Order Unit to 'Special Archimonde - Rain Of Chaos' Point

That order actually uses "rainofchaos" if you check it. It should work. Did you base the spell on Rain of Chaos or Inferno?
I did but it didn't work.
So i used this.
  • Custom script: call IssuePointOrderLoc(udg_TempDummySF, "rainofchaos", udg_TempPointSF)

Thanks guys. :goblin_yeah:
Level 27
Feb 18, 2014
Strange how it didn't work for me even though i tested it with a specific unit and a specific region. I also set the order string for the ability to "Rainofchaos". (The custom script worked on the exact same testing scenario.)
It's actually true, the custom script doesn't work if you test it on pre-placed units/regions instead of variables.