Need some feedback with this hero

Level 8
Apr 30, 2009
I need some help fleshing out the Summoner Hero class in my map.

Gave up trying to make an AOS. Just takes too long and it's been overdone IMO.

So I'm making a small 6v6 game with capture points, like TF2. The map right now is based on a map from Warhammer Online (Khaine's Embrace).

There are 6 classes each player can pick from, and I'm going to limit a class to 2 instances per team. So there will be no 6-man all paladin unkillable teams or anything. I want it to have as little LUCK involved as possible. This means there are no damage ranges on autoattacks, there are no "chance to..." abilities, and there is nothing random in any abilities. There are no levels and no farming for items. There are also VERY few "hard disables." By this I mean stuns and entangles. There are currently only 2 stuns, both which last 1 second. Every other form of crowd control is in the form of a slow or silence. Another important thing is there are no super-long cooldown super-imbalanced spells like instagib nukes or giant AOE gg stuns. The longest cooldown right now is like 40 seconds.

All heroes start with all their abilities. The only thing close to leveling will be each hero's passive skill has 6 levels, which gains +1 when casting other abilities. There are 1 or 2 spells which consume all the charges and reset the passive to zero.

The basic skill layout for each hero is as follows:
Q, W, E, R - basic abilities with 5-25 cooldowns. Cost about 25-40 mana.
Passive - gains 6 levels (charges 0 to 5) when using abilities Q,W,E,R. Each charge would have a passive effect and boost the next Z,X ability, which will reset passive to level 1 (0 charges).
Z, X - usually stronger than Q W E R with longer cooldowns or higher mana cost. One or both of these spells relies on having charges of Passive.

Anyway, the 6 hero classes with a short description are:

1. Berserker - the tank class with the most HP; could compare him to Heavy from TF2; very good synergy with the healer class (paladin), and very limited when alone.
325 hp, 25 attack, 4 armor, 320 movement

2. Paladin - the healer class; very defensive in nature; most abilities must target an ally so the paladin benefits from not wondering around alone.
250 hp, 20 attack, 4 armor, 320 movement

3. Assassin - the squishy melee powerhouse; all abilities focus on quickly killing 1 target; has high mobility and chasing potential.
200 hp, 35 attack, 2 armor, 368 movement

4. Ranger - longest range attacker; various arrow attacks that are based on skills from the guild wars ranger; is very mobile with a mix of area attacks and utility
175 hp, 25 attack, 1 armor, 384 movement

5. Elementalist - ranged offensive caster; standard glass cannon with high damage, high range, and low survivability; most spells are AOE
150 hp, 20 attack, 0 armor, 320 movement

6. Summoner - ranged support caster; survivability is granted from high utility and support spells; kind of a mix between paladin and elementalist
150 hp, 20 attack, 0 armor, 320 movement

Ok most of the other class spells are all set. But I have run into some trouble with the summoner. I do not want a shitload of summoned units that must be micromanaged like additional heroes. I am going in the direction of the Engineer from TF2, with a few stationary summons that can be upgraded via expending charges of the passive. Here is where I am at right now:

Ability 1 [Q] - Living Embers
Creates 2 embers with 75HP that attack the target for up to 10 seconds. Each ember's attack deals 15 damage. The embers expire if they attack 3 times.
MP: 30
Range: 1000
CD: 10

So this spell works just like a spell from the MMO called Aion. Basically it makes 2 units that can only attack the target of the spell. This spell does 90 damage if it is allowed to go the full effect, but it can easily be dispelled if the enemy attacks the summons. This is probably as close to a nuke as the Summoner will get.

Ability 2 [W] - Spirit Familiar
Creates an invulnerable copy of the target allied hero that lasts up to 20 seconds. The familiar has the same max HP and MP as the hero is was spawned from. It will transfer its own HP and MP as the target is damaged or casts spells, at a rate of up to 25 per second. Familiars do not regenerate HP or MP and do not attack enemies.
MP: 35
Range: 1000
CD: 20

Basically an indirect heal / second life for the target unit. The illusion will follow around the ally and heal them with it's own HP or MP pool until it runs out or the duration expires. I like this idea but it might be hard to balance.

