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Navy Cross TD V1.61

Submitted by Zeus1516
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Navy Cross TD

Welcome to the official release of Navy Cross TD

What is this map all about?

Navy Cross TD is a co-operative tower defense game with a twist
Like a traditional tower defense, you have creeps that run through a pre-determined area that you have to kill using towers in order to receive gold for future purchases. Each team(which we call a Navy) consists of 2 players that must work together to defeat other Navy's.

What makes our TD unique is the implementation of Legendary towers, among many other things. Legendary towers are buildings which need to be purchased with not just gold, but lumber also. Each Legendary tower is unique in it's own way, whether it be with upgrade-able abilities/buffs you can purchase, or just simply raw power.

What else is so special about this TD?


We have included lumber harvesting into our TD to make it stand out among the others. You can hire penguin slaves to chop wood and then exchange that wood for gold, use it to build legendary towers or to send creeps to another teams king.


There is more than one way to win/lose in Navy Cross. Every Navy has their own king, which can be upgraded using lumber. If your king dies, you die. This means that the goal of the game is not just to survive the wave of creeps, but also to keep your king from being killed. You can send creeps to attack enemy kings from your barracks. Sending creeps gives you income, which is displayed on a leaderboard for you to keep track of. Income is given at the end of every round.


Your builder(Navy Captain) can transform back and forth into his alternate form, which holds even more towers!


We understand that not everyone is a pro at tower defense games or simply just wants to learn the game without getting demolished and not knowing what happened. We have several game modes that allow you to play and enjoy yourself with leisure or you can try our impossible mode and really challenge yourself!

This map has been in development for a few years and has just finished going through testing and according to our public audience, they absolutely love it. You can rest assured that we will stand behind our hard work and constantly update and improve the amazing mechanics which we have already implemented.

Want to leave a comment or give us a sugguestion? Possibly looking to join our team?

Join us on our official Discord channel here:
Join the Navy Cross TD Discord Server!

Updates for version 1.61
  • King has been rebalanced
  • Tower tooltip fixes
  • Income system fixed
  • Gold/Lumber sell/buy ratio change
  • Balancing fixes
  • Terrain changes
  • Doodad changes
  • Fixed Centaur giving 20 income instead of 50 for team 4
  • Towers now give back 75% gold instead of 100%
  • Centered starting positions and penguins for all players
  • Fixed a bug where income was only given to team 1 and 2 and not team 3 and 4 also
  • Removed one layer of pathing blockers on top lane (were extra)
  • Nerfed wave 2 slightly
  • Various other bug fixes
Updates for version 1.56A
  • King now has skills
  • Added ability to buy king levels to give him skills
  • Various terrain changes
  • Removed certain pathing blockers and added doodads instead
  • Fixed some tooltips
  • Fixed igloo exploit by changing terrain
  • Halved exchange rate for lumber to gold for balance
  • Changed map UI
  • Changed all tower selection scales
  • Added Arrow Tower - Tier 3
  • Added Kul-Tiras Tower
  • Added Death's Scythe Tower
  • Added Navy Fleet Tower
  • Fixed "Next Page" button for builder
  • Fixed creeps giving bounties while you have control of king
  • Fixed king not attacking due to no movement
  • Various other minor bug fixes
Updates for version 1.54A
  • King Strength Ability: 50HP + 0.10% HP regen + 10 Attack damage (per upgrade)
  • King Agility Ability: 1 Armor + 0.05% Attack speed (per upgrade)
  • King Intelligence Ability: 50 Maximum mana + 0.25 Mana regeneration
  • Notification when a player leaves
  • If a teammate leaves, their units are handed over to the remaining player
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
Updates for version 1.53A
  • Changed terrain
  • Added more doodads/scenery
  • One barrack for every player now instead of 3
  • Barracks send units to ALL kings now instead of 1
  • King abilities buffed
  • Creeps from barracks balanced
  • Changed leaderboard to multiboard with several functions
  • Changed wave timer to be included with multiboard
  • Change the way the income system works
  • Added snow weather effect
  • Removed purple fog effect
  • Added custom models for Navy Ships
  • Fixed multi-shot for Skeletal Tower
  • Removed Poison Arrows from Skeletal Tower
  • Buffed Searing Arrows for Skeletal Tower
  • Started working on adding king abilities
  • Added some trigger work for future updates

Navy Cross TD V1.61 (Map)