NovaSystem 2.02 Reforged

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Adiktuz's nova system but Updated to use the new natives by me so it doesn't leak dummy units.

Update 4/16/2022: New variable damagetarget added to allow getting the unit damaged by a Nova in a Nova damage response event. See Flame Nova sample spell for how to use.

Below is the original description from here

A system that can be used to make different kinds of Nova spells, like instant novas, time-delayed novas, channeled spells that creates novas around you, etc... read the code header for more details

The system can be used simply using one function call, but also supports more advanced usage thru event registrations.

I have included 5 sample spells

JNGP to edit/save

Note: Way of usage between 2.0 and earlier versions changed especially for those using the interface functions, so anyone using this system will have to change their codes a bit if you're planning to update

Making another nova from onNova, onHit and onDamage event handlers can cause unwanted results.

Vexorian for dummy.mdx
Jesus4Lyf for Timer32
Bribe for Table
Magtheridon96 for RegisterPlayerUnitEvent

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NovaSystem 2.03 (Map)

Level 20
Nov 18, 2012
The API really looks like it was made to kill all users who are about to use this system. Man, the function doesn't even fit one line, at the 5th parameter onwards you won't remeber what the next one is. You need to be reminded that you're sharing this for humans, not machines, and this isn't really readable
It's just too god damn long, so I'd suggest to start from there.