is fantastic! A priestess riding an owl, ha-ha. These kinds of models are exactly what is needed to give Reforged map-making a chance.

Edit: Should the portrait really have that much a focus on the rider, as posed to the Owl itself? It is not an issue, just that the owl is getting sidelined despite playing the main role of the model. Classic Wc3 Priestess of the moon placed more emphasis on the tiger than the rider, which was nice since the tiger was the main attraction of that model.
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Level 5
Dec 31, 2013
Wow! Awesome!!! So it's possible to copy one model to another and it will save all animations and bones?
Level 3
Mar 8, 2020
This is absoluty brilliant ! Your moddel will be used in my remastered Warcraft 3 reign of chaos campaign!
Level 1
Nov 4, 2020
This is an amazing model for the Moon Priestess! Very majestic. It's unfortunate that there's only one portrait which limits the use of sound sets on the unit. Other than that, it's a really good reimagined version of the beta NE hero. Keep it up!