Need help!

Level 18
Feb 2, 2008
hey im i_brg_doom and i could use som modelers and terrainers for my campaign me and som of my friends are making it is called WoW a new life suposed to become WoW in a campaign (yes yes we know looks liek that other team thats make's WoW wc3 but that doesnt mean we dont givie it a try to so i could use modelers and terrainers if you wana join the team post on
Level 9
Apr 4, 2004
How does one ignore all the previous posts that contains the EXACT same thing over and over in thousandfold without realizing this is not the way to go?

First of all; make a proper post, which should contain ALOT more information than it does right now.

Second; why make something that is already in progress and is done, by the looks of it, far more experienced people.

Third; L2spell.
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
Maybe because he wants to have a go? And wc3:WoW is barley alive by the looks of things.

Although Darkey is correct. You need to make a more formal request to get help. I suggest you make a better post in the request forum and in the map development forum under the sub-forum recruiting.