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Need a complete Dwarven race

Discussion in 'Idea Factory' started by supertoinkz, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. supertoinkz


    Dec 29, 2008
    Here's a quick guideline for a 1-Tiered Hall race
    (race taken from Armies of Exigo (now its a GIANT hint of what I am making))

    There should exactly four unit producing buildings.
    -The hall
    -The 'Barracks'
    -Another One
    -Another One

    Each should have different themes, example is these
    -Arena - Contains the main bulk of the Beasts.
    -Beastiary - Contains assorted creatures like Trolls, Ogres, and Manticores.
    -Lizard Keep - Contains Lizard units.

    Each one should have their own research building (except the hall)
    -Arena = Weaponmaster
    -Beastiary = Henge
    -Lizard Keep = Lizard Fortress

    These 3 should own their own Attack and Armor upgrades, with 3 levels.
    The research building for the Main Barracks will be the lumber receiver.

    Each one of the research building can make a new unit available
    -Arena = Weaponmaster = Berserker (Needs the Berserker Training research to transform Warriors into Berserkers)
    -Beastiary = Henge = Ogres
    -Lizard Keep = Lizard Fortress = Wyverns

    The remaining 'Unavailable' units should also have their own building.
    Goblin Hunter - Goblin Hut
    Witch - Dark Altar
    Harpy - Harpies Nest
    Manticore Rider - Manticores' Lair
    Lizard Keep
    Warlock - Mouth of Hell

    These new set of buildings should also have their own researches for the units they make available.
    That's it.
    Don't Forget to add a defensive structure

    The race should have a unique way to gather food.
    Empire - Farm
    Beast - Borons. Bull-like creatures that are trained from stables. They can attack.
    Fallen - Control Form. Summoners may morph into this anytime. Can morph back. Can't move or attack.

    Also for the Healing spells, they must be unique
    Empire - Boring healing -.-
    Beast - Witches can sacrifice a Warrior/Berserker or a Boron and distribute its life.
    Fallen - (Buildings also regenerate)They only regenerate on blight/deformed ground

    The offensive spellcaster should have a unique spell that can only be casted if there are charges. The spell can be charge through a 'special building'. Every 2 mins, +1 charge.
    Empire's Mage - Fury of the Ancients (Lightning) = Obsidian Tower
    Beast's Warlock - Rain of Fire = Mouth of Hell
    Fallen's Voidwalker - Decay = Soultrap

    The support spellcaster should have the uniqe spell that is multicasted (meaning, 3 spellcaster are needed to channel the spell)
    Empire's Priest - Litany => Increases the movement speed of every friendly unit
    Beast's Witch - Summon Demon => Summons a mighty Demon at the cost of the witches lives
    Fallen's Matriarch - Eclipse => Decreases the sight range of every enemy units
    (Notes Every spell is channeled, except the Summon Demon.)

    The race should have unique way to see invisible units.
    Empire - Towers, Phoenixes (Air-to-Air unit), Eye of the Forests (Sentry Ward)
    Beast - Totems (defensive struct), Harpies (Air-to-Air unit)
    Fallen - Seeker (Perma Invisible, can blink everywhere)

    The race's workers should have a way to defend themselves
    Empire's Peasants - Can garrison to any buildings of yours, except farms
    Beasts's Minions - If the Weaponmaster contains any weapon (can be forged in the cost of some resources), they can be transformed into Warriors/Berserkers
    Fallen Summoners - Can morph into Voidwalkers (can't attack but Fallen's offensive spellcaster) or Control Forms with high armor
    Fallen Harvesters - Can learn the Grasp ability which works like the devour. Can attack. Has high health.

    I have said enough information. You might want to redo your submissions now :p
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2010
  2. Riptokus


    Aug 7, 2007
    Basic Warrior, both a Miner (peasant) and a warrior.

    Axe Thrower:
    Basic Range Unit, A short ranged devastating archer.

    Veteran: A advanced warrior that gives some auras. It's base aura is a "Healing" aura, which heals dwarven non-veteran units. It also has Some other auras that help dwarven non-veterans.

    Grizzled Veteran:
    A unit that gives bonuses to the auras offered by veterans, as well as has a few other special auras of it's own. It's base aura is "Battle Experience", which gives all units under it's aura the ability to see invisibility. It also has a healing aura which heals veterans and fellow grizzled veterans (but not self) and some other auras that regular veterans do not have.

    Trap Engineer:
    A unit that creates various kinds of area affect ward-like traps. Simple, lightly damaging ones can be reproduced almost at will, but some of the more powerful ones require "Materials". If they don't have materials, none of them can be cast. When the trap engineer does have it, all those that might require it can be cast.

    Tunnel Rat:
    A Lightly armored heavy damage-dealing burrowing advanced melee unit (It can berserk to do even more damage).

    A short range range unit with the ability to burrow and unburrow, as well as the ability to "blink" while burrowed to new locations.

    Boulder Roller:
    A Siege engine, A tough unit that launches out boulders that roll at the enemy. Similar to a "reaver" unit in starcraft.

    A strong, tough melee fighter that spawns a small mine with a limited lifespan timer with a little bit of resources in it when it dies. (a little less than it is worth)

    Cave Bat:
    A small, cheap, zerging air unit that only attacks air.

    Giant Cave Bat:
    A large unit who can "Latch on" and make both itself and it's target count as ground units. Also capable of attacking land and air.

    Clan Hall (Town hall building, Research Building) Requires: Nothing
    Acts as a "research building", allowing the research of weapons and armor upgrades for all "Dwarves". Also is the dropoff point for resources.