Ability 3 [E] - Binding Spirit
Summons an invisible spirit at the target location. It binds enemies that come near it, causing them to be slowed and preventing them from moving far from the Spirit until it is destroyed. This summon can be upgraded.
MP: 40
Range: 500
CD: 30

Binding Spirit attributes
L1: 100HP, 500 radius, 40% slow, binds 2 enemies
L2: 175HP, 600 radius, 55% slow, binds 3 enemies
L3: 250HP, 700 radius, 70% slow, binds 4 enemies

Kind of like a stationary unit that casts Puck's dream coil spell in DotA. When enemies move into its radius the spirit loses invisibility and stops them from going far unless they destroy it. Can really turn around a battle, but it would take time to upgrade it.

Ability 4 [R] - Guardian Spirit
Summons a guardian at the target location that fires upon nearby enemies. The summon can be upgraded.
MP: 40
Range: 500
CD: 30

Guardian Spirit attributes
L1: 150HP, 25 damage, 700 range
L2: 225HP, 30 damage, 800 range, hits 2 units
L3: 300HP, 35 damage, 900 range, hits 3 units

The turret from TF2! Not much to say here. Just a serpent ward on steroids. higher ranks have multishot. Ranger's autoattack is 850 range so only level 3 guardians can attack rangers.

Passive Ability - Ether Mastery
Every time the Summoner casts a spell other than Spirit Upgrade, gains 1 charge up to 5. Each charge gives self and nearby allies +0.5 added MP regen and heals self by 5 on spellcast. Each charge lowers the mana cost of Spirit Upgrade by 10 and the duration by 3 seconds. Casting Spirit Upgrade resets charges to 0.

Ability 5 [Z] - Spirit Upgrade
Channels for 15 / 12 / 9 / 6 / 3 / 0 seconds, upgrading the target Spirit by 1 level. Gaining Ether Mastery lowers the mana cost and required channel time.
MP: 50 / 40 / 30 / 20 / 10 / 0
Range: 500
CD: 0

Ability 6 [X] - ?
No idea...

So I am stuck on ability 6. It could be a summoned unit that needs micro managed, making the summoner have 1 true pet. I am ok with having one other unit. I just don't want them the have to micro a big army. It could also consume Ether Mastery and create a more powerful unit, making the choice of spending Ether Mastery on upgrading or summoning. For a sense of balance, here is the skill set of the Berserker class:

[Q] - Wild Attack
Attacks with both weapons, dealing 50 physical damage but also dealing 20 damage to self.
MP: 30
R: Melee
CD: 8

[W] - Bleed Out
Deals 25 damage plus 25 damage over the next 5 seconds. Slows by 40%
MP: 30
R: Melee
CD: 12

[E] - Challenge
Causes the target to deal 75% reduced damage to everything except the Berserker. Ends after 10 seconds or when the victim causes 50 damage to the caster.
MP: 35
R: 500
CD: 15

[R] - Cleave
Deals 50 damage split equally to all enemies in front of the Berserker and stuns them over 1 second as they are knocked backwards.
MP: 40
R: 200
CD: 25

Passive - Rage
Any time the Berserker uses an ability besides Berserk, gains 1 charge up to 5. Has the following effect on all abilities besides Berserk:
0/5: no effect
1/5: -2 MP cost, -1 CD, costs 6 HP to cast
2/5: -4 MP cost, -2 CD, costs 12 HP to cast
3/5: -6 MP cost, -3 CD, costs 18 HP to cast
4/5: -8 MP cost, -4 CD, costs 24 HP to cast
5/5: -10 MP cost, -5 CD, costs 30 HP to cast
And each charge adds 20% more attack speed to Berserk. Casting Berserk resets charges to 0.

[Z] - Berserk
Gives the caster +100/120/140/160/180/200 attack speed for 15 seconds, but adds 25% incoming damage. Consumes all charges of Rage.
MP: 0
CD: 15

[X] - Mortal Wound
Deals damage equal to 25% of the target's current HP and prevents them from being healed over 75% of max HP for the next 10 seconds.
MP: 45
R: Melee
CD: 35
Level 11
May 10, 2008
You know what would be a cool spell (if it can be done)? a spell where u can summon your allies to where u are... that would be a pretty good Ability 6 IMO... another spell would probably be some spell where u summon a random creature maybe and depending on what level the ability is, is how much better the creature is... Another spell might be light summon some beast monster hehe :p, and the last spell would be like summoning a horde of minions... hope u like em :D hehe