New Strategy Map- Medieval Conquest

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Level 5
Jul 15, 2004
(The Map)

This game is similar in concept to risk, Dipolmacy, Europa... the list goes on. You choose between 4 unique civilizations- The egyptians, brittons, mongols, and natives, and battle it out against up to 7 other players to try and claim the most settlements. The settlements provide you with more food and gold, allowing you to train more units, and research more upgrades. What makes this different from the rest?

-Unique Civilizations: not just a few special units, but each civlization is completly different
-Special Counter system: The counters are re-worked to enable counters to actually effectivly counter what they are supposed to. None of that every unit beats every other unit.
-There are many different aproaches to win the game: you can play very offensivly and train many aggressive raiding units, or you can play very defensivly and purchase towers and defensive units.

Here are just a few units from each civ:

-War Elephant: A powerful lumbering giant that has supurb bonuses against all enemy buildings
-Camel Rider: A fast unit that effectivly counters all enemy cavalry


-Knight: A strong, fast attacking unit that can counter archers with ease
-Longbowman: A long ranged archer that can rip infantry to shreads


-Beast: A powerful monster that has extra damage against enemy infantry
-War Chief: A hulking warrior that can deal full damage to all enemies


-Mangudai: A fast mounted archer that can deal damage quickly and painfully
-Tarkan: A fast raiding unit that deals extra damage to enemy cavalry

This is just the beta testings, I am planning on adding a new civilization (germans, possibly), and more technologies. Please report any bugs, along with comments, questions, and suggestions, right here on this thread. Thanks!!!

FYI- If you want an unprotected version of it, Just ask, I will send you a copy of it. I just don’t want too many fakes flying around b-net (assuming that this will eventually get popular J). This really isn’t a trigger-heavy map, so I doubt there is much you can learn from.