Outland Stream

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Outland Stream
Countless hours have passed and then when this hour passed the Dreanei finaly found a river, they follow the river till its source while when they wanted to drink form it they didn't realise that this place whas captured by the Demon's as they didn't know why the demon's where there they started drinking the water but after a few days they realised where the demon's came from. with a last breath the Dreanei group leader shouts:"the water, its poisend!" after a day or 2 a demon just bursted out of the dead leader's chest killing the Dreanei one after one only some could escape others just died by the demon

Map Information
gold resource 12500
units in game:coming soon
doodads in game:coming soon
passive buildings 7: 4 Waygates 2 Goblin Laboratory's 1 Tavern
tileset:Black Citadel + snow + icecrown tile's
sky: outland
fog: orange
water color : dark green


Outland Stream (Map)

16:47, 25th Feb 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 27
Jan 26, 2007
there we go again, but ok i'll change it

EDIT: eny other problems except my map? and don't dude me only my friends can call me dude
Hey there (again ^^), here are a few things you should improve/add/change/...:
  • Tilesets: the tileset of a map must match, this means that you need to change the tileset often, yet don't change it too suddenly, nor use opposite colors next to eachother.
    - In the bases, you can see a perfect example of a tileset that isn't varied: you've used only one tile - try varying more betweeen Dirt/Rough Dirt/Flat Stones.
    - Near the waygates, you've used opposite colors right next to eachother (in lines), this makes the terrain look very awful, try to stick to colors that resembles other tiles (brown, red, black), blue + red tiles just don't match.
    - Beneath/Above the base, there is a sudden change in tileset from snow to another tileset (apart from the fact that snow + other tileset do not match), you should make a transition between the two tiles... blend them together and gradually go to the snowy tile, starting from the other one.
  • Creep Drops: try to keep in mind that the item levels are not based on the unit levels...
    A level 2 unit that drops a level 2 item is possible, but a level 4 creep that drops a level 4 permanent item is way overdone.
    Level 6-7 items are the best there are (apart from the real artifacts)! You let a Fel Ravager drop a level 7 item (100%)... a level 3-4 item would fit him a lot better.
    Same goes for the Eredar Diabolist / Queen of Suffering (though the queen of suffering can have a small chance to drop a good item, not a 60% for the best items in warcraft).
  • Expansions: though this isn't necessary, it is always nice to have at least one expansion, I'm not saying you have to add this! 1 gold mine with 12.5k gold only seems a little if you've added 4 red creep camps, the amount of wood also isn't spread very evenly (you need to go very far to get lumber pretty early in the game).
  • Terrain Height: when creating a new map, check the icon that says "Initial cliff level: Shallow water" - this way you can easily create good-looking rivers by lowering the terrain.
    When you're done with the basic layout of the map, try using the heigh/lower terrain-tool more, it's there for a reason - leave the cliffs as they are (you're allowed to use cliffs here and there, but not all the time).
    There is a limit though: don't overuse the heigh/lower-tool, just make sure that the terrain isn't flat the entire time - a city can be flat, but usually a terrain has some small hills in it.
  • Doodads: try to keep away from the 'cinematic' doodads, they're not good when overused (it's good the way you've used it, just a general hint :D).
    The obelisks, however, are way overdone - placing a few is good, but you've basically spammed them.
    Apart from that, go to the 'environmental' doodads and use those as much as you can (okay, don't spam it now... place them wherever they fit), don't be shy to use a lot of those, certainly not in forests: forests NEED environmental doodads.

I hope this helped, even if it were just a little...
It seems like you're not giving up, that's the way it should be :D
Good luck with your future projects.