Orc Warlord

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This is a non-chaos Orc Warlord icon based on the Chaos Orc Warlord icon.

I used the GIMP to modify the Chaos Warlord icon in order to create this. I figure this icon can be used along with Ujimasa Hojo's Orc Warlord, from here:

BTNOrcWarlord with all Hive generated versions (Icon)

Orc Warlord (Icon)

As is the custom on Warcraft 3 modding, nothing is perfect. Notably, the generated icons (such as disabled icons) are not done correctly and don't match the original Warcraft 3 style, so I included a disabled icon in the style of Warcraft 3 and not of Hive in my own separate upload. But for convenience in case anyone wanted it, I also included the Hive-generated list of different icon variants.


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Jun 4, 2009
There is one such icon in his thread though: