New Affiliate: MakeMeHost

I agree that all the "ghost" lobbies (that joke never gets old :D ) are hurtful for the Warcraft custom game community. However, to get back on topic, MMH is nothing like this. MMH hosts games on demand and with that, supports exactly the idea of only displaying games that people actually want to play. So I don't see the point in that discussion.

The only thing I don't quite like about MMH are the extremely intrusive ads (almost on the level of filesharing service sites), but I guess that can't be avoided if they want to pay for their servers.
Level 14
Jun 22, 2007
Make Me Host is a decent hosting service which works in a great and non-intrusive way. Only problem with it, as Zwiebelchen already mentioned, is the time it takes before a map is uploaded. Also the fact that the same map can potentially be uploaded many times with slightly different names and small fixes is probably impossible to prevent unless pointlessly strict rules are implemented. However, they should clean their map database up once in a while. Seeing X map 1.1a X map 1.1b c d 12a en masse is too much when browsing and therefore hurts the opportunity and willingness of people to host and discover new maps. No one wants to go through a jungle to try a new map which may be horrible.