Orc Gladiators Campaign-Defend the Homeland!!!

Level 9
Oct 17, 2008
Well,I'm planing to make an campaign about Orc lives before and after Human invasion,read the storyline below:

-Orc Gladiators Trilogy-


1.Orc Gladiators-The Freedom!!!

Three months before Human Invasion:

The last orcs gathered here to defend their homeland-Barrens...Humans invaded and captured all other races,Night Elves,Undead,and other creeps,and now they are invading Orcs...Other races are now allies to Human race,and with whole strength they are trying to defeat orcs!An little army of orcs gathered in place called"The Cannon of Fallen",to defeat the entrance to Barrens,their homeland.Looks like the Orc army survived and won the battle,but in the end,a couple of Human rangers captured orcs and led them to prison in Dalaran.Map finishes here...

2.Orc Gladiators-For the Horde!!!

After Human rangers captured orcish warriors,they led them to prison where the only way to get freedom is to fight in Gladiators arena!They have to defend their honor,and they must not fall here,like many other gladiators!They need to stick together,to use Mother Nature and her creations on Earth to help them in battle-Terrain!Their lives are in hands of themselves,and other orcs in arena.They must defend each other to win this battle!

3.Orc Gladiators-The Final Battle!!!

Well,the storyline is not finished,and I need some ideas for that.
It looks like it will be an AoS map,the final battle,where the Fell orcs are allies to Orcs,and they fight against the Undead,Night Elves and Human army.That is going to be the end of campaign with long cinematic in the end,about 15 minutes long!The whole story will be in that cinematic,the beggining of invasion,the time in Gladiators arena and the Final battle.

Please if any of you have some good ideas that might suit this map,be free to post them here.

The first two maps can be found here:

Orc Gladiators-the Freedom:
Orc Gladiators-The Freedom - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site

Orc Gladiators-For the Horde:
Orc Gladators-For the Horde!!! - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site

The third one will be soon promoted.