New Gameplay Ideas

Level 25
Mar 25, 2004
Here is my list of Gameplay ideas:

1): Every game of tag has a 'base' for those who are being chased. In this game, how about a mobile pirate ship that sails around the island is the 'base'? Players who hide in it can hide in it for only 10 seconds maximum and a cooldown of going to base is 10 seconds.

2): There should be pick-up items such as Rum that the player whose "it" can run over to drink it and heal HP and mana, but reduce speed by 5% and the camera gets all dizzy-like and the player whose it starts to zig-zag in his path.

3): Alternative weapons to stall the player whose it would be nice. Like throwing coconuts at the "it" player, stunning him for 1.5 seconds, and dropping Caribbean Bananna Peels on the floor to make the "it" player walk on and slip (Death animation) and stunning him for 3 seconds.

4): The "it" player should have his advantages in catching the players as well. Make him have a spell that sends a parrot to a targetted unit, making the target lose health from parrot attacks! Another idea for his offensiveness would be a Flaming Cocktail spell to throw at targets, lighting them on fire for temporary periods of time and reducing HP.

Well as HP and Mana is not used in the game some of the suggestions is out of the question, but thanks anyways! +rep!

1) I like the base idea, though it won't be a pirate ship, It wouldn't make much sense fleeing from pirates onto their ship :p

2) As HP and Mana is not used that seems like a bad deal, loose speed and make screen shake :p

3) Nice ideas. Throwing coconuts would be fun!

4) Again, no HP or Mana in the game.