Need Help with Custom UI for Tactics System

Level 3
Jan 20, 2020
Hey guys,

I'm developing this Warcraft / Final Fantasy Tactics hybrid map (see video below).

I need some help with the UI - I'd like to show a unit's icon, as well as some of its stats like health, mana, attack, defense, speed, items ect. I'd prefer not to use the default WC3 ui; I would like to make it smaller and more compact, perhaps fitted in the bottom left corner, and toggle-able when the player hits the ESC key (trigger - skip cinematic).

I really don't understand jass at all - I have the whole UI hidden, which were the UI custom scripts that I used from somebody who posted some on here. Also, it would be nice if there was a cooler way to display text in the center of the screen rather than Floating Text; the victory part looks really janky right now. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!