Need some help with Spell Ideas

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Oct 30, 2008
I'm just tinkering with a campaign with some custom sides (WC1'ish) and need some help for ideas of hero and unit spells ... I'd like to make most of them abit different from WC3's ... also if these are actually doable.

Arm-master Hero Abilities
Power Strike
An increased damage, armour ignoring activated melee attack.

Courage Aura
A beneficial aura, but different from the current ones (Devotion, Brilliance, Endurance, etc).

Shield Wall
An activated ability providing an armour boost to all within a radius of the hero.

Hero Reborn
Ultimate ability, just a renamed reincarnation at this point, any better ideas?

Chaplain Hero
Healing Circle
A healing spell that has an area of effect.

Holy Vision
Farsight like spell

An attack spell or possibly a passive damage ability?

Divine Intervention
Ultimate which is basically 'Big Bad Voodoo'

Wizard Hero
Summon Water Elemental
Rain of Fire

Can't think of his other two abilities.

Orc Warlord Hero
Increases nearby units damage.

Cleaving Blow
Either a sort of area of effect melee attack (damaging all adjacent opponents) or perhaps a passive ability like the Pit Lords cleave.

Blood Rage
Ultimate ability transforms heroes and nearby orcs into 'Fel Orc' units for a period of time.

Another warlordish type ability?

Assassin hero
Like critical strike? suggestions of anything different.

Shadow Step
Like wind walk.

Smoke Bomb
An ability that has an area of effect, reduces units sight and gives them a chance of missing?

I imagine it as a sort of deadly melee combo.

Shadow Councilor (High Warlock) Hero
Poison Cloud
AoE damage spell causing unit poison.

Dark Vision

Summon Daemon
Ultimate - Summons a Doomguard style daemon.

Some other ability for an master warlock?

Cleric Unit
What else?

Conjurer Unit
Summon Scorpions
What else?

Necrolyte Unit
Raise Dead
Unholy Armour?
What else?

Warlock Unit
Summon Spiders
What else?

Any help and ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Dec 12, 2009
Summon Spiders

You called?

I can't tell if you're asking for ability ideas or ways to make your listed abilities.

All of the abilities you listed are doable, but some will be have to be done in part by triggers. Others, such as your Healing Circle are edits of existing spells (in this case the Alc's Healing Spray).

As for hero ideas, here's one.

Minion Master:

-Summons two spiders (web) and two scorpions (buffed Poison Sting). Upon death, each of the original summons two smaller versions with the same abilities.

-Summons 20 rats with 50% Evasion. (use the actual critter model for stats) Each rat has Pague [disease cloud] and Parasite (makes a rat)

~Round Up:
-Dispells all summons and buffs in target area. Also depletes enemy mana by 45%

~Master the minions:
-[Channeling] for 30 sec, the Minion Master controls all non-hero units in the map. 120 sec cooldown.

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Mar 10, 2009
100% should put this one in the request [thread=180734]Spell Workshop[/thread] coz there are guys there including me who's making spells...

Fire Circle:
Summons fire 360% around the caster

Healing Wind:
Heals nearby friendly units

Traps the enemy so that he can't move & drains hit points

Snarl: (Passive)
A damage shield, which deals % of an enemy unit's melee attack damage back to it and have a % chance that a ranged unit to be entangled by roots
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Oct 30, 2008
You called?

I can't tell if you're asking for ability ideas or ways to make your listed abilities.

Abilities mostly and letting me know if the ones suggested are doable (And don't look horrendously overpowered/useless). Basically taking a crack at a WC1 mod ... so the normal spellcasters have had some of their spells shuffled out to heroes (like the Conjurer's Water Elemental and Rain of Fire) and need replacing with some other appropriate ones.

Interesting hero idea but I was going to stick with my six I have (For this mod at least) and just come up with abilities for them (Arms-Master = Lothar, Chaplain = Uther, Court Wizard = Khadgar, Warlord = Orgrim, Assassin/Informer = Garona, Shadow Chancellor = Gul'dan ... just as examples of what the hero archetypes are based on).

100% should put this one in the request [thread=180734]Spell Workshop[/thread] coz there are guys there including me who's making spells...

Thanks, I may do, but I just wanted to see how doable they where at first, get some ideas to fill in the gaps for my heroes and characters and maybe have a crack at doing them myself ... if I end up struggling maybe put in a thread in Requests. :)
Level 3
Oct 30, 2008
Had some more thoughts on these, please tell me what you think.

Courage Aura
10/20/30% Damage Bonus, 10/20/30% Hit Point bonus

Shield Wall
Grants 25/50/75% resistance to piercing and 15/30/45% chance of reflection for nearby allies on activation.

Killing Hunger - Orc Warlord ability
Passive Ability: Each kill boosts Attack Speed/HP Regeneration for a period of time.

Shadow Aura - Shadow Chancellor Ability
Passive Aura: Grants allies within area of effect a chance of attacks missing them.


Simply based on the above icon of the warlocks attack ... ranged attack with AoE explosion.

Elemental Bolts

Same for the conjurer, maybe a 'barrage' of magic bolts that can affect multiple targets or concentrate their damage on just one?

Cleric's third spell, dispels in an area around the Cleric when activated.

I'd think the Necrolyte having a similar 'dispel' spell of some form would be fair?