Orc Buildings without walls

Level 3
Mar 25, 2010
Hey there !

I'm looking for the orc buildings models for the Great Hall, Stronghold, Fortress, Barracks and Beastiary without the wooden walls surrounding them and without the dirt texture under them.
( http://i.imgur.com/RbyzG5C.png said wooden walls )

I googled many times and couldn't find anything.

Is there some place where I can find them, or some place where I can find a noob-friendly tutorial to change them using modeling tools ?
Or could someone be nice enough to do this for me ?





You don't need a tutorial for this kind of edit if you are a fast learner.

What you want to achieve: Remove parts of a model

What is that stuff the model consists of ?
They are called vertices ( and a lot more stuff not being important right now).

Export the models as mdx using the http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/tools-560/war3-model-editor-62876/'s MPQ Browser,
opening the game MPQ files located in your WC3 directory ( hint, the buildings foulder might be a good place to search).
Open the exported models in Mdlvis ( one by one).

After opening a model, you will see there are a lot of blue dots.
These dots are the vertices, building the model.
Now search for the dots being related to the parts you would like to remove,
select them with your mouse and hit 'Delete' on your keyboard.

Problems finding the correct vertices ?
Export the model's texture ( you only need the main one) with the model editor, too.
Now hit 'f' when having the model opened in Mdlvis. Voilà, textured.
Now remember where the vertices of the parts are located and hit 'f' again.
Remove them.

If you are lucky, in Mdlvis, you can switch between different Geosets
( tickable boxes to the right of the screen) and you might find the searched ones as geoset.
This also explains if certain dots do not show up, but their white lines,
because they are part of an unticked geoset.