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Nickba's ORPG v5.04b

Submitted by nickba
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
---Nickba's ORPG Info---------------------------------------------------------
• Single Player(In Local or Battle.net)
• Attribute System
• Multiboard(2 different multiboards,press ESC)
• Cool Hero Select System
• Damage System
- Which shows the amount of damage that is dealed
• Experience System
- Max level 120
• Inventory System
- Including Backpack
• Item Class System
• Item Ownege System
• Save/Load System
• Teleport System

The Attribute System
- After some damage that you deal gives 1 Agility
- After some damage dealt to you gives 1 Strength
- After every some mana used gives 1 Intelligence
Also all heroes have some chance to gain more attribute points
for their main Attribute.
To see progress press Esc to change to Hero Info multiboard.

• Archer
• Assassin
• Blademaster
• Defender
• Fire Mage
• Footman
• Frost Mage
• Necromaster
• Paladin
• Priest


• Each Class has 11 spells

• The Arena
- A battleground where the Players can fight each other for glory!
• Dungeons
- Caves and other places where people work together
as a team to earn loot and money

Dan van Ohllus

Change log

Version 5.04
-Added some enchantments
-Added some new models
-Changed the terrain
-Fixed the Blademaster
-Fixed the Murloc Boss Drops

Version 5.03
-Removed the attribute bars
-Fixed the quests
-Added one quest
-Fixed the bugs with equipment system
-Fixed Old Shortsword
-Fixed the bug with Wind Walk skill
-Fixed the bug with the dungeon near Shadowz

Version 5.02
-Fixed the bug with TheOneNeo's Glave Quest
-New Item Ownership System
-New Item System that lets you pick up another class' items
-Changed the attribute points multiboard
-Fixed the attribute bars
-Changed the attribute system
-Share vision setted to default
-Fixed Defender's Endurance Skill

Visit our forum: Nickba.net

Post your suggestions and bugs here or at our forum!
I give Credit.
Thanks for playing my map and helping me to make it better.
Have fun!


nickba,nickba's,orpg,rpg,single player rpg

Nickba's ORPG v5.04b (Map)

12:09, 4th Oct 2008 VGsatomi: Approved. Good job implementing the single player mode. Has all the essentials that an ORPG needs. Wide variety in just about everything. Has a few rough edges, mainly in the text. The item durability system is a nice...
  1. Bankde


    Jul 24, 2010
    I know this map is dead already but I don't understand why people/mod rate so high.

    - Stats mechanism is great.
    - I love how you can't drag monster back to the town lol. Well done.

    - Not variety, the map is quite small with not so many monsters compared to other RPG here. Item is so limited.
    - Lots of basic bugs. That makes this game unsmooth. Some of them might take just 10 min to fix it and not even hard to find. Thumb down on not testing.
    - Early Spell is extremely simple and plain... and still bug even it's so simple. (I stop playing since early because so many bugs)
    - The only good mechanism is stats system... but the board is sometimes stucked. (The value is still correct)
    - AFKable, what's the point of stats system then ?

    I'm not sure what's durability system mod talked about. Maybe old system ?

    Since it's dead already and those will never be fixed. 2/5 so people can remake their decision before playing. If the owner is back, I will change my rating :)
  2. MinisamZ


    Jan 9, 2018
    after the last patch
    paladin not select