Orc Hero

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orc hero based from RO orc hero. not traditional warcraft ones. it doesn't need a talking portrait because its lower jaw is replaced with a gold plate

you may download these fitting icons for the model:
or this one:

orc, sword, shield, brute

Orc Hero (Model)

General Frank: Creative idea and quite good execution. A portrait wouldn't be that wrong, but okay. Works in-game and performs very well. Approved.
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General Frank:
Creative idea and quite good execution.
A portrait wouldn't be that wrong, but okay.
Works in-game and performs very well.
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Dec 29, 2008
Needs some more animations. But beside this it gets from me a 4.75/5 note. NICE!
You can take the death and Dissipate animations from blood mage they look cool on ogre based heroes.
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Mar 7, 2010
I didnt even had to read the description to see this is the Orc Hero from RagnarokOnline. Very well made!
but that orc hero (the one you posted on the icon thread) was the same Orc Hero that RO has...

and that's the game that I played, and I played it for years so I pretty much know how the chars look...

and I haven't seen Ro2 yet in our country Orcnet... but judging from screenies, the one you posted on that thread is the one from RO, since the graphics of Ro2 isn't like that, since RO2 has a full 3d graphics...

and from a bit of research, the original Ro2 (gates of the world) never went out of beta testing (and the beta test was Korean only), and is scrapped on 2010, and was being redeveloped (legend of the second) using a new engine and would retain the original RO mechanics but will retain the full 3d graphics of the first Ro2

@Ampharos_222 - keep em coming!!! and I really hope to see a no-weapon version... ^_^
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Aug 20, 2009
Wow, you really made it! its great amph! but it don't look like a hero to me, looks too barbaric.

for my complaints as a RO hardcore. (3 RO accounts, all 3rd job with 94++ average level, 2 MVP card at storage, more than 4 years. of experience.) (no bots)
"Must" add more feathers, to make it more "Tribal-aztec-hero kind" on the top.

must add "Chest Chains, and that belt with that sash", else it looks shameless. (Hero must be pridefull)

there is a stem to guard the nose, and that circlet-like place to hold the helm to the head, otherwise it looks like that helm is stick to his face. (with that weird black mask skin).

and the original RO orc hero helm looks a lot more Majestic.

the skin, and that spikes, a hero didn't need all those barbaric spikes. it would be better if you use those pollies to enchance the details. it make him look like a slavemaster rather than hero.

and actually, he didn't use a sword. its more like a kitchen butcher axe, but its a lot longer.
that cheap rider sword don't give any unique-ness at all.

give him better walk animation, don't use ogre, if orc's hero is someone as dumb as that, it destroys orc pride.

another thing is, he wear a tattered cape.

its not like i want to force you to make the suggestions, but i just care about the details not looking quite the same, maybe because i see him everyday, i hunt him like everyday 2 years ago. i gave up after 4 months with my guild members, since we got nothing from it.

i know you are considering this is warcraft, but...there are models with way more poly count than this. you could add a couple more.

at least make the helm look better.

else it is okay.

+rep because i love RO ! xP

this is what i think the sword must be like,

based on ragnarok battle offline.

and the nose guard, you should notice.

i am sorry for editing, but i can't find other way to show it. i made it a little muscle, but thats not needed.

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