    Mushroom Farm (Supply Building) Requires: Nothing
    Periodically spawns "mushrooms", that decay over time. Each mushroom provides 1 unit of supply. (Making new farms have to "Gear up" to supply the force they should have to)

    Bat Colony (Beastiary) (Produces Cave Bats) Requires: Nothing
    Upgrade from the mushroom farm. The mushrooms are fed to the bats instead. This is the "Beastiary", where cave bat units are trained.

    Bat Breeder (Advanced Beastiary) Requires: Drinking Hall
    An upgraded bat colony. This is the advanced Beastiary, where cave bats, giant cave bats and other organic non-dwarf units are trained.

    Bat Cave (Beastiary Research Building) Requires: Bat Colony
    Allows batman to analize... wait, wrong cave. Allows upgrades to Bat Attack, Defense, and movement speed.

    Training Hall (Barracks) Requires: Clan Hall
    This is the basic "Barracks" of the race, training Clansmen and Axe throwers, and veterans once a Drinking Hall is built.

    Drinking Hall (Ability Research building) Requires: Clan Hall
    This is the other "basic research building" for units. It allows veterans to be produced in the Training hall, as well as contains "Special" upgrades, such as a range increase for the axe throwers, or gold harvesting or wood harvesting for workers.

    Veteran's Hall (Spellcaster Upgrade Building, Defensive caster production) Requires: Drinking Hall
    Builds the "Grizzled Veteran", also contains aura upgrades for the Veteran and Grizzled Veteran.

    Workshop (Siege and offensive caster building) Requires: Drinking Hall
    This is the building for the production for Trap Engineers and Boulder Rollers. This building also can "recharge" the advanced traps for the trap engineer.

    Engineering School (Siege, offensive caster, and structure research) Requires: Drinking Hall
    This is the building that provides upgrades for the Boulder Roller's attack, golem attack, as well as the defense upgrades for the boulder roller and all "structures", and one for the Golem. It also contains spell ability upgrades for trap engineers (although trap engineer attack and defense are upgraded with all other dwarves, in the "Clan Hall).

    Bulwark (Tower) Requires: Workshop
    A Small, tough wall with a small "defensive aura". It can cast some of the basic traps. It can hold 8 dwarven Warriors (even though it is small)

    Stoneworker's Guild (Golem Building) Requires: Drinking Hall
    Builds the mighty golem.

    Miner's Guild (Advanced Combat Unit Research) Requires: Engineering Hall
    The Upgrade building for the Ambusher and the Tunnel Rat. Provides special upgrades for those units (Like the ability to "blink" while burrowed, or a "immolation" aura that damages enemy buildings when a tunnel rat is burrowed nearby)

    Digger's Hangout (Advanced Combat Unit Building) Requires: Miner's Guild
    Produces Ambushers and Tunnel Rats.

    So, here are the particulars:
    This race produces foot at a slow rate. Killing a food production building isn't a crippling blow, but instead a slow decay that results in damage. They are also harder to kill due to the fact there are so many "small, 1-shot" supply buildings around. Of course if all those are killed, it is a significant loss of supply.

    This race only heals under the aura given by a special unit. That unit is unaffected by its own aura, and it requires an advanced(and expensive) unit to heal it.

    Offensive Caster:
    The more advanced spells of the trapmaker require "Materials". They are linked so that the building recharges several spells at once, but they all get turned off if one is used. This makes trap engineers cautious about using their most powerful traps far from base. Small traps, like the one bulworks can build, do not require materials, so they aren't totally worthless once they make a trap.

    Supporting Caster:
    This race does not have a special "three-way" spell. Instead, they have attack and defensive auras that stack. So one of them makes it practically worthless. Twenty of them makes it something to worry about.

    Invisible Units:
    The advanced supporting caster gives all the units in it's base aura the ability to see invisibility.

    Worker defense:
    This race's first tier combat unit is also its worker.
  3. dead-man-walking


    Nov 30, 2009
    I Love you Gwafu. Here's The Spells.

    Skill Explanations:
    Bash (Mauler Golem)
    Good ol' Bash. 15% Chance, 2 Seconds Stun, 50 Extra Damage

    Pulverizing Maul (Mauler Golem)
    Good ol' Cleave. 35% Damage

    Rapid Shots (Catapult Team)
    Similar to SC's Siege Tank's Siege Mode, however, this one increases Attack Speed and enables Anti-Air Attack while reducing Damage (Movement Speed = Unaffected). 2 Seconds "Casting" Time

    Rune Mending (Runecaster)
    Instantly Heals a Unit by X. Also give extra Healing based on Terrain. The clearer the Terrain to the Ground, the greater the Bonus.
    Geoshield (Runecaster)
    Armor and Health Regen Increase
    Runic Enchantment (Runecaster)
    Inner-Fire Like Spell. But, instead of giving armor, it gives extra Attack Speed
    Grace of The Earth (Triple-Caster Spell)
    A Combination of Rune Mending, Geoshield, Runic Enchantment, and a Massive AoE Nuke

    Runic Explosion (Runeseeker)
    WC2 Ogre Mage's Rune Skill. But this Spell summon only one Rune
    Firebird (Runeseeker)
    A Carrion Swarm-like Spell with Phoenix as the Missile. After the Phoenix has finished it's trip, it will become a temporary unit.
    Flaming Shield (Runeseeker)
    Improves Health Regen and gives an Immolation effect

    Golem Summon (Geomancer)
    Summons a Rock Golem. What else?
    Slow (Geomancer)
    Your usual Slow.
    Stoneshape (Geomancer)
    Have 2 Effects, differs on Ally and Enemy
    Ally: Works like Gargoyle's Stone Form (Unable to move, Extra Health Regen, Armor changed to Fortified)
    Enemy: Works like Stun. Makes Target Vulnerable to Siege Attacks

    Weapon Swap (Warmaster)
    Change between Ranged and Melee Weapons
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2010