New campaign - The rise of the horde - coming soon!

Level 4
May 15, 2005
This will explain a new campaign that I am making: The rise of the horde

Ok, I am anouncing my newest project: the rise of the horde. It will be about epic battles, tragic deaths, and will be based on the world of warcraft storyline. I have recently descovered that the blood elfs are a new horde race, so, of course, they will be featured in the campaign.

I will need a modeler or two. If you are a good modeler, U can join :D

This is just to patent my ideas basically, and to see if anyone wants to join and we can be a campaign team?

To make it clear what my ideas are and so that people know that they are mine originally, (in case anybody steals them) here they are

WARNING: reading this will spoil playing the game for you. It is only here as proof

map 1: Stormwind is battle with the main undead (this means not the free undead, the arthas-lead undead)

map 2: some dwarfs from loch modan are traveling to rally the villages of khaz modan and head to ironforge, fearing attack from the orcs. ends in a dwarvin paladin hero dying to save the dwarves

map 3: The night elves arive in menthil harbour but the blood elves ambush them, burning nearly all ships, killing the night elves, who had just got off surviving ships, tired and not ready for combat, and then destroy all the docking places of menthil harbour, to serverely damage the alliances efforts to help stormwind. The blood elves do this in revenge for being declared war on by the alliance.

map 4: By deprum tram, Half of the dwarf force arive at stormwind. The undead have already taken the trade district and the old town, but the equipment from the barracks was hastily moved by the humans to the dwarvin district before the undead had taken the old town. All bridges from the old town and trade district where blown up to slow the undead. The mage quater is still intact, and the archmages that survived from dalaran and take sanctuary in the mage quater are stopping the powerful dreadlords from summoning down dozens of infernals right into stormwind, which would indefinately destroy it. There is a big battle here, in an atempt to save stormwind.

map 5:The orcs from the burning steps have gotten to ironforge, in an atempt to destroy it whilst it is weak. Joined also, by the blood elves, and the free undead, as well as trolls and tauron - who seek to aid their orcish allies, Their force is stronger then ever. More nightleves arive in menthil harbour, to retake it, and this time ready for battle, they fight the defending blood elf force mericlessly, and masacre them. The druids unleash some of their most powerful magics upon the blood elves, and the remaining blood elves flee to join the main force that are attaking ironforge. A huge battle takes place. At times, it skips to show what is curently happening in the battle in stormwind.

map 6: The humans finally win in stormwind, and retake the city, allthough what they take has been burned to the ground in an act of sheer evil.